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Wow! I love this simple design.

Yessir, I like it!

hehe thanks guys, yeah it’s super simple! I’m hoping to get around to doing more black and white designs in the coming days!

simple and to the point. good work.

super clean, love it! :)

si_p Purchased

Really great design…Well done.

Now to start slicing it up ready for XHTML and CSS

is it a word press theme?

Pure and very pleasant theme. Reminds me the Photoshop Lightroom interface. Good job !

Hey marcobo, it’s just a Photoshop template – so only Photoshop PSD files are included.

Hopefully one day I’ll get around to building it to add to the other sections :-)

Thanks all for the kind comments!

love it!!! well done!

Love the simplicity!

Very nice template…

Superb Collis! Just love it!!! :-)

Amazing, good thing i came on the site!


awesome design! simple and rich.

c00ki3 Purchased

This look’s good and it’s simple, nice buy.:D

Is there a way to use this PSD template in WordPress? I really really like this template, but I whish I can use this in WordPress. Is there a template exactly like this for WordPress? If there’s one for WordPress, I would definitely buy it! Thanks :)

I like it good job !

Would have bought this if it was HTML . DOn’t know how to convert PSD .