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dwpers Purchased

Hey Collis,

Thanks for this great PSD .

Can you recommend a starting point for slicing it into XHTML (divs) and not the ugly Save For Web (tables) Photoshop method?

I’ve tried to slice it up and code it using XHTML but I’m having difficulty getting the content divs to align properly, let alone getting content into them. I’ve tried to follow along with the PSD slicing tutorial Jeffrey posted on Tuts but I’m having a rough time.

I’m sorry, I’m mainly just a designer, not a coder…any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

tomasdev Purchased

I am converting this to a WP theme, and I would like to know the rules of a template bought here. I want to change the credits, in order not to display black+white footer. I mean personalize this.

I can share the final version of my WP theme ready…

Like danlarkam, I would buy this in a heart beat if it were coded. Anyone care to code it for me?

tomasdev Purchased

I had coded it… come on guys is not so hard… . just use CSS it is so clean!

Anyway, ideas for those who doesnt know what to write in the gray box or colomns, could be …
  • ads
  • categories
  • tags cloud
  • twitter info

@tomasdev how about sharing.

tomasdev Purchased

I have finished! :)

@sunschild57 if you want this on WP, bought it here and then I send you the coded white version ( i didnt do the black one but is same idea )


black version ? :)

@tomasdev this is just what I’m looking for. I’m going to purchase this, will you send me the WP files? Thanks brother.

Banarne Purchased

@tomasdev sounds fantastic that you made a WP theme. Could u please send me the files? Big thanx!

This is such a perfect theme, he just didn’t code it under WordPress. Can someone verify or send an example if they converted it to WP like @tomasdev? Thanks!

doceous Purchased

You got me!

Well, I guess I should have read that this was a Photoshop only theme before I purchased. My bad .

This was a waste of eight dollars for me. I don’t like paying for something this simple to only find that the author was lazier than I. The code should’ve already been done.

I kind of agree. I would love to buy this template with HTML as it is useless as a PSD . It seems all to common on this site. :(

What happened to the other 30 comments? I can see only “31 – 32 of 32”.

Hi! This item is purchased and coded in (X)HTML/CSS for testing my skills. =D

Here you can see final look: http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/2596/42831201.jpg

This document was successfully checked as XHTML 1 .0 Transitional! This document validates as CSS level 2.1 !

Banarne Purchased

Maksimilijan that looks great! Anyway that i could get my hands on a copy of your site?


pissed photoshop only.. only found out after purchase

AndrewE Purchased

I purchased this thinking it was a WordPress theme. The author needs to make it more clear and so does ThemeForest. Who sells PSD files these days? What a joke. Really annoyed with this purchase.

Given the number of negative comments here the least the author could do is make it into a proper working template.

This theme is simplistic, and I simply love it!

I wish this theme was in xhtml/css ;(

But great design, would recommend to everyone :)

Funny how you’re all whining about a WordPress theme that’s specifically marked > PSD Templates…

Nice looking layout Collis