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Hello Enea !!

Awesome theme (Good Luck with sales)

Im thinking about purchase.

There is an easy and simple way to move the navigation bar and menus to the bottom of the page ??


Depends how much you know CSS . But there is no automatic way to do it.

mrmad Purchased

@eneaa your theme is not only not compatible with disqus there is a hell lot of compatibility issues with many plugins, basically all calling for lightscribe, highslide or flash.

what is the biggest issue: it does not work with WP-Super-Cache so sorry to say your theme is just good looking and little less. I am really sorry to say that.


It has everything required for a WordPress Theme. But sometimes the Themes that are so complex work different than the normal Themes.

Hi, one question: What size tern the background images?. I do not manage to put an ibackground image. It does not load anything. The music neither. It must be for the URL . But the video if it loads it.


Hola de nuevo, he visto tu perfil y me dado cuenta que eres de Argentina. Yo soy de Esapaña. Si no has entendido mi pergunta, te la pongo aquí en castellano. Esque no controlo mucho el ingles.

El problema que tengo es que intento poner una imgen de fondo pero no me la carga. La imagen tiene un tamaño de 1800×1350 px . Con un peso de 250kb.

Con el sonido, intento cargar un mp3 y me pasa igual. En este caso no se si es por la URL . Si eres tan amable ponme un ejemplo de la URL para ponerlo igual. En cambio, con el video no tengo problema se carga bien. La única pega esque cuando termina muestra un enlace para copiar o compartir el video y no quiero que salga eso, quiero que se repita el video. ¿cómo lo quito?

Si eres tan amable respondeme cuando puedas a estas preguntas.

Gracias. :)


La imagen y el MP3 deberian funcionar con normalidad. Pasame tu URL para ver si hay algun error.

En cuanto a la pagina que aparece para compartir el video, lo podes solucionar reemplazando la carpeta que subiste del “jwplayer” por esta: http://cl.ly/8SI6

I finally figured out the video background for the home page; however, I can only view it in Safari, I tried viewing it Firefox and wasn’t able to. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Thank you for your help!


I can see it on Firefox.


It works for me in Firefox 5.0. I can see your video.


Thanks for contributing

I got the theme and videos working… however I’m getting this error on the portfolio page.

“Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/blacklabel/portfolio-3columns.php on line 47”

*’s replace the real path.. checked it, and path is correct

FIXED : Did not have category, or featured image chosen.

Thank you Wetcoastsports! Not sure why I am not able to view on my computer in Firefox 5.0. Do you by a chance have IE?

Hi Lana,

Your site, video and photo slideshow works great on IE 8 .0.7600 AND on an iPad. Good job.

Xavier Donat


Thank you too for contributing


I promise that tomorrow will answer your email. I do not forget

Thanks a lot !

Great theme, fell in love with it and am slowy getting it together. Fairtalehot, really great work. I would not hesitate to purchase this theme, if you read through and pay attention it is pretty simple. Just takes a bit of getting used to. You will not find such a neat theme elsewhere as I have looked. At least sleek and video wise. Really appreciate the work you put into this. I am going to be adding quite a few plugins from wpdev guys so will see how it goes. Thanks!

btrites Purchased

I LOVE the theme. It’s just what I was looking for. One small problem. The video loading circle in the center of the screen wont go away and stays on every page. my website is www.bradtrites.com Any idea how to fix it? Thanks!!! -Brad

btrites Purchased

If you have the loading box in the center of your screen and it does not go away, simply create a slider. Once a slider is created (you dont even have to use it), the loading box goes away. Someone else pointed this out earlier but it wasn’t that clear.


Thank you!

Hola Eneea,

la ruta del mp3 es la siguiente:


respecto a las imagenes realizo el proceso que comentas en el videotutorial. Que tamaño en px utilizaste para los backgrounds que se pueden ver en esta plantilla que esta colgada en themeforest. Es decir, el preview de la plantilla. Cual es el peso aprox. de la imagenes que utilizas 100 , 200 kb, 300 kb ? Haber si me puedes ayudar con esto porque esque sino no puedo utilizar la plantilla que he comprado.




Me referia a la URL de tu sitio, para ver si hay algun error de Javascript o algo de eso que no deja funcionar normalmente.

Si quieres enviamelo al mail, junto con un usuario y contraseña para poder loggearme si tengo que arreglar algo.

Las imágenes que uso tienen estas especificaciones por ejemplo: 900×550px 231KB 1600×1200 191KB

Como ves son bastante variadas.

Thank you Eneaa for answering my email. Yes, I finally figured out that I needed to upload JWplayer. Perhaps, you should include that file with a theme. Otherwise, I love your creation! It is perfect for my acting website and so different from everyone else’s. Can’t wait to see what you conjure up next.

Thank you all for checking my site in different browser. Interestingly, my video is still not playing in Firefox on my computer. Lana


It is very rare I along with other buyers who commented we can see fine in Firefox 5

Hola de nuevo Eneea,

ya esta solucionado, probando probando y probando…. solucionado. Si tengo algún problema te aviso.


Saludos :)


Ahh ok no habia visto este comentario. Me alegro!

Is there a way to make sure the Slider doesn’t fill? Like I want to set the size of the slider image… Can it be done?


No, sorry. It is meant to fill the screen

Theme looks great but i cant figure out how to upload the video on the home page… i can do pictures because i followed your instructions but i believe videos would be different. Help!!! please and thank you


You can upload the video via FTP . For example if you upload to the Theme folder, this would be the URL of the video: http://www.YOURSITE.com/wp-content/themes/blacklabel/VIDEO.FLV

i am wondering if the cache plugins work with this theme….


Not sure, not tried it.

For some reason the videos aernt loading in lightbox, just going straight to youtube link – http://randombandtv.com