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Hi Can you recommend the optimal video format/size and hosting situation. Basically I have to let the videography people the resolution etc and then need to know what is the best method of hosting, eg vimeo, youtube/ own server? Thanks! :)

ok thanks what is the best method of hosting etc. on the demo you use jwplayer is that a paid service? Also the demo video doesn’t actually work on my iphone. what is the best solution for all devices?

You can host your video in your host. If you are looking for performance then YouTube is the best option. And the best format is MP4 H.264 to cover mobile and desktop.


I:ve submitted a ticket on the quemalabs support page yesterday and no one has contacted me about getting the home page to recognize youtube videos. Go to www.mindfitnessandsoul.com. The video portion of the page displays a black frame

please email me mindbootyandsoul44@gmail.com

Looks like the “jwplayer” folder is missing. Can you send me a FTP user to my email? I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

hi!! does this theme supports slef hosted vids videos in the portfolio? Im looking forward using s2member free plug in; it works perfectly with wordpress posts or pages to create capabilities so only registered(paid) memebers can read centain posts any idea if it would work with this theme? thanks

The video background supports self-hosted videos, but in portfolio you have to use Vimeo or YouTube. But you can add Self-hosted videos into portfolio if you use a plugin.

Hi….just checking when the next update will be…..I’m hoping the responsive will be fixed so I can actually use this.


You say the theme is responsive but its not. Does this look responsive to you? http://prntscr.com/63pqdm

That’s has been fixed in the latest release. Thank for pointing that out.

It has been fixed or will be fixed? The screenshot is from your current demo

It’s a nice theme but it has issues and the support is slow, i decided to use the light version. Problem is the text stays white and if the image is bright its unreadable. You can change the typography in the them but the colour and style changes don’t seem to affect page titles or menu items, basically any thing you create with say page builder. I have managed to get contact form to change style and colour to my chosen font and black text (no Clue How) at one point it was microscopic and unreadable which seems to have sorted itself out!

Ticket has been for over a week now but no progress has been made.

Also the image slider crops your images as it wants no matter what image size or ratio i try 16×9 any pixel dimension just makes the image look crap. Think i maybe dumping this soon and looking for something better. At this time i would not reccomend this template for a photography site.

Sorry to hear that DobbinP., looks like there are some issues in your site. I didn’t see your ticket but I will search for it and help you. You can also contact me in support@quemalabs.com

Hello QuemaLab,

Could you please tell me how I can do to make that the header background comes to occupy the entire width of the screen?


Hi, just replace this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/code/313P0P2X0M0n/header.php


Hello QuemaLab,

How I can remove Navigation menu on mobile and leave the original menu as I used to have before updating the theme???


Send me a FTP user and I will help you with that. support@quemalabs.com

I don´t have the website online yet, I am just working on my local host. So, Could you please tell me what I have to do??? Thanks.

That code should work. Try adding that in “blacklabel/style.css”, right at the end.

Hello QuemaLab,

How I can do to make this style work in the main menu???

.jqueryslidemenu a:active { text-decoration:underline; }


If you are using Cufon, you can’y use that. But if you use Google Fonts ot efault fonts, you can use that CSS:
.jqueryslidemenu ul li a{
text-decoration: underline!important;

Demo seems to be a plain black page.

Do you still have that problem? Everything looks fine for me.


I’m looking for a theme to customize and this looks like a good start. Here a list with a few pre-sale questions:

Is this theme multilingual prepared? As and integrated multilingual system or with the use of Polylang or WPML? Is the theme multisite ready? Multilingual shop and 404 functionality? Can homepage and theme driven items be translated as well?

Is the website retina ready? Retina images automaticaly created on upload or manually?

Is the theme fully responsive?

Is the website full screen? Does it have the option for full screen scaleable background images and video? Can the image/video pages be a gallery? Is it possible to make every page just full screen height and have the scrolling in the content block?

Is the theme Woocommerce compatible? Will the shop and communication flow be multilingual? Is it possible to show product details in a light box?

Do you do custom modifications to the theme or know someone who does? The theme should have a thin fixed top and bottom navigation withe a full screen scaleable background image or video. The logo preferably positioned in the center withe the navigation left and right of it. Content should appear horizontally and vertically center positioned in and semi transparent layer. The idea is to have a website similar to kylie.com

Regards, Remco

Hi Remco, 1) Yes, you can use WPML and multisite. 2) For shop you have to use a plugin like WooCommerce, the theme is compatible with it. 3) There isn’t retina support by default. You can add it via plugin. 4) It’s responsive. 5) As you can see in the demo it is fullscreen. 6) We don’t do custom modifications.

Is possible layered psd file of theme? Is possible a different unique image for every page? And a slide in background of homepage?

Thank you :)

Yes, the PSD is included. You can have different image on each page. And a slider in background for the homepage.

Hello QuemaLab,

How I can activate the Navigation menu on mobile only when the user logs in from a device with a resolution less than 800px x 600px ?


Hello Quemalab,

I am looking for this style: #header, .jqueryslidemenu ul li ul, .slide_caption, .background_1 { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8) !important; }

Could you please tell me where can I find it?


That’s from an old version of Black Label but it is in “blacklabel/framework/theme_scripts/style.php”

Hello Quemalabs,

I have seen that there is a new version.

Version 3.0.3 – 13/02/2015

Fixed : Styles in mobile .

I now have installed Version 3.0.2 What files do I have to install to to have this new version and avoid changing the other files that are not needed for this update???


You can see what files in the documentation, under the update section: http://cl.ly/image/2P063T2p430o

Dear QuemaLabs,

we love this theme and use the Gallery Pro plugin with it but the lightbox does not work.

Please check here:


With a standard Wordpress theme the Gallery works fine.

Please help us.

Thank you in advance

Kind regadrs

The plugin is creating a javascript error: http://cl.ly/image/122I2k0D1X34

Have you asked the plugin owner about that problem?

Dear Quemalabs,

Thank you for your answer. We use the Black Label version 2.3.0. and need the ZIP file to solve the problem. Could you send me the 2.3.0 version ZIP to my email: glmakeupacademy@gmail.com

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

I answered your email.


Since updating to latest version, my Portfolio page has two problems. The first is that the thumbnails are now all different sizes. Secondly, I seem to have a category that is displayed twice.

I also wanted to know how I can get the categories to display alphabetically.

Here is the page in question: http://www.geminiifilm.com/portfolio/


Hey Nico. I really need to get this issue fixed. Can you please email me or respond in the Ticket Support system. Thanks

I sent you the new file in the support site.

Got it! Works perfect now! If you get a chance, can you check the duplicate categories issue? Thanks for all the support! Love this theme!

Hi, How could I remove the shadow under the h3 title in the footer. I tried many many things in the CSS but they never leave : http://www.pocprod.com/video-entreprise/ Thank you !

Open “blacklabel/js/jquery.cufon-yui.custom.js” and remove line 12: http://cl.ly/image/3B031m2d0v2x

And also at the end of line 11 remove that comma ”,”

Great, it works perfecly, I would never find it by myself… Thank you for reactivity !


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Hello, I am Brazilian and I am using the Google translator.

I had sent a message to the support, but I was concerned about the delay. For this I am forwarding this message here as well.

The title text height it is very small and I can not increase it.

I added a logo trying to replace it, but the menu was down, and I want the site title is on the same alignment of the menu (as it appears on the theme of example).

I can not change the menu font size.

I like the widgets in the footer, but they are skewed and duplicate … appear even when I remove all.

When I add widgets, they appear only under the site. The sidebar does not appear, first, second, third, and fourth widgts area make no difference. Everything is in one place.

The white arrows that open or hide posts and widgets also pass the images do not appear. Only appear after being clicked.

This is my site: http://www.feliperizental.com.br/

This is the image with the problems: http://www.feliperizental.com.br/imagens/Problems_Black-Label.jpg

I answered in the support forum now.


magnata Purchased


As the site was corrected without my access data?



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is it possible to put audio playing for all pages?

Thanks, Kairit


Katri290 Purchased

ok, thanks. I have another question too. I want to put home page pictures to move with ken burns, but don’t find the right place to change it.


Katri290 Purchased

On Page edit, there is possible to choose “Yes” to “Enable Ken Burns effect”, but every time I save page, it turns “No”. Can you help me, why I can’t change it?

Please create a Support Topic in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look. It should be working fine.