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I tired to import the demodata with the bliss_demodata.xml attached but all the media files have broken URL. Ex : &

Could you fix?


Hey, I’ve issued an update with an updated demo data along with some fixes, I’m waiting for the update to be approved by Themeforest

With Wordpress 4.2 update, them is not working.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/bliss/functions.php on line 618

I installed theme and wordpress again. Fresh downloaded. But it doesn’t work

I commented these lines, my site turns to normal. Please fix it asap.

get gravatar URL function get_avatar_url( $get_avatar ) { preg_match(”/src=’(.*?)’/i”, $get_avatar, $matches); eturn $matches1; }

We’ve fixed this in the newest update, sorry for the late reply, things are crazy around here!

Hi, I am having the same problem also:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home4/ab50053/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home4/ab50053/public_html/wp-content/themes/bliss/functions.php on line 618

Please let me know how to fix it. Thanks!

Edit: Fixed by commenting them out. Let me know if you can provide a fix for it. Thanks!

Hey, sorry for the late reply, but this has been fixed in the newest update

Also receiving this error with new WordPress update – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home/public_html/wp-content/themes/bliss/functions.php on line 584

For those of us who don’t know what “commenting them out” means… Please help!

Hey there, there’s an update pending for this issue, sorry for the inconvenience, you should receive an email when it’s updated if you’ve selected so in the downloads page

Commenting them out means deleting/removing the string from the functions.php file. The string/lines you need to remove are:

“get gravatar URL function get_avatar_url( $get_avatar ) { preg_match(”/src=’(.*?)’/i”, $get_avatar, $matches); eturn $matches1; }”

This will enable the theme to work again but you won’t have your wordpress gravatar anymore when you make posts therefore it’s just a temporary fix. Hopefully the author can fix the problem for us ASAP and provide a better solution.

Edit: You can open the functions.php file in any text editor. The functions.php file is located at /wp-content/themes/bliss/functions.php

Hey there, we’ve issued an update for Bliss, it should be available later today when ThemeForest approves it. Thanks for helping out though! You’re a true champ!

Best Regards, Arnar

Nah, thank you for providing us an awesome theme and a fix very quick. Your work is inspirational.

Thank you so much, glad I could help! :)

Hi all,

Today again, I tried the latest version of this theme. But again I found myself disappointed when using 2 sidebars with content in the middle, that on my smartphone both sidebars do not appear below content. On the contrary, the left sidebar appears above content, which is not my idea of a responsive lay-out.

I will try to fix this myself, but perhaps you have a better solution for it?

Kind regards, Irene

Hey there, I’m issuing an update to fix this right now, sorry about this I thought we had already addressed this issue


I love your theme and have been using it since long. Can you please tell me how to display Random Posts on the homepage of a blog using your theme? There are many solutions on wordpress forums adding code for query_posts to index.php or functions.php but none of them work on Bliss theme, probably because the theme is structured differently.

Could you please help us with what code to add to which file if we want to display random posts, not date-wise posts, on our blog homepage?

Thanks a lot,


Hey great theme :) How can I remove the H1 tag from the subtitle of my website??

Hey there, you’ll have to change it via the php files. Could you tell me exactly what you wish to change though? What sub-title? Can you provide a link to your website? I would like to remove the H1 tag from the sub-title: “lebensrettend oder moralisch verwerflich?”

You’ll have to dive into the php files for this. Go to bliss/header.php and in line ~ 258 you should be able to see the description being printed out. Just remove the H1 tags from that, you’ll probably have to style it again since the H1 tag has stylings on it.

My website is

I love the theme but when I updated to Wordpress 4.2.1 the theme was incompatible. I had to re-install the theme from the latest download and everything seems to be working exactly the way it was set up except the Twitter feed. It is not displaying pictures that are embedded in the Tweet. Any solutions?.


Sorry for the late reply, we just released a new theme and neck deep in work. I see you’ve got a new Twitter widget.

I’m not sure why the Twitter feed didn’t show images but here’s a CSS rule that you can paste into the custom css field in the theme options to make the Tweet widget look a little better.

#side-bar .widget_twitter_timeline {
  background: transparent;
  box-shadow: none;
  padding: 0;


I have been enjoying the bliss theme for almost two years now.

A couple of weeks ago, after updating to wordpress 4.2.1, my site didn't load.

I installed the bliss theme again but this time round I am not managing to customize the following aspects of the site: adding a right sidebar, changing colors of background, menu tabs, posts titles.

Can you please advise? I am not so computer literate so simple language will be greatly appreciated.


Hannah SpotsonPots

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I believe I have installed the latest version. This is what I’ve installed:

Thanks again

There were some issues that I already resolved with the latest version (3.0.4), you can install the latest version here on Themeforest or log in to and go to our downloads page where you should find the correct version for Bliss (once you’ve entered your purchase key of course)

Thanks, I hope it works.

Whenever I try to install Bliss on my website it keeps bringing me to a page that says Are you sure you want to do this? And it gives no options for me to do anything. To upload I tried compressing the Bliss folder to and uploading and it doesn’t work. How do I upload this theme? Thanks


I’m not sure why this is happening for you but it’s a known problem that can happen for many reasons, here’s an article about it.

If you have access to your server via FTP you can drop the Bliss folder into the wp-content/themes directory and then activate the theme within the AP admin panel

Thanks. Should I upload the file in the FTP file manager?

no, just the bliss folder which is in the .zip file

Notice: Undefined index: desc in options-interface.php on line 382

Hey there, is this showing up in the latest version? (3.0.4)

I’ll issue a fix for this in the next update

Notice: pluggable.php on line 1196 after updating to wp 4.2

there are some major bugs/ line errors after updating to wp4.2

Hey there, this isn’t a part of the theme, we don’t have a file named pluggable.php, this might be something that a plugin is doing.

Yes i know it is not part of theme but after updating to 4.2 WP other theme are working fine, if i use bliss it getting error on core files

since the new wordpress update the post format options seem to not be working or I seem to be missing how to use them… is there something I’m missing here or is there a fix?

How do I update the theme? I wasn’t signed up for email updates, but I am now. Do I just download the whole theme again and reinstall it? How do I do it and not lose all my customization?

Yes, I can download the theme, remove the old one and install the new one.

All your customizations are saved in the database so they will be there when you install the latest release of the theme.

Ok, might be a stupid question but how can I change the background link color? Been searching and searching in the style.css without any luck…

Since upgrading to the latest WP build and version of the Bliss theme, i’m having to rebuild the website. I’m currently having the following issues:

1 – I cannot select a custom background color, there is no color picker that comes up when I select ‘Custom Color’ 2 – Edits to widgets are not updating/saving 3 – In addition to changing the background color to a solid color, I need to change the background color and transparency of the sticky menu. Please provide the CSS for this.

Thank you

Nevermind, please disregard. I’ve figured out the problem. Thanks

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Hi, I am trying to install the shortcode plugin and get this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bluth_pullquote() in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/bluthcodes/codes.php on line 10