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fazedone Purchased

Hello, i installed a fresh version of wordpress, imported the dummy content, set the front page to “home” and it keeps looking like the link below, i cannot get it to look properly just all jumbled. What am i missing?

Please see here: http://goo.gl/8ukVn

fazedone Purchased

ignore my post above, i reinstalled the theme using the .zip and not manually and it works now.

fazedone Purchased

blah still not showing up correctly in chrome or internet explorer, showing without any CSS or settings, just text, please see the link, but seems to show ok in firefox..


You’re welcome,
You can’t do that on default “Home template”, I suggest you to make a new page and set the template on “Full Width”, then enter your content and Shortcodes in the editor, and finally choose a slider category to be shown on that page. In the end go to Setting > Reading and use the page you just created as “Front page”.

fazedone Purchased

Got it, thank you again, its a fantastic theme, and your support is solid! I recommend it to anyone reading this.


Thank you for your support fazedone, we appreciate this :)

erossi Purchased

On the home page portfolio sliders, the images get centered vertically on the .portfolio-slider div cutting off the top and bottom.

I would like to have them be aligned with the top of the .portfolio-slider div.

I have tried changing the img { height:auto; max-width:100%; } as well as the .portfolio-slider with no luck.

Can you let me know what code to change for this to happen


There’s a way, its not the best, but it might solve the problem for now, go to wp-content > themes > blackpearl > assets > js and open “custom.js” file. go to line 841 and change this code:
frame_height: 340,
you can increase the height of frame to get a better result for portrait images, hope it helps.
erossi Purchased

Thanks, I was playing around with that last night, also with “crop” true and false. Crop-false aligns the tops of the images, but places the entire image. I was looking for something to keep the images in the template size just move the image down to align the top.


You’re welcome, if you needed any further assistance please contact us via support.pixflow.net :)

trert333 Purchased

how can i disable mouse right-click? it’s possible to show a message error like “these images are copyright protected”?


I’m not sure if there’s a 100% guaranteed way to protect your images, still you can find a few ways using javascript codes or wordpress plugins to make it harder for people who wants to save your images.

We are honored to announce that we support our great customers via Support Forum, support.pixflow.net now, our email and item comments section are no longer an option to a get a fast answer. The reasons are simple:

  • You can’t search through ThemeForest support threads and find the answer to your questions which is already been asked and answered before.
  • Another reason is that people can not help each other while support staff are not available.
  • Last but not least, it’s hard to give you the best support possible when we have to handle different channels, so we decided to centralize the incoming requests in one place.

      Hope we can appreciate our awesome customers the way they deserve :)

Hi Guys.. love your theme… it’s up there with one of the best on TF.

A quick thing, the bullet points are not appearing when I use

  • can you point me in the right direction to where to fix this please.



  • PixFlow
    Hello absolutealive,
    Thank you buddy :) when you are in visual editor of pages or posts, click on the big green plus button, it will open the Shortcode editor, choose list and in the next window choose one of the the list types and press “insert shortcode” button, now in middle of the shortcode use wordpress Unordered list, it will be something like this:
    [list type="arrow2_list" ]
        <li>list item</li>

    Hello! I have a problem with demo. I cant set it from themesettings – import demo content. And I cant import XML file. It says “cant import data xml”. Could you please help me? site: absurdis.ru email: graille@absurdis.ru. Thank you!!


    Hello Dariagraille,
    Please check your email :)

    Hi I need to move my website to another URL. Is there a way to backup all the custom sidebars? Now all my custom sidebars are gone (i did a test by moving the whole website)! i have a lot of custom sidebars. Is the a way to backup all the custom sidebars?

    Thank you


    Hello, I haven’t done this before, but i found this for you, hope it helps: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

    fauche65 Purchased

    I have posted in your support forum and am going to post here as the forum does not seem to be used that often.

    I need the image sizes specified for both the Sliders and Feature Images. None of the sizes of any of the images used in your theme are in any of the documentation.

    Also, the documentation is very basic. If you have a detailed document on how to build the home page to look exactly like the Demo site, it would be greatly appreciated.


    We have answered your question on support forum already, which part is confusing for you?

    fauche65 Purchased

    I was looking for a detailed tutorial of how to make the home page of any site using this theme look like the home page of the demo site. I have already figured most of it out. Thank you for the dimensions by the way.


    You’re welcome, thank you for the great suggestion. we will consider it ,specially for our future projects :)


    For some reason my theme all of a sudden stopped showing and i have no idea why? Do you mind helping me please? I haven’t touched it in a while and out of no were this happened:


    Thanks in advance


    Can you please send us a wordpress username and password with admin permission through our profile page?


    Okay i just sent you it, thanks in advance

    Hey there. I have some pre-purchase questions….

    Can most elements/colours be changed without doing code. Im relatively new to this (used to use Rapidweaver) and the main reason for my interest is flexibility and ease of use

    1) Can the banner (Nav Menu) colours be changed. In the demo its black but is it possible to tweak these to say orange behind the nav? 2) Portfolio… Can the “more info” images be presented smaller with info text to the right with a link button back to the portfolio sorter 3) Can a traditional “client Logo” grid be created as a menu option. In other words a page of client logos presented in a grid format – maybe even with clickable links 4) I didnt see a built in customer testimonial widget/page- are there any? 5) Is the slider fixed height?



    Hello andypeck, thank you for your interest in our theme, here is your answers:
    1) you should use some simple CSS to do that.
    2) that requires customization
    3) it’s not possible at the moment.
    4) we didn’t use it on wordpress version, but we have it in the HTML version, if we get more requests we will add it to wordpress version.
    5) yes, slider height is fixed.
    Hope these information was useful :)

    loatx Purchased

    Hi PixFlow, I posted this in forum, no word yet. I am looking for a Slider solution to show images with links and and/or video from YouTube or Vimeo for blog post.

    I tried Revolution Slider, it did not work because there was a jQuery call to Google CDN after the gallery is listed, so, it broke it.

    Question 1: Is there a slider solution you know that does work with the theme that can show image slide shows with links, videos etc WITHIN A POST.

    Question 2: If any of the above counts as customization, who can fix the theme to where Revolution Post Slider works? I talked to them, they said its up to you.

    Question 3: Have you seen any problems with the theme not getting along withy UberMenu Plugin?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!



    Hello lo, we have answered your post a few hours after your post on support forum, here are your answers :
    1) I didn’t find a good one yet, still you can search http://codecanyon.net/
    2) We need the URL to your website to investigate the issue first.
    3) No one reported any bug with UberMenu yet.
    Thank you :)

    loatx Purchased

    Long story short, the jQuery call made later in the page in the theme mark-up crashes all other slider plug-ins as it stops them from working once the new call is made. This is with every Post Slider solution I found and tested (about 4)

    I emailed you directly through your profile. Thanks for reply and your time on this.


    Hey there. I have some pre-purchase questions…. Theme “Black Pearl” can work with the plugin “woocommerce” ?


    Hello, We haven’t checked that ourself, but we had no report saying there is any problem using Woocommerce on Black Pearl.

    Hi there again…

    Having looked around ive come back to your theme. It really is exciting however, I still need to ask the following… a) What are the video options? Vimeo, utube… Warehoused. Can they be linked to from the portfolio like the images? b) Would it be relatively straight forward to increase the Boxed date size in the Blog? c) In the portfolio section is it possible to just pick square presentation for the images and the disable the toggle switch? The idea would be to remove this gap and have the sorted images sit tight to the sorter itself? d) Where theres a sub header text/page section (e.g…. Artistic Portfolio – Lots of work flows here). Can the black area behind this be changed either by colour or an actual image

    Regards Andrew


    Hi, thank you Andrew :)
    a) You can use vimeo and Youtube video IDs only. and you can use them on portfolio as well
    b) If you are talking about meta boxes in blog, including category and date, yes you can change their size easily using CSS.
    c) Yep, you can do that using control panel, and a little change in CSS.
    d) It can be changed using CSS easily.

    I’m using the Black Pearl theme and some problems during testing occurred. The file style.css not being rendered and the layout appears all mangled. I made the call from inside the style.css header.php file and it worked. Other problems encountered are that the slide does not work with skins and it also is not changing. How to solve these problems? See, www.gnpsuporte.com.br/demo/teste


    Hello ricardofiore, please send us an email through our profile page including a wordpress username and password with admin permissions, so we can investigate the issue.


    In the registration of the support forum asks ThemeForest code: Item Purchase Code. I went in Downloads bad not found. I’ll leave here the same username and password for verification. Please help me, I’m from Brazil and I’m pretty lost here.

    http://www.gnpsuporte.com.br/demo/teste/ user: admin pass: brasilia100*

    Just answered your post on forum buddy, glad you could figure out how to sign in into forum :)

    Hi there, Just one final set of questions.

    > Im still concerned I have no control over the height of the slider. Ive also noticed that your slider does some very odd things once its viewed on the ipad and iPhone (images suddenly shrink and overlap etc). So…. I was wondering if its possible to use another slider like Revolution just until you get yours a bit more controllable (altho I do like it)??. Has anyone else tried another full width slider with success? Hope I havent offended your great work btw

    > On the blog would it be easy to give a bigger margin (reduce image width from left) to free up the left hand side copy under the dates. At the moment some of the copy looks to restricted and gets very close to the Heading copy.

    > Also on the Blog page….A nice feature might also be to have the top left corner of the Blog pics sliced off at the angle like the top left of the background. Is that something to add or would it be easier for me to do it in Photoshop? Just a thought

    Thanks again Andrew


    Hello Andrew,
    > We got a report on a javascript conflict when using Revolution slider, we are working on it to solve the issue.
    >That requires customizaiton.
    >That would be easier for you to do it in photoshop.



  • tag has no bullet points. So when I write out a list, there are no bullets. Can you please let me know where to fix this.

    Cheers P

  • Hi, I don’t seem to get much response from your forum?

    I’d like to know how I can add images to the side bar please?? I saw a similar request but it seems to have been deleted?


    Hello den, we have already answered your post on forum, it usually takes less than 24 hours, but it might get a little longer on thursdays and saturdays.

    I figured out the < L I > tag.. you need to use the list shortcode..and then you have a choice of 4 different bullets to choose from.

    I found that the in CHROME does not work, but it looks OK in Firefox. Not a major problem, but it would be good if this was looked at.