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Hi Team,

I would like to buy this template. There is a question. Could you kindly advise how I could put this template into my Gmail? Just copy the html files and photos to the email body? Do you have any manual to show how I can do it? Thank you very much.

Regards, Francis

Hey Francis,

Gmail doesn’t have this feature. The closest you’ll ever get to some like this is to view the newsletter in your browser > select all > copy > paste into Gmail.

This is not good practice, but it might be enough for what you need.


Great work on this template!

I’d like to know if this template is compatible with Constant Contact.

Hey jeligio,

This item is not ‘Constant Contact’-ready. This meas you’ll have to make the changes directly to the HTML files, then send the code via Constant Contact.

Are these email templates mobile responsive? Do they alter and view correctly when viewing the email on a mobile device?

Hello missjenelledc, No, the’re not mobile responsive.

Where do I get the font that is included with these newsletters??

You can purchase the NeoSans font over at http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/neo-sans/


I agree with one of the comments that this template it too graphic heavy… I bought it because I thought the look is great, but it would be so much work to update this newsletter. Even the date is a jpg… Could be better.


I have a client who has a new business and would like a template for mailchimp based on one of your template designs.

Can you contact me if you can provide this service and if yes, what your charges are?

He would need a template similar to one in your portfolio, with some mailchimp tags included which would allow him to add, hide or repeat rows or columns in the template while he is in mailchimp.

Please get back to me asap, mcmood @ ymail dot com

Thanks and regards Mac

Hello Mac,

I’m afraid at this time, I have previous commitments. If time is of the essence you can try http://studio.envato.com – surely you’ll find someone capable for this task.

Best o luck,


Will your email templates work with Freshmail.com?

I haven’t tested BlauMail on this specific platform. However I’ve used standard cross-client techniques, which should ensure a good display.


Prepurchase question:

Is it MyMail compatible? Can I upload it to mymail and edit it?

Hello manojvasagar,

BlauMail is NOT MyMail-ready. I tried finding some additional information on their website, but there is nothing about the online editor or importing templates.


Hi, just bought this and can’t wait to see what the response is…but I can’t figure out how to get it into Zoho. is it compatible?


Hello Michael,

I haven’t checked compatibility with Zoho, but they have everything well documented: https://www.zoho.com/crm/help/templates/

All the best,


Will the template work with https://www.sendinblue.com email builder ?


You can use it with the WYSIWYG editor or the “Paste html code” option. Both will prevent you from using the newsletter builder and the responsive design editor. HTML coding will be required.

Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on Targeted.io with their 40 email clients?


cloud9 Purchased


Purchased, loaded template into MC. Done all the edits I’d like via the html editor and saved. Then gone to campaign selected the template and all the edits and content i added via the editor is GONE. Any help here? Thanks

It’s very odd that your changes got lost once you saved the template. I have short how-to video for mailchimp, you can check it out here http://screencast.com/t/KwMtahAy

Let me know if you get the same results as before.

Hi, I’ve uploaded the files into my host but U can’t see the StampReady as shown in the demo. where can I find it/ or how can i install it. Thanks

StampReady is an online service for creating & sending campaigns. You can use BlauMail with their built-in editor to customize and export templates (registration required) http://www.stampready.net/

Hi, This is not a responsive one. all the pictures gets out of the lines. what needed to be done to fix it?

Hello ishapira, could you give me a screenshot so I can better understand the issue?

Generally, the template has 2 types of images: the ones from the gallery that get stretched full-width, and the ones from the article types that get aligned centred.

Hi I’m having real problems with this email. See screenshot:http://gyazo.com/f2bb72d76843edf10cced93d71bf3f11

I’m viewing in Gmail, the #1 email client, and this is how it looks.

Can you please provide support? I’m trying to send this email out today if possible!!!

The code you’re sending out is missing the inline CSS. Your probably not using the Automatic CSS Inliner options. Here’s how you can activated it: http://kb.mailchimp.com/campaigns/ways-to-build/use-the-css-inliner – this should fix it. :)