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Very polished work – Kudos!

Some nice design you made here!

Beautiful Work :)

looks great!

Yes, it does looks awesome :)

Great work!

But be careful, video in the homepage is over de dropdown menu.

I miss some Breadcums trails to…


Eagle eye!

But at first I do not understand what you talking about, because drop-down is works perfectly. But then I test the index with video slider on Ipad and, yes, here a little problem. We will try to solve this problem very soon.

But really I can’t find a problem with breadcums, can you, please, tell us what exactly you mean?

ummmmmmm…. WHOOOAAAAHHH !!!!

This is the best template I have seen on themeforest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks for your interest! We think the wp theme will be released very soon (We’re working on it) stay tuned by follow us on envato and twitter

Sorry, the breadcumbs trails are ok! (Just is a problem with my english, I speak very bad).

Iam looking for a very friendly SEO template.

Tanx a lot!

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How do I change cufon – I don’t see it in the help file…

There are 6 available with this theme?


Yes there are 6 cufon fonts. You just need to replace the font name in the “head” area ( current MyriadPro_All.font.js) to the name of the chosen font. All fonts in the “js” folder. Font files looks like FONTNAME .font.js

Hi, in your previous comment you said that you have myriad font in your theme, so you have multiuser font license?


Hello, doosy!

We don’t redistribute this font.

Everytime you install photoshop Myriad Pro will be installed in your system

Thanks to all for a good words! We are very glad you like our product :)

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Hey cmsmasters:

I first started working on this template in Dreamweaver CS5 everything worked perfect in IE8 , like to preview it in Accordion Mode.

Now, today i went back in to preview in IE8 and even on my server online and IE8 gives me errors on the IE8 status bar?

However it works fine in Chrome and Firefox as is.

I did find a fix for this in the jquery kwicks js file though…

I had to change:

container = $(this);


var container = $(this);

and now it works perfect.

P.S. I absolutely love the template, just thought I would share with everyone if they have the same issue.

Cheers, Mike


Thanks, Mike!

We are very grateful to you for this sharing and will update files in ver. 1.01.

We are very glad that among our customers we have high-level developers such as you ;)

hi cmsMasters,

possible is add a black color scheme? Can you do it? I do not like white skins…



Well, maybe sometimes )


Why not? :) what’s the problem? :))

:) Because it needs huge restyling. You can email us about customization or wait for possible update

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Hi, great template!

Quick question please, would appreciate a quick response if possible please. Is there a way I can just stick to one color? rather that having the option at the top of the template to switch color? I want to remove that option and just have my prefared color option.

Second question, the video accordion, is there a way of delaying it? so If there is a video there and the user clicks play, it should play the video fully?

Many thanks for your prompt response.


Please, contact us via email

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I think I found a bug in your setup, You haven’t run into it yet because it does not show on demo page.

If the last menu item has children then it only whows till the design so the rest of it is broken of, it does not overlap the centered design.

Can you fix this

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ok fixed the issue

in style.csss

container {

width:980px; padding:0 8px; margin:0 auto; position:relative; overflow:hidden;


remove overflow:hidden;


Wow, fantastic, nokiko Thank you!

I’m having trouble even loading the live preview…it gets stuck loading the first sllider image? Is it a video? Can’t navigate…

But first impressions..WOW! :)


Some tech problems with server, trying to solve right now


Ok, it’s fixed

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awesome theme you build here, how come its this cheap on themeforest? should be atleast 22 dollars ;)

i have another fix for the navigation… when you use videoslider dropdowns are behind the video (z-dindex: 9999; will fix this in css)

also accordion slider doesnt seem to work in IE8 for me… works fine in chrome, firefox and opera!


Thanks for good words and advice! Good Job!

About accordion, we already fix it in our demo. And we will include this fix in update (as your advice for navigation ;))

You need to do this:

in jquery.kwicks-1.5.1.js


container = $(this);


var container = $(this);


in the psd there is a login box, is that coded in the template anywhere? i cant seem to find it – thanks for the great template!


Thanks, greendesigner!

Login box is only in psd like bonus, if you want to use it. Maybe in update we will code it.

Thanks again!