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wow awesome template!

What is the name of the font you are using (i.e. for the ‘Get Inspired’) heading? Great work.

WOW ! Awesome! Bookmarked for later purchase…

Thanks everyone for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

@glennbroadway: the font used for the headings/buttons is NeoSans.

This looks like a great teamplate. But I must confess I do not understand how to apply a template to GMAIL (in my case). I Have searched a lot for GMAIL templates and find no info on how to apply something like this. I just want to be certain it can be used as it shows in GMAIL . How difficult to setup in GMAIL ?

If there is already an article that explains this; please point me to it.



Hi cwrigley, I’ve did some searching and I’ve found a way of sending the newsletter from GMail. It’s not really what I would call a “recommended solution” but it’s seems to work quite well, considering the fact you’re using GMail to send HTML code. Please drop me a line via the contact form on my profile page and I’ll send the info you need and a sample, so you can check for yourself (just so you don’t waste your money on something you can’t use) :)

Thank you. Just sent you an email… Looking fwd to your information.

nice work ;)


thx chrismccoy :)

audev14 Purchased

This is one of the BEST templates here! i have bought a dozen or more templates and NONE of them render correctly in all clients as specified. However this one works great as specified, i have tested in in all clients that my organization uses and the email renders perfectly! Event in Gmail



Thank you for your kind words kharkovyy. I’ve really put a lot of work in this template, glad my hard work is appreciated. Thx again.

This is the coolest template on here, and matches well with my website. I’m about to buy it but had several beginner questions, since this is my first time to use an email template.

How do I make this work for an email client such as constant contact or icontact?

Also, how do I manipulate the text so that I can add images, change text, etc. Is there an editor or do I do everything inside the CSS code?



Hello GregAllbright, thank you for your kind words.

You’ll need some basic: HTML /CSS and Photoshop skills. You’ll need a basic HTML editor – both iContact and Constant Contact offer an online editor for this. They both offers some greate online support: http://constantcontact.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/constantcontact.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1357 and http://www.icontact.com/support/email-marketing-tips.

If you have more questions let me know.


Thank you.

exfakto Purchased

Hi webtunes, Just purchased your cool Email Template, but the fonts are missing. Can you please email them to me?




Hello exfakto.

Non of the items include the actual fonts. You can find NeoSans here: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/neo-sans/ Or if you prefer a FREE font you could always download one from http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ or http://www.dafont.com/

Are there campaign monitor ready versions available upon purchase?


Hello cmcnabb, The newsletter is not CampaignMonitor ready. However this is not hard to do, here are some resource http://www.campaignmonitor.com/create-templates/

Can I use this with Feedburner? It’s a Google app for collecting email address but I don’t like the way the email looks and I would love to buy your newsletter template if there was a way to get it to work.


Hello emmonawire, I don’t think you can customize the email notices that get sent out from your Feedburner account. You can find more info here: http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/

Bravo, chiar imi place mult si se vede ca s-a muncit la el.


Merci Vladh :)

Hello, I really like this template, but I use Mailchimp. Do you think it can be used in Mailchimp? I would like to keep the functionality of the links at the top.


Hi emarc, This email template can be used on a large number of clients/online solutions (MailChimp as well). It might require some small adjustments. If you are interested in MailChimp check out their Help section here: http://www.mailchimp.com/support/videos/

hello, very nice template…

does it work with the GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo site…

I have try to send me an email for testing, with apple mail, no problem but with gmail and others, the layout goes out ?

sorry for my english


hello mediapress, the email template (with the inline CSS ) works in all major online email services, this includes: Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

ok, thanks for your answers, I have try it but I didn’t have all the file (and CSS ) that why I supposed it didn’t function… if it function with Gmail, yahoo, hotmail mail and outlook, for me is OK…

your template is very good for the emailing, I will buy it next week… (I ‘m changing computer that why I can’t buy it today…)

best regards

ctaminez Purchased

Looks nice but the coding leaves much to be desired. Tried to install into mailchimp and it was an absolute nightmare. Every line repeats the html declarations. I am not sure what you were using to expand this but this is not necessary anymore. You should include a clean version for some of those that intend to use constant contact, mailchimp or campaign monitor. We use all three and this design is nice but practically UNUSABLE . When you fix it please drop me a line so that I can download it again. :sick::sick::sick:

Hello ctaminez, I’m sorry you feel that way. The code level is standard email coding, plus a few hacks for different email clients to ensure the newsletter displays the same in different email clients.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “html declarations”, please be more precise.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you would keep out-of-place remarks from your comments. I’m here to help, and I do offer support, but I don’t approve someone trashing my products.

Thanks for your understanding :) Looking foreword to hearing from you.

I don’t feel he is trashing your products;however, if this doesn’t work easily with Mailchimp that is good to know. I wanted to buy it for use with MC but if it’s unusable for MC then this is worthy information for customers to know.

It’s a great theme but I’d buy it if it came with a MC version.


I never stated the template is MailChimp / Campaign Monitor / Constant Contacts Ready. The templates needs to be adapted a bit.

I’ve put a lot of work in this email template so it would display the same no matter what email client or online email service it is viewed in, and I think I managed to do that pretty well :)