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Indeed very impressive!!

Question: Plain XHTML version available?

I’m considering on releasing an HTML version if some people need it. So far you’re the first, let’s wait until there’s 5 more.

I’ll get it done by the next week, since right now I’m focusing on fixing bugs and getting the theme as stable as possible.

Also, I’m taking some rest, since I haven’t slept in 1 month :)

Also, many thanks for your compliments :P

Excellent work, really like this one!

Many thanks! :)

Beautiful. Just purchased! Is there a way to install sample content as in the live preview as a basis to build off?

Howdy Paul, thanks for your purchase! :)

Head over to the Support Forums (its free) and download the sample content from there. The instructions are on the README .txt file.

You will get an exact copy of the live preview.

Have Fun!

i tryed to install but received the message: WP_Theme’ not found in /home/mood/www/sulboro/wp-content/themes/blocked/framework/compat/theme.php on line 31

Refer to the support forums at (its free). You will get the fix for this issue there.

A quick fix would be to upgrade WordPress to 3.4.1 (if you can).

The fix for this will be available tomorrow (the update is partially finished).

Looks nice! Is it possible to get the layout boxed with a background image?

Thanks. I haven’t tested it, but I think with some custom CSS code this would be possible, would be a matter of resizing the full width elements to have the width of a background.

Thoroughly impressed with Blocked. We’ve been searching for a well-constructed and simple theme to upgrade/redesign our existing site. Not only are we thrilled with the elegance, beauty and freedom of the design, but we are equally blown-away of the owner/seller’s customer service. Fast, responsive and easy guidance, they put the customer first – providing intuitive technical help upon purchase and beyond.

Buying a great looking theme is one thing, having the attached product support and follow through is another added boost of confidence, reminding you that you made the right decision.

By it’s intuitive construction and seamless integration, it’s just plain fun to explore the theme’s capabilities. We look forward to unveiling our new site to our customers.

This is our first experience in buying products through ThemeForest. The seller alone has made a long-lasting positive impression, that will repeat in business. Thank you Der and the creators of Blocked.

- bdempsey

Thanks a lot for your kind and truly touching review.

Additionally, thanks for valuing my efforts of helping people, and for motivating me to keep providing the best support and product ever.

All the best,

I am really impressed with this theme design and features. :) Good luck with sales

Hey Many thanks! :)

Beautiful work! A few pre-sales questions for you:

1. Can the portfolio handle video? I only see photos in your demo. If so, can it handle self-hosted mp4s, or do they have to be YouTube/Vimeo embeds

2. In the layout builder, when you create a posts scroller can you choose a specific category to display here? (the tutorial video went too fast for me to see)

3. With the audio post, do you have to attach an image like in the demo?

Fingers crossed that this one will work for the project I’m starting…

Thanks, Heather

Hi! Many thanks for your compliments

As per your questions:

1) Yes It supports video on the lightbox, both from youtube et al, and mp4 too. On the single column I need to add support for embedded video.

2) Yes, that is precisely how it works!

3) You could, but it’s not required, you will still have the audio player.

The theme has been designed with you in mind :)

Best Regards,

Thanks for the quick response, Ernie; it does sound like this is perfect for my project! I’m purchasing now…

Again, thanks! Heather

Pre-sales question. Why aren’t the phone number and address recognized on mobile devices? I clcik on the phone number and it does not launch the dialer. I click the address and it does not launch the map or navigator.


The phone number and address are just text. On my iPad it recognizes both phone numbers.

As per the Address not linking to a Map, that is up to the phone (and I think depends on the address listed on the page). The site only renders text. The mobile device then uses an internal recognition mechanism on text, that converts the phones and addresses to phone/map links.

This is not a bug with the theme. It’s just content. It’s up to your phone to make the conversions. And what you suggest may depend on the content you publish.

Best Regards, Ernie.-

HI i just bought these theme and i have a probelm with the images, not any of them are being showed, not in the posts or posts thumbnails as featured image, neither in the sliders , etc.. the images are in the multimedia section and the url of eachone its ok, but in the frontend shows broken links to the image, any aidea?

Thank you, and keep going with the awsome work you are doing.

Hi There,

Thanks much for your purchase and kind compliments! :)

The theme will tell you what’s wrong in the admin. It should show you a big red warning message telling you that a few things are not setup correctly.

Are you seeing that ? If so, it will tell you how to fix the issues you’re having.

Otherwise, please register on the Support Forums (it’s free), so I can provide you with the help you need.

Make sure you create a new discussion with a link to your site so I can inspect it and see what’s going on.

Looking forward to helping you out!

Best Regards,

Hi, first of all I have to say what a great theme this is – I love how customizable it is! But I have one question – is it possible to set up a semi-translucent layer between the content and the actual background? I have a client who wants a background image that’s quite colorful, so I need a layer between that and the content to make everything legible. A 960 wide container/wrapper behind everything but the background layer should do it, but I don’t know where to ad it within your beautiful layers of code… Is it doable?

Best regards Jørund

Thanks for the quick relpy! I’ve posted in the Support forums as well now, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a solution.


Howdy Jørund, I already had the solution, was waiting for you to get in the forums to provide it to you. :)

Sweet! Cheers!

I just want to thank Ernie / Der for the truly inspirational work!

It is not often a theme impresses me and the level of customisation here is truly amazing. Things like the ability to change the sidebar width or css gradients in the headers. This framework is the future of wordpress and I’m sure Ernie will keep improving it.

The service has been wonderful too with Ernie giving his all to satisfy myself and others.


Thank you so much Dan! Glad you appreciate the effort & work :)

congrats + a big thanks to Ernie for adding featured posts / portfolios as sliders sources ! (just i asked for) although i am still not his customer…

i admit that he listens & reacts very quickly – i believe he really cares !

hope he will also give us filtered animated portfolios soon ;-)

congrats again

Howdy Tasos,

Thanks much for your compliments mate! :)

I’m currently exhausted with all the work at the moment. Also working on implementing nested layouts, which is super awesome by the way!

Filtered portfolios would be something cool to implement, might do that in the future, but unfortunately can’t give out a date.

Thanks for your suggestions, they’ve turned out to be very helpful :D


just one more step in your way to perfection ;-) ... menus should highlight current page…


Thanks a ton Tasos! I’ll have it in mind for a future update. If you’re interested in discussing further the development of features or design, you can feel free to send me an email via my website :)

Hello, is there a tutorial for Blocked. I am quite new at managing template and as the options are numerous, I find it hard to get to what I want…

I already bought the theme but i have a hard time understanding layout and theme options etc…



Hello Isa,

First of all, Thanks for your purchase. What you’re experiencing usually happens when you don’t read the manual. Totally agree with you not understanding how it works.

Have you read the Theme’s Documentation ? It has everything you need to get started.

Also, importing the demo content will get you an idea on how the theme works, since you’ll get a fully functional copy of the live preview.

If you have any questions or issues, you can ask these in the theme’s Support Forums, as it is the centralized way of providing support.

ThemeForest Comments are for pre-sales questions only.

Best Regards,

Looks good, shame it doesn’t handle video in the portfolio…

Howdy Jim, It does support video on the Portfolio using the Lightbox though…

The Portfolio uses exactly the same structure as the posts in the homepage. You can customize them to appear in several different forms (hide the title, link, etc).

Also, the video is shown using the lightbox in the gallery, and when you view the post it will be automatically embedded at the top of the post.


Thanks for this wonderfull theme (vraiment génial)

But, for me, no thumbhails in the gallery section… Why? Any idea, because really hard to orgenise gallery without small images!

Hello Julien!

Don’t Worry, I’ll help you out. Head over to the Support Forums (free to register) and post a discussion there.

I’m on the forums right now, so you may get your problem fixed almost immediately.

Best Regards,

Ernie provides excellent and timely support for the Blocked theme.

The level of support that he provides to his customers is reason enough to buy his themes. On top of that, Blocked is an elegant and versatile theme.

A great theme with great support. Can’t ask for more than that!!

Howdy @marbran,

Thank you so much for your purchase & kind compliments! I am glad that you appreciate both the effort and the quality of the product. I hope you have tons of fun with it :)


Hi, I wanted to say thank you for the great theme!

Question: I noticed that there is a new update, how do I get it? Do I have to download the theme and re-install is again?

Also… Count me in for the HTML version.

Thank YOU !

Howdy @mkrupnik,

Thanks a ton for your kind compliments, appreciate it :)

You can go to your ThemeForest Downloads page. Re-download and Re-install. You can check out the update instructions to learn about the update process.

You can access your download page by doing:

Replace USERNAME with your ThemeForest Username.

P.S.: I’ll make sure to simplify the update process on the next theme version, to avoid any confusion. That’ll make the update process more straightforward.


Nice theme! – however one thing I’ve noticed so far is that in Safari on mac Lion, the page layouts under the Features tab are breaking; the content slides below the navigation in left column.

Good work on this one, I may buy -

Well I only have one mac handy. But I just checked again and did fine that three subsections under Features are fine, Widgets, Form Builder and TimThumb. – Hope that helps… (wtf, cross browser headaches, lol)

Haha yeah! But this is a bit strange, since modern browsers such as Safari, Chrome & Firefox behave 99% the same. I’m a bit curious why you had that issue.

I have purchased Lion a while back, installed it 2 times (and also uninstalled both times) on both iMac + Macbook. For me as a developer, I don’t find Lion intuitive, too much eye candy when you just need to get the job done. That’s why I’m still with Snow Leopard.

Anyways, I’m actually digging on this, to see if I can replicate it, since this issue hasn’t been reported yet. I have a curiosity this may be an isolated issue with your safari browser, but still needs to be confirmed.

Anything you find, please send me a message via my website.

Once again, thanks for your cooperation, appreciate it :)


I figured out the problem this morning with my Safari browser – it is with videos not showing. – NOT YOUR THEME

There is a conflict with a SAFARI Addon called, “Google Disconnect” – that hides videos, this therefore left a large empty white space at the top of many of these pages. They had videos and I had not noticed it.

One less mystery for monday morning…

cheers! /m