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Some time ago I purchased the Wordpress version of the Blandes template. The site looks great, but only on the computer.

When I try to access it on a mobile device, the sidebars (“widgets”) either overlap the content in the body, or are pushed to the bottom of the page. This is not an ideal situation, as we have our email form in our sidebar, which is how we communicate with our customers.

Is there a solution to this problem? I was under the impression that this template worked with mobile devices, however this current situation does not work for us.


Any response on this? Is the new version of the Blandes template actually better on mobile devices?

Hi, I’m having problems with the contact form. I’ve changed the email address to my own in the php but i get the standard error : An Error Occured While Sending your Message. I have re- named the contact to contact_us.html should that matter? If not please help!!



I try to configure the contact form but it doesn\’t work (theme = Blandes in html5)

I just paste your entires files as a test and all I did is changing my mail adress in php/contact-form.php

in line 15 :

// Your email address $to = \’here’;

My site is hosted in france in a big company called OVH.

Please, can you help me ?


The form doesn’t work, the message is not send

Hi, I’m not able to make the body text Bold. When I try (with the command < / b > or < / strong > ) nothing happen. Can you help me please? Cheers

Hello, I want to buy this theme and I want to know that is possible to have a multilingual page whit this theme? Is compatible whit WMPL?


Hello, I can’t install my theme. When I try wp tell me that the theme don’t have css file.


Lightbox next and previous arrow is missing. how to enable it ?

thnx mohamed

This looks awesome.;

Im trying to use the theme but two plugins doesnt work. Brad shortcodes and Revolution slider. Its say the I cant install it because Plugin Does Not Have a Valid Header.

I´m using wordpress 3.9.1

What can I do?

This is not installing correctly to wordpress. I get the same error as ana_viera (missing style.css).

Your page description and the content on the homepage both state this is a wordpress theme. Is that not the case?

If it is, can you please provide some install instructions, and if it isn’t will you have one ready very soon? Need to know ASAP. Thanks

It is not a wordpress theme , it is just a html template , you should be aware of that

it seems this was at some point a wordpress template..are there plans to do this again? if so, how soon?

Your templates are great but your customer support is VERY POOR. I have requested support on the blandes wordpress template for over one day without any repsonse to my issue. I’m just fed up with the beautiful template!

Amazing template… While I am still familiarising myself with the numerous options of customisation, i was wondering if there is some way of taking users to the project page when they click on the thumbnail. RIght now if I keep the option to display the image in a lightbox off it does nothing on click. Anyway to add that simple functionality ?

(just noticed that I am not being recognised as a purchaser inspite of having purchased this theme.. why?)

i am waiting for the fixed files for the page builder for WP 4 – tried to contact you two times and didn’t get an answer yet. can you please send me the files, it’s urgent (security of WP with old versions is not very high)

I am also waiting for the updates for BLANDES template version for Wordpress 4.0. The site is not functioning well

Can no longer use page builder. Does this template no longer provide support?

Did anyone ever get the files for the wp4 update for the wordpress-version bradweb promised? Contacted them a couple of times and still no response. Can someone please put the files on a google drive or anything?

Buyer beware! There is no customer support available for this theme. The developer does not reply to support requests posted on their support site.

Can anyone help with the code for the map on the Contact page? I’m having trouble getting it to change to my location. Ty!

Tinymce editor is not showing in Brad page builder, Text Block editor. Any idea? Thx

Hello bradweb, i bought the wordpress version of this theme years ago. I dont see it anymore on themeforest. Do you have updates for it?