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Hi I purchased this theme yesterday and have just started to create/populate the pages but they aren’t showing in the navigation menu why not??

Also there don’t seem to be many them options as advertised and how do I get the slider to appear on the homepage??

Wordpress novice please help urgently!


Any idea why the content of my 2nd page is showing int he navigation?

So odd?


Thanks for the help!

I got it never mind..it defaulted to put the whole page in the descrition

I need little help here: Need to remove the space above my featured item image on the contact page if possible, same as the other pages:


Can help me out?


Hi Disgogo, is there any way of having more than one Tour page template? When the template is applied to another new page, it shows the same posts as the first Tour page.

Comments (Leave a reply?) – how do I switch this off on the one-column page? Just not relevant to this kind of page.

many thanks, Ed


Thanks for your purchase!

Indeed, on the tour page isn’t this possibility. For the comment system, please see the following screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/2rr2m2c/7

Best, Cristian

Hi there. I purchased this awesome theme but I seem to have some problems with the Slideshow in the home page (not showing) and with the thumbnail generator (thumbs doesn’t show up) for the Gallery pages. Some help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your purchase!

Can you please post an URL ?

Best, Cristian


Great theme, however, when I add a new page and add a new link to the menu, the content of the page appear under the menu item.


Any idea what might be the problem?



Thanks for your purchase!

Glad you managed to resolve the issue. If you experience more problems please feel free to contact me.

Best, Cristian

Just sorted the previous problem.

That’s always good! :)

All the best, Cristian


I have a few questions in regards to the Blacker theme we recently purchased.

We have tried everything and are stumped:

1. We are using the sidebar to the left on our main pages. How do we make the sidebar left in the posts? There is not an option like you have when I edit a page – general page options – select sidebar position

2. How do we decrease the spacing in between the left sidebar and the main content area? There is too much white space and would like to move the page title and content area over to the left about 70px.

Thanks so much!


For the main pages: please open style.css and find line 1144, this one:

.left-content {
    border: 6px solid #EDEDED;
    display: block;
    float: left;
    margin: 36px 0;
    padding: 0;
    width: 612px;

modify the width from 612px to 700px. That will do it.

For article posts: please open category.php and modify line 16, this one :

<div class="left-content left" />

and change from left to right, like this :

<div class="left-content right" />


find line 63, this one:

<div class="right-content right" />

change from right to left, like this:

<div class="right-content left" />

That will do it.

Best, Cristian


Great theme! I have one question – is there some way to sort the tour items into a specific order? I need to add and order tour items on the tour page…

Thanks! Greg Thibodeaux


I have purchased this theme, just wondering if the homepage slider can be edited to be a larger size height wise? Can this be edited in the style sheet? Please help. thanks

hey again, is there any way to change the colour of the theme or buttons to unlimited colour scheme in the dashboard or css styles? would this be easy without great modification?

HI Cristian,

this is the last time I will attempt to ask for assistance after purchasing your theme. I’ve reposted queries now several times over the last 2 months on the same questions and have gotten ZERO Response. If there is a problem with my questions, please tell me, I’m feeling completely ignored and this does not bode well for good customer service.

I really hope you’ll address my queries from my post over a month ago many thanks:

Hi Cristian,

Have waited another 11 days and still no response? are you going to help me? i feel i’m being completely ignored here even though i’m one of your early customers?

reposted my comment from 11 days ago below: hope to hear from you.

Hi Cristian, I posted this message 6 days ago here in the comments, as well as send an email, hoping to get a reply. . I’ve now been waiting over 11 days to receive an answer to my queries. . You were very quick to reply to my initial questions and seem to be answering other peoples enquiries. if there is a problem, please let me know. i would appreciate your advice, as i would love to get my site completed. many thanks!. posted 5 days ago and also sent you a couple of emails, but haven’t heard back. hoping you can reply soon, so i can complete my website. many thanks!

1. i’ve just noticed that the gallery posts are full width, how can i have a side bar for these posts?

2. The pages i create as a Gallery template won’t show up any text i write in the text box area. . is there anyway of activating this so i can have a description of the gallery contents?

3. Also having an issue with the gallery posts, where when i select ALL POSTS . nothing will show up on the home page, but if i select one of the categories of galleries that works. .do you know what the issue might be? 4. Also Is there anyway also of having an option to select ALL Posts but exclude one or some categories? for the Gallery posts? Thanks!

Hi. I have 16 posts to show in a gallery and have chosen the ‘Gallery Full Width’ version. Only 5 images show. Is there a limit to the number of thumbnails/images viewable in the Full width gallery?

Thank you.

For some reason on the “full width gallery layout” under the pictures is “sadasdasdasd” that is written statically in the .php file. How can I have the title and description show dynamically under each posting?


I just bought your theme, thank you very much for a great theme :)

Got few questions that i need your help with:

1. Gallery thumbnails (they aren’t showing up properly, i am using 4 columns), the pictures i use are 300×300.

2. Title (gallery post name) display with the Lightbox, how can i make it CAPITAL letters?

3. On contact us page, is it possible to put text under the contact form instead of on top?

4. Can i use CAPTCHA with the contact form for security?

5. The slideshow disappear when i tried to try out differnt slideshows. it was on nivo, i tried orbit, then swap back to nivo, now nothing displays on the slideshow?

Thank you very much for your help, nice theme :)

Hello, It´s a great theme! I just bought it and got a question for customizing it: I want to use the Nivo-Slideshow on other pages, not only on the main-page. Don´t hesitate to get technical, if it´s not just one click =) Thanks for your help! Best regards Sebastian

I am having an issue with the Orbit and Nivo Sliders for the front page. The pictures uploaded fine and I see the thumbnails, but for the Orbit or Nivo Sliders the images DO NOT show. If I were to use the Widescreen or the single image it shows perfectly fine. Has anyone else had this issue? How was it resolved. Please help!


I have the widescreen slider up now.

To anyone having trouble with the Nivo or Orbit Slider and you are using WP 3 .2.1 this is what you need to do to fix it!

On Line 57 in either orbit or nivo file in the includes folder, change this line: echo ‘'.get_the_title().'’;


echo ‘'.get_the_title().'’;

and it should appear. There is a major glitch in the timthumb.php file that is causing it not to function properly.

No I didn’t receive any assistance from the designer of this template. I had to figure this out on my own.

Hello, and first of all congratulations for your theme, it’s awesome! I just wanted to know if the homepage with the slider and underneath it the thumbs of some pictures is something you can customize. I tried to search it on the demo but I just couldn’t. I’d really like to know. Ty.