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dean888 Purchased

Can someone get in touch with me about installation. Not the most computer literate person and I really am a bit lost. Thanks!


Hello dean888,

Please use the contact form from our profile page ( http://themeforest.net/user/webtunes ). And we’ll get in touch with you.

Kind Regards,


dtraver Purchased

I just purchased this template, but have an issue. The template looks beautiful, but there is way I can see to change the graphics. They are image files with no way to generate new text or pictures on their nice background designs. Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this? I purchased this template because I’m NOT a graphic artis and do not have image tools to do this. Please let me know. Thanks!


You don’t need to be a graphic artist dtraver :) but you’ll still need a graphic editing tool to modify the images. The .PSD Source files are included in the pack, the layers are properly named so you’ll know where everything is.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Nice email!

Would this woirk well in Aweber? does anyone know?

Thanks & great job webtunes


It should work fine, as the HTML code is standard and cross platform compatible.

You might need to adapt it a bit. You can find more about this here: http://www.aweber.com/faq/questions/223/Can+I+Create+Custom+Templates%3F


Do you have the .PDF files sliced? This way it will be much easy to save all the graphics at once…. and preserve the inlinned html code.

Thanks in advance, António

I just noticed that his PSD files are not sliced to match the output of the html. Can you please add the slices to your PSD ?

Hey guys,

I didn’t use the slicing option in Photoshop when I coded the newsletter, however as I did get some requests, I will make an amend to the item in the following days, and included the sliced PSD files.

Thanks for your feedback :)


I am using template:

0103-Layout-01 Inline.

The top section is the image holder cut into the divider lines on both top and bottom?

In the template it has about .5 inch buffer on top and bottom of the image but that is actually part of the image so when you replace with an image you want to use for your newsletter it deletes the divider lines.

Does that sound accurate?

Hello I have just purchased it and I see that the slices are not in the PSD . Please let me know how I can get the sliced version. Thank you.

Hi WEBtunes…

Nice Design (’’,)

I’ve been watching the “discussions” for a few days (with the intention to purchase!) So, unless something better comes along over the weekend – I will be adding some $’s to your “piggy-bank” when I see that you have updated the source-files to include the .psd’s. (That should spur you on – eh..?)

Cheers Guys…


I purchased this template to use for a client’s major email newsletter. It looked great going out, however, a lot of the receivers did not get it the way I sent it. This was totally embarrassing to me. I will not be using this template again.

Hey guys, It’s been a busy week for me, but I’ll try to update the PSD file to have the slices this week-end, it might take a while as my file needs to be reviewed again.

So if any of you want them faster just send me email from my profile page and I’ll send them along.

@bostonknucklehead: Please drop me a line, as i don’t fully understand your issue.

@iEntrepreneur: the PSD source files are included, but they have no slices – will update

@perkiekat: I’m sorry to hear that. The email should be pretty much bulletproof. What solution did you use to send out the emails?

lblock8 Purchased

I really like the template, but I’m having issues with when I send it to co-workers to test itthat on the top holder-top.gif and the bottom holder-bottom.gif that there is about a 5-10 pixel square that is the dark blue background. It is distracting from the template. Also it is adding about a 10-20 right padding in between the images and the right border. Any ideas on how to eliminate these problems would be great!

lblock8 Purchased

Actually I think I figured out my problem. I really love this template and would suggest it to anyone. I think it’s easy to use and I love the layout. It’s worked with Constant Contact, iContact and Mail Chimp for anyone looking at buying this product.


Thanks… I’ll keep an eye out… ;)

Hey guys, I’ve updated the .PSD source files – they now include the slices.

Cheers :)

Thanks WEBtunes

Your a man of your word, and I am too..!! :-)



Thx Gazza ;)

any issues with this and the major email clients? gmail msn yahoo and outlook?

^ Same question. I need to know (before purchasing) if this works fine with Gmail and Yahoo.

Is there a function here somewhere that you can send my Gmail/Yahoo a sample newsletter with the BlauMail layout? Just so I can see myself that it works?

Thank you for your time.

Hey there Great template. Really nice clean design.

A couple of quick questions…

1. What makes the mobile version “mobile”? when clicking on the preview it does nothing. I like the “idea” of having a mobile optimized version but I would like to know what your button does.

2. I don’t know if you have any experience with MailChimp or other HTML email services but what I am wondering is if it would be possible to bring in your template once set up for my needs and then use their online WYSIWYG editor to swap out images, text for future mailings of the newsletter?

I look forward to your response… thanks

Does this email template work well with Constant Contact? Are there any issues that I need to be aware of before purchasing if I plan to use the Constant Contact platform as my company policy dictates that I must?