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Hey 7Studio,

this is the first Joomla Theme here, that is really hot. I think it will sell well. Good luck with it.



Hi MASSIX , Thank You for your kind words! ;)

beautiful design. stunning!

am wanting to purchase. however, just need to ask a probably quite ignorant question…

am completely unfamiliar with joomla… do you think it would be easy enough to modify layout for someone that has not worked with joomla files before i.e. change content positioning, number of columns or size of photo, text area, etc?

or, do you have a html version of this?



Hi mcmartin! I’m glad you like it :)

Changing things about which you ask is more than simple in Joomla. However, if you’re not familiar with Joomla, you will need some time to get used to the administration panel, and learn how the basic things work. Joomla is a very intuitive system, although at first glance may seem complicated. After buying, I can help you in understanding the basic stuff, and how it all works. Just let me know :) Best regards Tomek

FINALLY ! Joomla…Don’t leave, want to see more of you and your work. Hope you are here to stay.

Love the theme!


Glad you like it ! ;) Thank you ! I hope that I will stay here for a while ;)

If you really want to increase sales dramatically – make self hosted video part of this. Add a fat gallery, create a separate home page for self hosted video so people who – like me are sick to death of all these templates with ZERO real video support.

I would buy this in a heartbeat if it had self hosted video and true html5 video support.

Look at theme-dutch – there sales in two weeks are off the chart man. This is an exceptional piece of work… now take it to a whole new level and make this theme superior.

Many of us have stopped buying any WP, Joomla or any kind of templates simply because they really do not support real practical functionality. In today’s world, you have to have video. The world wide web is VIDEO .

Very nice indeed :D

Hello dude, congratulations for your template. I´m going to buy it but i want to know if you are developing a gallery for images and video. Please tell me, i´m very interested

@nenorio: There are plenty of extensions on the web for the images and video. You can easy implement them into the template.

drmedia1, Thank you for your comment and I will consider this in the future. One of extensions used in this template has the capability to display both the “self hosted video” as well as playing clips from external sites.

nenorio, I got your e-mail, please check your mailbox ;).


It’s great to finally see a sharp Joomla theme on here. I think it is a very underrated and under appreciated CMS . I’ll be sure to use this for my next Joomla project. Keep at it please!

This is awesome. Unfortunately I am totally unfamiliar with Joomla. Would buy in a heartbeat if it was WP. Will dig into Joomla tutorials to see if I can learn a bit.

Wordpress this…........... pleeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeee!


Hi guys, thank you for your kind words. Unfortunatly i’m not familiar with WP so i’m not planning to relase a WordPress version.

I wanted to buy the “BlackStudios Creative Joomla! 1.5 Templete”. Can I delete the “Designed by 7 Studio Powered by Gantry Frameoork” is written in the footer? All extesions – modoule of the templete, there are in the file?


Hi, You can delete or place your own copyrights information in footer. Extensions are included in quickstart package.

Best Regards Tomek

Congratulations, This is one of the best Joomla themes here. I think it will sell more if you release a Light version of it. Wish you a good luck :)

Do you have this for wordpress?? Would sell like crazy!


jcavin – Unfortunately, I don’t have, maybe in future :) taimurian – Thank You. :)

darrsum Purchased


I purchased today, looks fantastic – just having a problem with the gmaps API – I got a key, but it keeps saying that I need a new key – I also have entered the address and the longitude and latitude…

What could be the issue?


Hello darrsum, Thank You for buying my theme. About Google Maps API , such behavior may be caused by few things. In Google Map plugin please make sure that you paste API key in Google api key field – not in Google multi api key field. If that is ok, please generate api key once again and please make sure that you have copied whole code, maybe you had missed one sign from code ;). If this does not help, please contact me by using the form on my page on themeforest, and we will work this out.

Thank you


really beautifull design, exactly what i want for my community website. i want to buy it, but i have an ignorant question about the dark background. is it possible or easy to change the background of the template? i am not a professional webdesigner, i use already joomla for some of my website, but i didn’t make any change on the code source of my template.

thank you


Hello kepson! Thank you for your comment. If you would like to change background in template you will need to replace two background files in template folder. (In main file there is a separate psd file for background only). If you would like to, contact me after purchase and i can do it for You. Thank You. Tomek

Hello 7Studio, I purchased your template, it is a beautiful design.

I have two questions.

1- How can I change the language to Portuguese?, I already installed a translation from Joomla’s website and it didn’t change. also I couldn’t change the date info to Portuguese (day, month).

2- My hosting is goddady and for some reason the contact us form doesn’t work. Do you know how to fix it?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!


Hi silasoliveira! Thank You for buying my theme.

1. Your questions : 1. Please go to yourjoomla/language/en-GB/ and please find file called en-GB.tpl_blackstudios.ini Copy this file to your language folder in yourjoomla/language/pt-PT/ and please rename it to pt-PT.tpl_blackstudios.ini. After that please open file for edit and give your translations. If date on your site is not translated properly after language installation please go to: joomla admin panel: Extensions – Template Manager – BlackStudios - in features tab find DATE and change Client site date to off.

2. Are you getting any error message when you trying to sent email? If that is not a problem could you sent me a link to your site?

Thank You



Thanks for the help! I got it now. I also figure a way to translate the date, it was not that hard. Thanks again for this template. Works great for me.

mattoc Purchased

This is a really well designed template. It definitely shows that it was tailored to Joomla! and not just copy & pasted from an HTML base.

Fantastic, thorough documentation made the setup a breeze and it’s a pleasure to use and modify any design elements.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a flexible, complete and professional J! 1.5 template.

Thanks for your work Tomek, I’ll certainly be a repeat customer.

Regards, mattoc


Hi mattoc! Thank you for your kind words and i’m really glad that you like it :).

Best Regards!



I would like to inform that the White version of BlackStudios template has been added with update !

Please look in to styles menu item in template preview, or please go to item description to see preview of white version. For everyone who already bought my theme please re-download main files ;)

Thank You! :)


wow this is awesome joomla theme.. excellent job mate!


Thank You mabuc ;)