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hey great template, I suggest you center it because on my large monitor it cushions to the side, and also the gallery page, add like a lightbox to it. other than that overall great template.

@kevinsturf, thanks for your comments. Centering the site is fast and painless progress, just have to edit CSS little. And about the Lightbox, I didn’t want it to this template – but if someone wants it, I can do it.

I think you’re right not to add lighbox (it’s not really unique anymore + limits the user to 1 picture at a time) however it may be more user friendly to open the jpgs in a seporate window (I know it’s a simple code to add but it may help people see how the site ‘works’ anyhow.)

Very nice file. Added to favs


I am like your work and have quick question before purchasing..

If I want to have images on the area where it says “Welcome to the title” on the HOME page, is it easy to do that?

Can I change the Black background color on the CSS ?

Thank you.

@equitang, thanks – I thought so too. You can open the images to the same window in fullsize just clicking it for now. It might be nice feature to add to open a new window sized as the image.

@yosh66, Yes you can change all the colors on the CSS , and it just takes few seconds to do that. Changing the header image isn’t hard either. If you decide to buy this template and you’ve problems with those fixes, just contact me and I’ll do those for you!

This is very nice, and don’t center it.

This is a great theme. As a business owner, it’s gets my mind working. Well done!

Hi, I am very new to using templates etc and I have a question about this. I currently have a wordpress template on my site that I want to get rid of. Can I use this HTML template on my wordpress site? If not, how do I go about using it? I love this theme by the way! Great job!

@jennifaohjenni – Hi! If you want to use this template with WordPress and manage all the footage from WP’s Dashboard, it isn’t possible.

But if you still want to use this template as a html template, this is how you do it (shortly); First – I recommend that you read the read_me.pdf file. Then you change your logo and start editing texts and images. Last, you upload the site to your server and start spreading the word of your new site!

If you want to use it with Dashboard etc, you’ve to convert this template to WP theme and that’s much more difficult.

If you want to go with this template, I’ll do my best to help you, thanks!

@segen and joedearman – Thanks guys!

Nice layout, Pretty Design and love the color combo. Yeah dont center it.

nice to see some left aligned sites every so often. Nice theme

Very nice work! Love the header and colour scheme.

So would I need any special software in order to edit it? I have never installed html files onto my server. So I am confused on how that works. If you can clarify if I will need any special software in order to edit it and add text that would be very helpful!



Thank you for the reply. I am purchasing now! It would be great if you could help a bit when I came up with problem customizing.

Thank you!


So I purchased your template. I’m liking it a lot.

I’m start to customizing by myself now. I posted earlier that I want to change the header BG to a one picture, where should I look into the code to edit without messing your template.

Plus, I will not need Blog page and I also want to find out how I can have couple banners on where you have Blog preview text on the HOME page.

Your help would be appreciated!

@mabuc, GoodingsMediaLtd and alliancestudio – Thanks for your comments!

@jennifaohjenni – You will need atleast a notepad to edit texts. Images you can simply overwrite if you don’t want to edit the paths. And then FTP -program to upload the site to your server, just like Wordpress. But you don’t have to run any installation at your server.

If you’ve more questions, we can talk on MSN and I will guide you from scratch to upload!

@Yosh66, Please contact me via TF profile page and I will contact you as soon as possible, I need little big more information about the header image of yours!

Is there a way to center ‘logo.png’ at the top like it is now except it’s on the left? I removed the navigation and tried to change the position of the logo in the css but it only seems to work with ‘left’ or ‘right’. Any ideas? Thanks and I love this template!

Would it be possible to add a paypal button on one of the pages to purchase a product?