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When you will make new styles? for years its always same,can you make some changes,new design etc…


Helen_Smith Author Team

Hello, bronzemoontr

Thanks for using our theme!

Currently, we are not planning to prepare smth new, but we will think over that. Thanks



olaskoe Purchased

Dear Support Team, I purchased this theme a few months ago. I am happy with it so far. Wanted to ask if someone could help me by showing me how to set the background images to repeat on both x & y axis. I am trying to use pattern3.png. But haven’t been able to. Please help thanks

Hi, olaskoe

By default background image is repeated on both x and y axis, so you don’t have to set anything. You can unset repeating option in System/Configuration/Theme Options/Background Options/Background-repeat (just set this option to “Select” value).



Once again asking in regards to the supposed promised update for Magento

Will this actually be forthcoming as it doesn’t appear you have anything in regards to it in the pipeline. Considering how popular this theme is it seems to be lacking the customer service aspect of it also I get the impression that this is as far as you guys will be taking this theme and have no intention of actually updating it to the latest version.

When i initially purchased the theme I was advised that the Merge CSS and JS function would be implemented in a future update 2 or so years on and still no merge compatibility!

Can we please get an honest answer as opposed to getting the same response of it’s on our list to do, an honest answer is appreciated as opposed to stringing us along.

Thank You