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Why was the WordPress version removed from the market? We’ve purchased it on Friday (3 days a go). Does it mean you will not provide a support if for it? What happened? I don’t think that’s the way to threat your customers!

Blandes is now live on themeforest

Hi, sorry to bother you, I’m a beginner, but is this theme international compatible with xili-language? I need a Spanish and English site so looking at installing the right plugin. thanks!

Do you have a link where I could download (or purchase) the ipad_hand.png image you guys used in the demo site? Really like that one.

Thanks, Felix

Hi Brad, nice work. Is there a way to make this boxed ? Also, the themepanel.js, how do I activate this?

I am getting this error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/vino/public_html/wp-content/themes/Blandes/framework/options/fields/radio_img/field_radio_img.php on line 1”

when trying to access any item in the Blandes menu. Please help, I cannot do anything with the site settings now.

This is a common error while upload theme via FTP , please try to upload the theme via regular upload

Hi Brad, nice job with this template but have you modified this 3 months ago issue :

1. You are using a second menu for the mobile menu instead of just using media queries which is bad for page semantics and seo imo

I think it is really important not to have to html menu section for semantic.

Thank for all you have done so far, but go beyond please.

Hi, where can I browse what the icon options look like?

I see them listed on icons.css but reading the names doesn’t tell me enough what will be.

How can I direct the contact.html information to my email????

WE extremely sorry for that … You need to edit php/contact_form.php

I know, and i did it. why u close all my ticket? The support it’s very bad….. bah

And why u don’t watch the site, u can understand what is the problem…

Hi, I just bought the Blandes HTML template. Could you guide me on changing the location in the custom embedded google maps (contact page).

I need to have it on my business address instead of the default location that came with the template. I also want the color scheme of the map to be a green instead of the blue. Could you guide me or give me the edited files? Thanks!

Hello everyone… I’m a beginner too. I need to know how customize with the recent posts and tweets.


Nice theme.

I would like to make changes/overrides to the CSS. Which css file would you recommend I place the changes in or would you suggest creating a new one where overrides can be placed.

Hi, what happened to the WP theme? I just wanted to buy?

I am trying to install your theme but get this message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”. Can you help?

Thank you.

What we wanted to purchase is for wordpress which as described in this link Please let us know how to install our purchases on wordpress? URGENT!

Hi! I can’t install this theme on WP, it says the stylesheet is missing. Please help.

Where has the Blandes Wordpress Theme gone? Are you no longer offering support for it? I have it installed and the BradWeb Builder is no longer working. Please advise on updates and support.

Email us using contact form on our profile page , we wwill provide you the fixed files

Will do. Many thanks!

Where I can get support for Blandes Theme? I purchased it some months ago and now I have a problem…

The link only accepts tickets for another theme!

Please restore support for Blandes!!! Thank you

The template show an error in layout about the footer section. As you can see in the image linked below.

Happens on: mobile phone in landscape mode

can you kindly show me a solution so i can fix it? thank so much, my best

After 8 days no answer??

The visual editor stop working in BLANDES theme after i upgrade to WP Version 3.9.1

Hello, i bought your blandes wordpress theme but noticed its no longer on themeforest. Does it mean you no longer offer support for your theme or is it dead?