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Very Nice!!

ait Author


template is very universal, you can include one of 2 sliders on any subpage. So let’s say you can have “Circle” slider with small images on the homepage showing products and then on different subpages you can have “Wide” slider displaying the details.


ttheb64 Purchased

Not only a great well made design it has so many options ‘and its so clean ‘the documentation is the best ive seen ‘wonderful work’ quality 5 stars :)

Perfect HTML ! Good Luck Guy!

Wow.. I’m amazed

ait Author

Hi all,

As we are constantly increasing number of items and our sales, we have decided to launch a discussion forum for all Themeforest stuff we have :)

There are several reasons we have decided to do it:

1. Themeforest discussions are not searchable and many of you are asking again and again the same questions.

2. A lot of people are contacting us via email and therefore nobody else can see answers to their questions.

So if you’d like to ask something or discuss, feel free to do it on: http://www.ait.sk/support

Thanks. Martin

Hi ait!

first of all, very nice work! brilliant layouts you got here :)

3 questions before purchasing:

1. in the home 2, is it possible to modify the bottom section (the gray one with the “our references”, “recent links”, “archives”, etc.)? Can I have less items?? (this also applies to your other theme “corporate easy”)

2. Is it possible to include a plugin for newsletter? just a simple one, where people can subscribe to the newsletter if they want to..

3. I need two different versions of my webpage (danish and english) so I was wondering if it’s possible to have 2 nice flags in the top right corner to swap from one to another :)


ait Author

Hi, this template is html only, it’s not a worpdress template. That means you will have to do all the integration.

cjcollen Purchased

A really lovely looking template. I have purchased it for one of my web clients and they love it. Its easy to customise as well. I have disabled the sidebar functionality (i.e. changing it from dark to light, moving it to left or right) and made it visible on the inner site pages. The 2 types of jquery galleries are easy to customise and plug into to site pages as required.

It was easy also to plug in my own contact form with is associated validation client-side and server-side scripts , instead of using the ones that came with the template. Nice work, AIT :o))

ait Author

Thanks :)

Posted this in your forum but as I’m looking for a solution fairly quickly I’m duplicating it here

“We purchased this HTML template but I wondered if you have a Wordpress version or plan to create a Wordpress version. Failing that, do you provide a service to make it Wordpress ready ? We are finding that the site would be better managed in WP than HTML as with your other templates of which I have previously purchased (Corporate Easy).”

Thanks Dave

Accidental duplication

accidental duplication

eoin_ Purchased

Lovely theme, but I’m having problems with the slider on the “home 2” page in both Chrome and Safari running on OSX . Haven’t tried on Windows yet.

The slider doesn’t load properly half the time. The images aren’t visible and it looks like some elements are too far to the right. I can regularly reproduce this locally and on the preview site itself.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I can post a screenshot if needs be.

ait Author


Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: http://support.ait-themes.com

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