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hi! hm, they say they have support. i purchased the theme two days ago and have a simple question – as I think.

but still no answer :-( daniel


perhaps i write my qestion here:

here is my test homepage: http://wordpress.p237267.webspaceconfig.de/

As you see I want to have the Blog view at the first page.

But now I don’t know, where to set background images for this Blog / Home page.


The slider is the default background on all pages. So you can set up your slider and you will see the images as background.

hi, i want to replicate the grouped photo Shortcode like in http://goo.gl/hQNJY but i don’t understand how to set the link and manage the gallery. Can you help me pls? thank you

Do you mean this one? http://www.eneaa.com/templates/blacklabel/shortcodes/lightbox/

Because that link takes me to the home page.




You have to use this shortcode for each image:

[lightbox group='name' href='http://yoursite.com/image.jpg']Grouped Photo 1[/lightbox]

Then just replace that “http://yoursite.com/image.jpg” for your image.

When I create a t-shirt product and create a size attribute and variation, the word “Size” does not display correctly on the product page. I can send you a picture of how it looks.

I am using latest version of the theme, wordpress and woo commerce and have updated the old files from the woo status report.

How do i fix it ?

Hi there, Please create a new ticket here, with your URL: http://support.quemalabs.com
mcomeau Purchased

Wonderful theme but…

Always, on every video, got a “Error loading skin: Skin not a valid file type”

Sad :-(



Please create a Ticket here, I will help you there: http://support.quemalabs.com
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How can I play a HD VIMEO VIDEO ????

Hi, i need to change only header backgroun (ONLY HEADER) #header, .background_1{ background: rgba(0,0,0, 0.8 )!important; } But change all the website bg, can you help me? Thank you


Ok i solve it!

Hi, it is possible to show the lighbox galley image more big for mobile device? The images are very very small. Somebodoy can help me? Thanks a lot


Hi sigenial, unfortunately it’s not possible.

Does this theme not support revolution slider?


Not yet, but I’m working on a new version to support it.

This Theme uses the JW Player but is not included. The one zip file that is includede is 3 years old….

The player is a key feature of the theme and I cannot understand that I have to buy it separately from Longtail Ad Solutions, Inc. Please help me understand why the player is not included?


Hi there, The player is not included for license reasons and no purchase is required. And we use version 5 because on ver. 6, JWP changed to be a hosted player which is not convenient or necessary for the Theme.

Let me know if you have any other question.

Hello, i’d like to do something like this http://dagnycipora.com/ , with photo on side and content and menu on another . Can I do it with this them ? Or You know another theme I can do it ?



You can do that with CSS, just move the content a bit to the right. And you can use any image as background.

Hi, I ‘ve just looked at the theme. The mobile version ( contact) is not right responsive. Can this be changed ? that is not next to the map but under it or over it ?

Thank you :-)


Yes, we will change that. Thanks.

cagsean Purchased
Hello My main menu sub items are not showing/dropping down.. http://www.hope-for-tomorrow.com.php53-19.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com/

Is there somewhere to enable those to show, they are showing on the black label live preview.

thank you


Hi, I’m sorry for the delay. Please create a ticket in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look.

Hi there,

I am running into some extremely irritable issues with the theme. In the past weeks the server has been under attack and spam adds have been showing up. I have fixed these issues but now that I want to continue working on a few details and need to see some info on your forum I get a spam block because of porn advertisement, also in the envato preview!

I think the theme has become too sensitive, allowing hackers/spammers to enter. Please look into this, as the theme has not been updated for a while!

Now to the reason I need to check the forum:

I need to remove the footer area and just have a simple copyright/designed by text link.

Thank you in advance! Isidore


Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. Can you send me an email to support@quemalabs.com and tell me bit more about this attack? I will help you via email.


I send an e-mail to @eneaa, but also want to make a rectification here because it appeared that the THEME IS NOT THE ISSUE. Several other firefox add-ons, WP plugins and misinformation by the hosting provider have been at the base of the problems I ran into. Being a happy customer of this great theme, I just wanted to correct my previous strong language ;)


Thank for the message Isidore, I appreciate it. It’s all good.

Hi eneaa,

I would like to change the order of my portfolio items and I have read that you can change it by changing the time of their publishing. Can you please let me know why I can’t change the time even though I click on the EDIT button next to it?

Thank you.


URL: www.caracoladreams.com WP user: caracoladreams Could you manage to see what’s the problem? Thanks.


I also need a password to access your site. That’s why it’s better if you create a ticket in http://support.quemalabs.com/


I have created the ticket. Looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

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Hi. Help me! video not found or access denied /wp-content/2014/12/video.flv

20 minutes ago it was working all fine
Hi there, please create a support topic with a WordPress and FTP user here: http://support.quemalabs.com I will take a look.

Sale Qeustion:

Hello, is it posible to have a static bg image on the homepage no slider or video.??



Yes, just upload one image and that will be the background.

I purchased this theme 2 days ago, installed it yesterday and already am getting Skin not a valid file type when I try to use video for background, and it will not play wav. or MP3 either. I have tried multiple formats and compression methods for audio, and youtube for video. Nothing works. I sent in an email to the address the Author asked another customer to send an email to for the same issue. have not heard back. If anyone has a fix for this, please advise. The entire reason for purchasing this theme was the video and audio backgrounds.


I answered you via email. I will help you over there.


your template is very interesting, but before my purchase I need to know if it’s possible to have the product catalog function without the ecommerce cart.

Thank you.


Yes you can. The ecommerce cart is diplayed only if you install WooCommerce plugin.

Hi, before I buy this wonderful theme…. is it compatible with visual composer or tiny mce or contact form 7?

Thanks for your answer


You can use both, but there isn’t 100% compatibility with Visual Composer

Hi! this is the link to my portfolio: http://www.fallenblack.com/?page_id=90 I have some problems with the images on portfolio page: now when I click on the items of my portfolio they open a lightbox window with the single image (or video) inside. Instead, I want that clicking on the item, it links me inside the portfolio element, where I can see the other images (like if I was clicking on “Read more” button). How can I do this?



Actually in the latest version of Black Label that’s the default behavior. You can download the latest version in your Download section, here in Theme Forest.