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Nice template !
Cingrats mate :)

Thank you very much …

Hey bro, I think in recent work have a bug ?

Which Browser You are Using , I think it Works Fine for all Modern Browser and Devices.

Hello friend. Good work but i think your work have some bug. (Ex: Portfolio on Homepage).

Congrats and good luck to you friend! :D

We will fix that , Thanks

great work, good luck :)

Thanks 4smart..

Recent Work (Full Width Portfolios) Bug has been Fixed.

Awesome work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you..

Wordpress plans? It doesn’t need it of course but helpful if I have a blog.

Wordpress Development is in progress

Hi. Nice work! Can you give me any info about how to implement the search box to look for text inside the site?. Thank you!

You can use the Google ’s Custom search engine. find more about CSE :

We are creating full documentation in next update how to use it with blandes.

Vote for Wordpress or Drupal. Really clean and fast loading!

Thanks , Wordpress Development is in progress and will be ready in between 3-4 weeks.

Very nice theme! :)

Thank you very much , Codeex…

HI, DO YOU heave any PSD files (sites)? on this template?

Actually , Blandes is created with very rough version of PSD. We have included the PSD files Yet ,But We will include PSD files as they will be ready for professional work. Thanks..

Safari Browser font rendering bug has been fixed . Now Blandes looks more crisp and sharp on safari.

Please Do’t Forget to Rate Us After Purchase to make Blandes even more better.

Nice job…only thing missing is a lightbox.

Ok , We will add it in next update .

Really nice! Lightbox is missing indeed.

We will at it soon…

Sorry , We will add it soon

what font did you use for the blandes logo?

We have used brandon grotesque font for logo

Really nice theme! good job!

Where can i show all icon? or if i wanna ad other icon?


You can use the prettyphoto to add lightbox effect of photo. Or , You can Wait for next update with lightbox included.

pretty photo it’s default trick on photo? or can i change it in lightbox?? and another Q, how can i modify Rev slider? thx :)

We have fixed this issue in latest update.


Great looking theme. I’m leaning heavily toward purchasing but had one question. Is there an option for a third level in the main drop-down navigation?

Do you have the documentation available – just to make sure all the features that I need are there – before purchase?

The documentation isn’t a deal-breaker—the 3rd level navigation is much more important.

Thanks, Paul

  1. Yes , This template supports upto third level drop down navigation.
  2. Documentations are included with main File

Check the shortcode page in the demo to find more features of blandes.

Hello, do you heave PSD files (all sites)? on this template?

No ? we do’t have any psd files for this template yet

This is a beautiful template…..problem is I am not able to edit the slider images and text on the header of home page. I am not a coder or programmer so I really need a fast tutorial on this. Can someone help me please?

Sliders are created with revolution slider , To know more about rev slider refer to rev slider documentation included with main files.