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I tried both light and dark versions, with the same result. If I need to delete some code in one of the php files, I am fine with that. I can use my own contact form as well, if it is something to do with the built in contact form.


See my previous comment

silk2214 Purchased

I installed it both ways with no luck, but i also tried it on a fresh wordpress install, in a new folder and it worked fine. So I assume it has something to do with my installed plugins, or it could be that my old site files were 3 years old. So it seems i just need to delete my plugin files and some other junk. Your theme is good to go though, problem is on my end. Thank you for the support.


No problem :)

Hello all,

Just installed. Looks great, but I don’t know how to select different page layouts or home page variations. Are there instructions posted somewhere? Maybe I’m missing someone.

Thanks in advance mates!

I just located the Documentation folder. Duh. <<Smacks forehead>> I think I’ll be fine now. :)


Great :) , if you have any further questions feel free to post here or email.






I just installed this theme and it is not working correctly at all. None of the images I tried uploading to the Galeria slider appear nor do the menu buttons. All I see are little white boxes and get a message that says “images not loaded in 30 seconds”. Here is the web address.


what could be causing this?


The Documentation explains exactly how to set everything up.

i followed the directions in the Documentation and even imported the preview setup as outlined but still i am having no luck. HELP


Looks fine to me now, I guess you figured it out :)

This may have been asked and answered before but how come when I add a sub-menu item to the site, the mobile screen only shows (3) menu items? When I delete the sub-menu item, then ALL the menu items show on the mobile screen?

Is anyone else having this issue? Great Theme by the way—-my client loved it!


For what phone?

I bought this and love it, but I’m used to blogspot themes and ran 2 websites with that. They were nice but this is leaps and bounds above that with your template (content is king, but it looks damn good).

This is my first wordpress venture and while a little bit scary, i’m getting used to it… my question is simple.. and I don’t yet know how to find this.

“How wide is the main posting page? I’ll be embedding maps and want them perfectly centered… I think it looks to be 1000px, but I don’t even know where to find this. Your documentation is great, but this is more a failing on me that I don’t understand wordpress enough.

PS: Any good ‘starting with wordpress’ tutorials you’d recommend?

PPS : It’s recently uploaded, the site is http://orochigroup.com/ and I have tons of work to do on it, but I’m pleased I even got it installed. :)

Hi there I am having trouble with portfolio items. when i view the detail page for an item it shows it within the folder dzs_portfolio folder. i have permalinks set to postname. can you advise how i can remove this folder and simply show the portfolio item in the same structure as my own menu please. i cannot see anywhere on my menu dzs_portfolio so no idea why it keepa appearing.


I don’t think you can delete it, but you could try renaming it, open plugins/portfolio/portfolio.php and rename all references to dzs_portfolio

Hi ag ain. Again on the portfolios – i cannot seem to change the portfolio detail page to display a sidebar. it keeps reverting to full width.

I have also tried to add more images within a single portfolio item as part of the page content under a block of tedt but the uploader will not work. i have to manually add the path to additiolnal images if i want to display more than one on a portfolio item. is this how it is meant to work ? Only allowing one image to be uploaded?


1. Enter the shortcode to create a sidebar in details page.
2. Yes

Hi- Thanks for replying. I haven’t tested it on an iphone but the problem with the full menu not showing is occurring on an android phone. Like I said, when I just have the main menu items and no sub-menu item, then the full menu shows fine but the second I add a sub-menu, the mobile version of the site ONLY shows (3) main menu items.

Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. here is the site: www.anthonycatanzaro.com


The TF preview displays fine on my iPhone. You should test the TF preview on your Android, not your site as it’s been modified and that could of broken something.

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Is there a way to make each image in the Galleria slider have its own link?


Not in the admin, you would have to make some tweaks

Wanted to pop in again and tell you how awesome you are! This template is exactly what I was looking for! I used to be a blogger and am beginning to realize how suck that system is. Your template and wordpress make it sooo easy to customize and change pages and menus… something I spent hours on in blogger.

One question. Do you have any recommended ‘register/login’’ plugins that you’d recommend? I was puzzled I couldn’t find the options and then realized it’s not an option in the template (unless I missed it… i do see .php’s for login and register in my host directory, but have zero idea what they mean.)

Is there any native login/register functionality or is that all third-party plugins?

I am having a blast with this template! I’m learning alot and thanks for the linkies to wordpress school. I know I’m still missing some concepts (due to blogger vs wordpress functionality), but I’m getting there. It’s like learning a foreign language and then smacking yourself in the face with how obvious it was.

Much love from this one happy client.

Hi thanks,
No they are just to show an example of a menu. You could try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/login-with-ajax/

Hello Ignite Themes,

I have a few questions.

1. In the 8 column lay-up, I’m assuming each thumbnail is a gallery. So say I have 100 gallery thumbnails. Does the page load all at once? Or, will their be a navigational button that says “Load More” or something?

2. When you click on the thumbnail and a lightbox pops up, can that be video embedded from youtube or vimeo instead of pictures?

Please advise.

Thank you!


Can you set a limit? For example, load only 20, and then have a “NEXT” navigation button?

Does that require coding?


One more thing, can there be text under each thumbnail when the page is in 8 column mode? I’m not talking about the hovering text when a mouse is pointed at it. I would like visible text. Please advise, thanks.


Setting a limit then having a next button are not features available in the admin, you would have to tweak it. You can have text in 8 column mode, but again you would have to tweak the code.

Is there a way to change, the background to an image before I buy this?


Yes you can use whatever graphic you want.

Hello again.

I am trying to do a simple, basic gallery with pretty photo. I am clueless where to begin and the documentation doesn’t really go into this. I can do a gallery from wordpress tutorials ok, but that looks bad. I want it to look like yours. Ideally, I’d like it to look like this with multiple pictures http://orochigroup.com/missions/kingsmouth-missions/horror-show/ (it’s the immortals pic that has the link to the one picture gallery). The following is the bad code I’m using.

<div class="hover"><span><a title="" href="http://igniteflash.com/themeforest/blender_wordpress/wp-content/themes/blender/images/project12_lg.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[HorrorShow1.1]"><img class="frame" src="http://igniteflash.com/themeforest/blender_wordpress/wp-content/themes/blender/images/project15.jpg" alt="" /></a></span></div>

I don’t want a sortable portfolio either but am unsure how to set the ‘name’ of the gallery. I’m not even sure where to create a gallery except in the sliders. Should I be using the sliders to create this type of basic gallery? If so, what basic options would I select? I do want it to act like the portfolios when you are looking at pictures, but don’t want it sortable.

I don’t need/want transitions or any bling… just a basic gallery with the lightbox.

I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure this out and I’m stumped. Wordpress help isn’t ‘helpful’ and I imagine it’s something obviously simple, but I’m missing it.

Partly what I think is confusing me is the terms gallery versus portfolio.

Is there simple html code i can insert? That’d be far easier for me (unless the sliders are meant for this which is way easier then)

Sorry for the newb question. I did try to research it, but only came up with wordpress’s native gallery (which is icky).

Please point me in the right direction if you can.

You need to create a new page to put each new gallery. Then go to edit page, switch to html mode and enter the following code, this code represents one item, just repeat over and over for each additional thumb, and obviously make sure to enter your image lg and thumb paths where indicated:
<div class="alignleft">
<div class="hover"><span><a title="Title for lightbox" href="url to large image" rel="prettyPhoto"><img class="frame" src="url to thumbnail image" alt="" /></a></span></div>
<h3>A title for your project</h3>
Some description for your project goes here, or just delete this text if you don't want it.

just updated Wordpress to 3.4 and I immediately tried to upload images to the Galleria Slider and I’m getting the “Cheatin’ uh?” error code. I’m logged in as the admin. Any fixes?


hmm, can you email me a link to your site, and also provide user/password just in case.