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I installed the theme, but the sample content does not seem the same as in the demo template. How to leave the facility equal to what you have in the demo version?


It is the same, but the images are different. Please send me your website URL and WP login information via pxflow@gmail.com , so i can help you.

smartvo Purchased

Hi there, would like to change the theme to be more like this


menu is below Logo is on the top

How do I activate the slide of the home page for this template?


Go to “appearance > theme settings > home page” and enable the slider.

Hi I have just purchased these theme, but cannot work out how to make the slider like the demo, all i have is a picture with a word next to it? I have tried importing the demo one as mentioned in the previous post but the link to download it does not work http://demo.sacredpixel.com/blackpearl_demo/xml_data/blackpearl.wordpress.2012-10-23.xml



Update: i have managed to copy the demo slider, but it doesnt seem to animate/slide…


Hello mate. please send us your website URL and WP login information via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

zason Purchased

Hello, thank you for this beautiful theme.

I am having an issue with getting the text easily readable that appears on the slide. I am use images that makes it hard. I know I could use different images specifically for the slides but I’d rather have the text become more readable rather than edit the images.

Is there a way? Maybe with a solid color background block behind the text or text shadow. How would I do something like this?


Hi, please send us your website URL via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and I will help you.

When I try to register to the help forum, I get this error message: Could not retrieve data.

on line 10: Creating default object from empty value

Have you entered all the related information correctly? If yes, send me your purchase code via pxflow@gmail.com and I’ll check the issue.

What is the status of compatibility with WP 4?


It’s compatible with WP 4.0

am not able to register on pixflow , it gives some PHP error

plus am not able to import demo content it failed to import media files , plus the theme is also not showing drop down menus as they are in demo link.

here’s my website link : http://topofthedrive.com/


I can see that your menu is working fine, just checked “Service”.


No am not able to click on service menu , I can click on packages under services but not on “services”

same issue with about us


Open “style.css”, go to line 653 and change the padding and margin attribute like this:

.navigation li ul {
margin-top: 35px;
padding-top: 15px;


I got no support at all since 7 days i now asked you. Is there someone alive here or is it same as a fantom boat black pearl???

I got a sever style issue. I tried to update the theme but it has broken the whole css. The i made a test, removed the old theme, put the new one, got no cache active, and it’s the same, the black pearl css is broken, see :





Hello mate, whats the channel you used to contact us? Please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you soon. :)


I just moved my Wordpress installation with BlackPearl theme from a hosting to another and now the theme is not loading the CSS styles.


Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will help you.