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Well, it does say quite explicitly:

NOTE : This is a PHOTOSHOP only design!

So those complaining they didn’t get their money’s worth, or wasted $8.00, maybe you should read the description of something before handing over your cash?

gentle2 Purchased

hello @tomasdev i also searched this as wptheme…. i know i am the 10th, but would you please send me the themefiles


thank you very much in advance

@AndrewE: People make PSD templates because they maybe can’t code the templates themselves or have better things to do with their time for $8 a pop. You could try learning to do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

In general people should read before jumping in

hello @tomasdev i also searched this as wptheme…. i know i am the 11th, but would you please send me the themefiles dwayne@radiormi.com

thank you very much in advance

i guess it doesnt show Ive purchased it coz I bought the birthday bundle

hello @tomasdev i also searched this as wptheme…. i know i am the millionth , but would you please send me the themefiles if at all possible

Just got the B-day Pack to


thank you very much in advance

i had my partner buy this thinking it was a theme like listed…pretty much ripped off thinking it was… you guys need to make things right i’m sure you made enough sales to take care of those who thought otherwise.

Hi @tomasdev,

I would really appreciate if you can send me the wptheme files as well, it would be a huge help. I also bought the birthday bundle and didn’t realize this was not a wp or html template. Thank you!!

Best, elyssa


Has anyone had any luck getting this as a WP theme yet?

does anyone have the html/css version of this psd that they can send me?

I bought it with the birthday bundle and I REALLY want to use it but cant code

please send to tgemayel@mail.usf.edu

thanks in advance.

would be willing to trade some templates i have.

Would have had this in a Hearbeat, as its just what I’m looking for…

Except… exactly like everyone else is saying… is not coded!

Would it not be worth working with a coder to produce a coded version for a double the cost due to the demand for this template?

Let me know…

beautiful design!

All those that want this coded – go to the tutsplus site and you can see it as part of a free tutorial. You will learn how to code it.

Great theme, thank you !

Hi, I tried to install in my wordpress but, It couldn´t do it see this message:

this theme can´t be install because style.css is missing.

Please let me know what can I do. Best Toni

Luckily Collis im not here to complain:) I was hesitant to purchase this item being its such a simple design, but the simplicity ads its own unique of style to this theme. I love the PSDs, and my clients love them too. Thanks for the hard work Collis, another great theme.

(To all who failed and bought a PSD for WP, Read the description next time.)

hello @tomasdev i also searched this as wptheme…. i know i am the 10000th, but would you please, please, please send me the themefiles – i am running late on time but would really appreciate this! alexscozia @ gmail (dot) com thank you

hello I’m also quite damb to think that this was the actual theme. so please email me the themefiles to orkuncolak@gmail.com or at least let me know if you are not going to be sending so that I will look for something else. thanks in advance

Hello friend, I could purchase this PSD with extended license, encode it to wordpress, and sell the template already coded right here on Themeforest?