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Hi Dan! The theme is beautiful, thanks for it!

How can i change the portfolio-view url part to another, like portfolio-oldal. It’s a problem for me becuause my site is hungarian, not english. I found a rewrite rule in the databse, but is there a simple way the modify the url structure or this fix part of url?

Thank you!

Hi szklenarferenc,
Please open new ticket on our support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com/ and I’ll send you updated files.

Oh my god, this is a fast service!

Ok. Thank you very much Dan!

Thanks for appreciation :)
Just answered on support site.

Hi dan_fisher, I’m curious why the TinyMCE Shortcode button doesn’t show up any more with the updated WordPress and Updated Theme? Since there are no shortcode examples on your demo (the actual shortcode), I don’t know what shortcode to use.

Any quick fixes on how to get the TinyMCE button back? Or at least a nice list of all the shortcodes somewhere? Thanks.

Hi iJason,

It happens because of not installed shortcodes plugin. You can install it directly from theme folder blitz/includes/plugins/zilla-shortcodes.zip
If you need more help feel free to open new ticket on our support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com/


Ah, gotcha. I hadn’t realized the shortcodes were moved to a plugin. We’re good. I added it to my child theme (childtheme/includes/plugins/…) and was able to use the “install plugins” under appearance and activate. Thanks for the quick reply and direction.

Glad to hear that you got it sorted :)

will it works with wordpress 4?

Hi srkn61,

Yes, sure. Works like a charm :)


Hi Dan!

I have a problem with the Open Sans Condensed google font in some pages, like blog titles. This is because the imported Google font isn’t latin extended. I modified it in the base css, but the problem is, that the page puts the Open Sans Condensed font to the h1, h2, h3 etc from the inline code. But i can’t find the php file where this inline css is. Can you help me with this?

You can see the screenshot from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5saJ9dFXn-4VFRocEZuTWxNd0U/view?usp=sharing

Thank you, Feri

Hi Feri,

Please open a new ticket on our support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com/ and I’ll try to help you.


Ok, i did it! Thanks!

Hello Dan!


My site has been under attack for at least 4 times now… Finally the webserver host told me that the vulnerability is under Revolution Slider plugin. You should immediately offer for all of us a new version of the Revolution Slider plugin without the vulnerability in the plugin…

Best regards Emil

Hi Emil,

It was already done almost 3 months ago. You should be notified once the theme is updated.
Please download Blitz theme again and update Revolution Slider.


Thanks for the quick reply! I had switched off the the update notifications so that’s why I didn’t knew it. My bad.



srkn61 Purchased


this is one of the best simple and elegant theme for me.. I have a question about the portfolio page of an item: http://huebler-gmbh.com/portfolio-view/top-90-twin-line-classic-kunststoff/

Where Can I resize the image size of this single portfolio page?

Hi srkn61,

Sorry for delay.

There is no specific option for single portfolio image size. It uses original image you paste.

To get support please open your ticket on our support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com


How can I view all the available icons for the iconbox? Why I can’t use all the icons from the Font Awesome Cheatsheet?

Hi SeidnerF,

Please check all available icons here http://blitzwp.dan-fisher.com/fontawesome-icons/

Font Awesome icons version used in Blitz is a little bit outdated. However, next update which is releasing in a week will have updated version.


I’ve installed the theme on wordpress. But I don’t have a home template page. How can i have it please?

Hi paddylov,

Please create a new ticket on support site http://danfisher.ticksy.com



srkn61 Purchased

hello, where can I change the text “Navigate to…” (Mobile dropdown menu)

Hi srkn61,

Please open blitz/js/jquery.mobilemenu.js and on line 106 change this
defaultText: 'Navigate to...'
with this
defaultText: 'Your text'