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ptanham Purchased

Wow, a fantastic looking theme but I’m incredibly disappointed.

It’s described as a “HTML & CSS ” theme, but really it’s just a load of images. This makes it incredibly labor intensive to modify and create dozens of new image each time you want to send an email.

Less than 50% of the text is actually editable (css styled) texts, it’s just images.


Hello ptanham, I’m sorry you feel that way :) Making a solid newsletter isn’t always easy. Working with email clients and online email platform has it’s down sides, as there are a lot of restrictions and limitations. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean your newsletter can’t be super cool, it just means you’ll have to put a little extra effort into it :)



johnfox Purchased

Not sure I understand why your inline code references classes that are only defined in style.css (which wouldn’t be included with an inline html email).

Could you pls explain?


Hello johnfox,

The online solution I used to convert the CSS to inline CSS does not remove the classes, this shouldn’t be an issue :)

Will you continue to host all of the images for the foreseeable future from the template files?

Since there are so many small images in one file, it would save me quite a bit of time if I didn’t have to upload and relink every single one. My HTML skills are very limited, so maybe there is something I am missing. Thanks


Interested in this product. Ignorant question. Is it easy to embed video into this template? thats it. Thanks.



There’s no way of embed videos in email templates, but you can also create a banner with a link to the video :)

FYI , the Red 0203 Inline (0203-BlauMail-Layout-03-inline.html) isn’t inline… Of course that’s the one I bought this for too. Oh well, figured I would pass it on – cheers.


Thank you for the feedback bensayers, I’m really sorry for the whole thing. I’ll make sure to fix it in the next update. Thx again for letting me know ;)


Does the template work and is it compatible with Mail Chimp please?



BlauMail is not MailChimp-Ready, but it makes up by being a very solid email template. It displays correctly on a large number of email clients. If you need some resources you can always check out http://mailchimp.com/resources/.

Take care,


hi webtunes,

i am new to newsletters, and i want to use campaignmonitor for sending my newsletters. i wonder if this template works in campaignmonitor. If not, can you guide me how to make it work if i buy a template from you?

best, alen


Hi Alen,

BlauMail is not CampaignMonitor-Ready. If you need help making the template CampaignMonitor-Ready take a look over their Resource Page here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/

Best of luck,


Thank you for prompt answer Ionut,

So by making some changes to the code, it is possible to make the tamplate CM-Ready, right? I will try to do so, but just in case if I strugle with this, can you advise or help me to make it CM-Ready.

Best, Alen

Hi webtunes

Great Jobs!!!

Really nice design.

Just one question, when i test to sent to Hotmail, it can’t show correctly, lots of bg color is missing

could you guide me how to sent to Hotmail with great effect as same as gmail?

best regards



The newsletter displays fine in Hotmail, so please recheck the code you’re sending out to make sure there aren’t any errors.


salute Purchased

I just wanted to export the PSD Slices with the export-for-the-web Option but I found the Slices are not correctly preconfigurated for the export: 303 => main_image-screenshot => is set as .GIF file, but the HTML file is using .JPG Picture.

Its not only this picture, its mostrly all, so when doing the Slices export the HTML File is mostly broken.

Have you fixed this with a new Version allready?



When exporting the slices, you’ll need to export just the images. There are different images type so preselect your slices accordingly.

Don’t use the HTML files generate by Adobe Photoshop. The item includes highly coded, and highly test HTML files – these files are cross-platform compatible. Please read the documentation.

Regards Ionut

This isn’t really an email template, it is just a design that you can turn into your own email template.

If you are looking for a template to just plug in your new images and text, this is not the one you want. This requires a LOT of extra work every time you want to use it. You basically have to re-do the entire file to recreate something you can use.

You CANNOT just use this out of the box. If you are not a designer/coder yourself, you will have a very hard time using this file.

It is a very good design, to be sure…but is very far from being an email template. It is more like a picture of an email template.

It is possible I am not reading the directions correctly, but they aren’t very complete either. I am fairly experienced with this sort of thing and can’t figure it out.


Thank you so much for your feedback PrevalentMarketing :)

The file does require some tweaking, but only if you are making major changes. I’m not sure why you had to re-do the entire thing. Other then making the file ready for MailChimp or other similar service, I’m really not sure what the file is missing.

I had my share of customers that said the file works just fine, I also had customers that tried to send out the HTML that Photoshop generates when exporting the slices… which is wrong. If you could give me a more detailed description on how you are trying to edit the template, maybe I could be of assistance.




Well, your design looks great. The problem is when I want to make changes. Of course, I do not want to use your images, so I go into Photoshop to change them. Almost the whole template is images.

It would be much more user friendly if the code said “put image here” and it is as simple uploading your images.

Of course, I need to tweak the template a little to meet my needs and that ruins the whole thing. I have to come up with all the code again, which I simply cannot do.

You could have made it much easier for us non-coders by breaking things up into modules. Don’t want that box on the right? Just delete this code. Maybe a Photoshop action script so when we find the image we want to use, we just select the file and the image is processed.

As it stands, I don’t have a blank template I can just plug my new text and images into. It takes me SEVERAL hours to create each mail I want to send.

You worked hard it is clear. You did a great job with design. But the ease of use is very, very bad. People use templates because they aren’t good at doing this stuff on their own.

If I am using this template incorrectly, please make your instructions more clear as they really don’t explain anything.

I didn’t want to just come on here and bitch, I feel I at least owed you my reasons for complaining.

This template is horrible.

You have useless font styles even for images, and this will not display correctly seeing that there are mostly images, and those will get denied for an incoming email if it is not in the user’s address book.

Also, the code isn’t adequately commented.

The code is also bloated. You could have said a lot more with much less code.

I am really sorry to bitch … but this is after many hours of editing your code for something that needs to go out tomorrow morning.

Really pissed.

But I do wish you a pleasant day.


I have made purchase of this wonderful theme. Thank you so much for making it available.

It will be well used for email marketing. However, I am pretty sure i purchased it earlier – but it was not included in my account. Can you please check your records for Webowner001?

Many thanks, Karen

johntan Purchased

I have issue loading it in aweber, it does not appear right in gmail. Seem like the css file is not activated


Hi Johnatan,

Please refer to the documentation, as you don’t need to load any css files – you have to use the version with the CSS inline.



I am having an issue with one of the “inline” versions of the template. It looks like standard AND inline version of these files are identical, meaning there is no inline version for this template.



It look slike these files are identical. Am I correct about this and, if so, can you please provide an inline version as advertised?? Again, if I missed something here, please excuse my ignorance, but I can’t see any difference in the two files. Neither are inline formatted.



Hey stokesonline, I meant to update that… Can you please drop me a line via the form on my porfile page and I’ll send the file.

Thank you for your patience,

Ionut Oroian

djdeluxe Purchased

Hello- I’m having 2 problems with the template. Where do I link the unsubscribe button to go in order for it to work with my email marketing program. Also having an issue with some images and the background not showing up properly when I try to email it. Please help. Trying to launch a site asap.


geetech1 Purchased

Honestly, this is the worst purchase I have made on themeforest.

I edited your email template, converted the css with the website you suggested to make the css inline, i even hosted all the images on my sever, and sent the email out using Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Aol.

The email did not show up in any of these email clients. Everything was totally wrong.

I even sent your version of the email template to these email clients and it had the same problem.

Very, Very, Very Disappointed.

What a waste of $14….. :crying:

Ca you tell me more about the “inline” version relating to css. I had a friend that bought this template last year but was unable to get it to work on her Email service provider site. I saw her template re-design on Dreamweaver and in a Firefox browser and it looked absolutely perfect but when she uploaded it to her ESP (Constant Contact) and sent it out, everything got jumbled up and just looked like a mess.

She and I are both photographers and no a little about HTML but not that much so maybe there’s something you need to do with the CSS file that we dont understand, or maybe this “inline” version incorporates what is in the CSS file and puts it into the HTML ???

Fact is I would really like to use this template, but only if I know how to deal with this issue which I see echoed throughout the comments listed here.

Please let me know…I am very anxious to use this template! Thanks

Hello, I really enjoyed the template! It is exactly what I wanted … It turns out that I read the comments on the CSS errors, and how not to dominate CSS ’s the question. You can edit without knowledge? I will only change the texts and images. Another question, I’m using a wordpress plugin that sends newsletters direct admin panel, you know say if you can use your template with the plugin. The plugin is this: http://www.eventualo.net/blog/wp-alo-easymail-newsletter/

You said it worked in all major email clients. No way around Outlook 2010 then… but in Outlook 2010 it doesn’t support the widths that you’ve got set—so it stretches the main column wider than it should leaving a huge gap in the email when viewing in Outlook 2010.

Is there a way to fix this without going through all of the HTML to get it working?

Big pain that it doesn’t render well in Outlook (2007 or 2010) esp. given that’s 35% of the email client market currently— AND the fact that you said it had been tested in all the major browsers.


Please check your code — Email was tasted both on Outlook 2007 and 2010, performed well in both cases.