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hey, i already purchased the theme, doesnt work on mobile device, can you please help me?

hi! Please specify on which the mobile device does not work web site. thanks

Hi, I checked a couple of sites of the people using this template and noted that most of the sites take too long to load..kindly check – btw, the images used are not heavy in size.

Hi! It depends of your hosting provider speed. Thanks.


Picus Purchased


This is a reminder for a support-request I sent you about two weeks ago regarding the Black & White WP-theme. Could you get back to me as soon as possible please for I would like to launch the website I’m creating as soon as possible.

I normally e-mailed you via the FXOffice-page on themeforest.net. You can get back to me using my e-mailadres jonathan.kauffmann@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Jonathan Kauffmann

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.


Picus Purchased

Hi, I’m quite unsatisfied with your template and customer service. The template still has a lot of bugs that I want to fix but I still haven’t received any support although I have requested it three weeks ago.

Hi! Please send us a private message. We will try to help you. Thanks.

Hello, I need to know if this template is incomplete or me so I downloaded. or any manual or tutorial that explains how to just let the live preview that’s actually what I bought help please!!!

Hi! Please check documentation in the documentation folder. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Thanks.

Hello, I need to know if this template is incomplete or me so I downloaded. or any manual or tutorial that explains how to just let the live preview that’s actually what I bought help please!!!

hello, I can make photos of the home portfolio is in random order?

I would like to know how I can do to change the “home” in the address bar and put for example “start”

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks.

I’m looking at purchasing this theme. It looks amazing!

One question…has the functionality of the theme been tested completely on mobile platforms? I noticed that one of the commenters (about a year ago) had an issue on the mobile android platform (using the Samsung Galaxy S3).

I have one, so I pulled up the live demo last night and noticed that the mobile menu would close immediately after opening it. I would have to click on it 4 times to get it to stay open long enough to click on one of the menu options. Typically, the first click on the navigation menu would not take me anywhere. Rather, I would have to click on the navigation menu tab 3-4 times to get it to take me to the proper page (e.g. clicking on the portfolio tab, clients tab, etc.)

additionally, mobile functions are 100% perfect on emulators…it’s just the actual mobile devices having issues. Testing on iPad, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S3

hello fxoffice, im having problems with the contact form, its is not showing a confirmation message or any other sign when clicking submit so people keep clicking the button multiple times. it does eventually send an email this is the contact page url : http://www.agamim4u.co.il/#!/contacts it has been translated to hebrew “???” means send

Thank you for your help

Hi! Please check documentation carefully. FAQ-> How to create contact form in wordpress. Thanks.

That has been helpful, Thank you !

You’re welcome. Thanks.

Hi, Great template, congratulations! I have two questions? 1. Is there a way to remove description and slide bar at bottom? 2. What is the optimal backgound image size, not to crop it? Thank you in advance.

Hi! There is no this feature by default, but we will help you to make any changes in the theme. Backgroud size – 1920×800 for example. Thanks.

Hi, is there anybody? Could you help me please?

Hi! Please check your previous comment. Thanks.


nmavro Purchased

Hi. I have version 1.0 and the theme does not work well on mobile. How do I update to 1.1? I can’t do it directly through WordPress.

Hi! You need to download giveahand theme from ‘downloads’ section in your themeforest account. Thanks.


nmavro Purchased

Hello. Thank you. Big fan of the theme and have nearly everything all worked out the way I’d like. Two questions:

1. Image title and description are not appearing when I view an image in the prettyphoto lightbox. Where exactly does the data have to go for that to work? Tried media, portfolio and no luck.

2. I’m trying to change the speed of the navigation menu hover and am unable to find exactly where that is controlled. Any support there is most helpful!

Hi! 1. Current theme doesn’t support lightbox title and description. 2. You need to edit black&white_wordpress_theme/js/main.js file. Please send us a private message we will try to help you. Thanks!


LampMP Purchased


I have purchased this theme, I have a small doubt in this how can share you

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks.


LampMP Purchased

I have two doubts in this

1) i am in portfolio page, but here active color its showing in gallery page, i am attaching file http://wrapcut.in/site/menu.jpg where can i change

2) we want portfolio like : text and portfolio http://cortacabeza.ajapublicidad.es/#!/out-of-the-salon

Hi! It is a portfolio page. Please check docs: how to setup portfolio page. Thanks!


LampMP Purchased

HI, There is no options, Please let me know, We want look like http://wrapcut.in/images/screen3.jpg

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will show you an example. Thanks!


axysweb Purchased

NIce template is there a way to show partfolio category description on portfolio template page ? Thanks.

Hi! Current theme version doesn’t support this feature. Thanks.

HI, I have a problem with this theme.

Various plugins not load javascript files with this theme. On other themes, the same plugins works nicely.

The plugin is https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-gallery/ Theme/Wordpress load css but anything of javascript.

Please help me.

Thanks. Best Regards.

Hi! Current theme works using dynamic content loading. Thats why plugins doesn’t work. Please use included gallery. Thanks!

Hi, i have purchased this theme. I have three question.

1) if I see the code of the page I see the entered text on the page. It is not harmful for SEO?

2) how can I remove !# from URL

3) how can I remove the scroll down and up for the page ?

Thanks for your support


Hi! Current theme used dynamic content load. So for search engines it looks like a single page. Also you can’t remove ’!#’ from url. It is important thing. Thanks.

Hi, i have another question. I have installed WMPL for translate the website but i have some problems.

The theme is compatibile with WPML ? In the theme description is indicated the multilingual compatibility

Best Regards


Hi! Yes there is an issue with WPML plugin, but you can use poedit – please check http://poedit.net/ Thanks.

Has there been any updates to this theme since 1.0?

HI! Sorry currently no updates available. Thanks.