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Does anyone know how to modify the CSS to change the width of the posts column?

Hi Matt,

I notice you added a floating bar at the bottom of your imperial theme. Any chance of adding that to the Black Aperture theme in a future update?

Also, it would be great if you added an ad banner to the footer in theme settings. I realize I can edit the index html but it would be easier to use the same ad management system you built for the theme.

Still looks great, thanks.


The floating bar you’re referring to is part of the theme preview and not included in the theme itself. It’s on all of my themes, actually. Gives me an easy way to show the the version, WordPress version, and link to the documentation.

At this point, I won’t be adding anything new to Black Aperture. You’re right, though, you could add it pretty easily yourself.

I purchase this them a couple days ago and absolutely love it. I do have an issue that I can’t seem to fix. When I uploaded the theme I had no errors but my style sheet is pretty empty, it’s just a couple of line that credit you and nothing else. So to spell it out, there is nothing in the style sheet that I can edit. I went into the Black Aperture folder and found the screen.css and imported that through my FTP and it now shows underneath the but I tried changing colors there to test if it worked and it did not. It seems I have an issue somewhere and the style sheet is missing or incomplete? Any suggestions?

Hmmm, the main stylesheet is indeed /css/screen.css. When you make changes to it, make sure it goes back in the /css directory.

Are you trying to change colours of links and headings? If so, those are overridden by the Theme Settings. Everything but those can be changed by editing /css/screen.css.

I appreciate the fast response. I changed links and headings in the theme options. No problems there. I guess what I mean is that I was trying to change the background last night, and the body color as a test and it didn’t seem to work at all , no changes were made even though I was changing every color code. I assumed I uploaded the .css wrong but it shows in editor as if it was supposed to be there.

I’m not sure what to tell you. If you edit /css/screen.css you should see changes on your site – unless you’ve moved the file out of that directory, or you’re using a caching plugin.

Hey Matt. i know you’re probably a really busy person, but i bought your theme, and I’ve been working on it for the past day. And for the life of me, i can not get the cover art to show for the review. I figured everything out, and made the files 777 and writable like in the help sheet and still nothing.

The damn cover art is keeping me from moving forward.

my site is in the works, but its

could you please try and shed some light for me?

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.


Few questions:

  1. Are the sidebars widgetized?
  2. Can I feature one main image in the center instead of the 3 shown like in the sample?
  3. Can vertical Google Ads be placed in the right hand column?
  4. Can I add video to a post and it be shown in the main recent posts area?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, but you would have to manually change the template.
  3. You could use the text widget and stack them yourself.
  4. Not without a manual change to the template.

I know I haven’t paid yet, but I was hoping that you could answer some of my queries before I jump in and buy this great looking theme.

1. Is it possible to replace the 5-star rating with a number rating out of 10? Most review sites do it this way now. It’s a lot more accurate.

2. Can I add an area next to the main rating for a “User Score” which is also out of 10? Would it then also be possible to add these stats onto the homepage where you usually just have the 5 star rating image?

3. Is it possible to edit the “PLATFORMS:, PUBLISHERS :” review text on a per post basis?

I’m expecting you’ll say that I can do all this with mods etc. If so, would it be possible for you to do it if I paid you extra?

Cheers :).

  1. You’ve got that backwards, actually. A 100 % or 10 star rating is the old school way. Older reviews had criteria as well with individual ratings like graphics, sound, etc. which aren’t really relevant these days. Or at least, not fair when you have consoles like the Wii being compared to the Xbox 360. Anyway, you would have to make a bunch of manual changes to make this happen.
  2. You could use a plugin like WP-PostRatings to handle user scores, but again you would have to add this manually.
  3. Yes. Another manual edit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time these days for smaller jobs like theme customizations, as I’m booked up with full-time freelance work. Sorry.

Hey Matt,

I just purchased this theme yesterday and am loving it so far! There is one thing that I wanted to do like in the screenshot located here: Where the features items are not shown on this page. How do I get that to happen?

There’s an option in the Theme Settings panel to only show features on the homepage.

Hello Matt,

The white line bunder the “logo”. When clicking on a category, subcategories goes inside the white line. The text are red. I want to change it to black instead, because it fits more for white background and it’s more clearer. (Criitis came from old people at my homesite :) )

Where do i edit it, at your css file or in wordpress css file? i looked in all your css file, even at screen.css and didnt find any colour code for that script.

You can change the subnav link colour in the Theme Settings panel.


The footer (with the copyrights) does not appear in the button of the page if you dont have enough contain on the pages. Please solve that.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Can you show me what the problem is, either by posting a link or a screenshot?

just bought,

thank you!

Thank you!

So far so good. I just have 1 question. For the post headline, above the date, how do I change the color for the hover setting? I can’t find it in the CSS . I changed the orange color for the headline inside of wordpress, but I can’t seem to find the code for the hover state? Thanks

You’ll have to dig into functions.php for that – near the bottom.

I am enjoying the theme so far, thanks! I am having a problem with my avatar though. I have gravatar set up and everything but my posts still show the default avatar image. Is there an option or something I am missing?

Make sure the email address associated with your profile in WP-Admin is the same as your Gravatar address.


I’m trying to customize this Theme. While doing so I noticed the default for the logo path is /wp-content/themes/blackaperture/images/logo.png

when it should be


The same is true for the search string in the header for the search graphic. Missing the ”/js”

Is there anyway I can use a graphic logo with the text logo (wordpress default) next to it? Just for added keywords.

It seems I have a problem, if you look at the thumbnails for the cover pictures here:

They don’t really work out…Any advices?

Hi Matt,

If I wanted to show a list of say 5-10 posts title (with maybe a snippet description) in the sidebar along with the rating is their a process for this that you can think of?

Just wanted to show top 10 reviews (based on review rating)

Thanks in advance.


You would have to create a new widget based on the Recent Posts widget that’s included, and adjust the query to sort by rating.


Cool theme. Client liked it so we bought it. But we would like to use a single image for the header and I see currently the header is split and the top is an image while the bottom is CSS color.

How would I change this to just be a single header? Also, which file would I have to edit to accomplish this?


Answered via email.

Hi, I purchased your theme some time ago. I love it. But I want to update it to the latest version 1.6. I’m not too sure how to go about doing that. Do I download the theme again from the downloads section and install it as a new theme in wordpress or is there some easier way to “blend” it with the other version? I just need to know if I have to switch over to it like I would with a new theme. Thanks!

Yes, you can download the latest version from the Downloads section of your ThemeForest profile. You will then need to upload it to your server. You can keep it in a separate directory, if you want to be able to roll back to your old version, or you can merge your upload with the original folder. Your choice.

Question for you Matt or anyone who might be able to help. Is there a way to make this theme “Full width” without sacraficing the side bars? The post column width is so dang small, I need that joker to contain a little more.

I also wanted to see if it is possible to add a drop down menu to the sublinks (not main links) 2nd row of links.

I also want to see if I can align the search bar “align: right” You can only fit like 5 links on the 2nd row before they are already covered up by the search bar.

This theme needs to be alittle more fluid.

Sounds like the theme being fluid width with solve your problems, but unfortunately it’s not, and it wouldn’t be an easy task to convert it.

You can remove the left sidebar from Theme Settings, which will give you another 200px for the content area.

No, the subnav does not support dropdowns.

I’m working on the successor to Black Aperture, and the search bar has been moved out of the nav area to allow for more items.

I am having an issue with the right sidebar. If I have content on the page or post it overhangs on the right sidebar.

Is there a way to scoot the right sidebar over a little bit? I’m assuming that it would be something in the css/screen.css file, correct?

Any tips?

Answered via email. Please email or post here, not both. As you’ve discovered, I’m much quicker to reply to email.