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I have bought this theme, it is an excellent theme. I am just having trouble uploading my logo. I have tried png and jpeg, is there size maximum for the logo? thanks for your help.

Hi, please refer to the Support Forums and post your issue there. If possible include a URL to your site to see what’s going on.

Hi. I am interested in this theme. But I have a question

I want to develop a webpage not portfolio oriented but products and services oriented. Is it possible to use custom post types or to use the portfolio blocks with different post types?

Hello. From a possibility point of view, yes, but you would need to edit the theme’s core files. With decent PHP Knowledge this would not be hard to achieve.

Hi, I just bought this theme – where is the documentation? Video walkthroughs??

Hi There!

When you download the theme, you get a ZIP file. Extract the archive and you’ll find a directory called “Documentation”. In there, you’ll see a file called “index.html”. Double click it and you’ll see the documentation in your browser.

Also, if you have installed the theme, you can find the documentation on the theme options page, there is a link called “Documentation” on the top-left hand side.

The video walkthroughs are located in the documentation (the index.html file), on a section called “Video Walkthrough”.


Thanks! Sorry that was a dumb question…

Maybe this one is better: On this page:, I simply have the slider transitioning between 2 images in a Portfolio, and, as you can see, it keeps fading in the 2nd image without fading out the 1st. Any suggestions?

Also, even though I disabled the manual controls (arrows), they still show up on hover. And the gray box is on the bottom, but isn’t there supposed to be text pulled into there? From where?

Also, on the right side it’s showing the title and description, but then it’s cutting off the body of the post. Any way to NOT have that cut off?

I can’t see the URL in question (returns a 404 page)

You don’t disable the slider controls. There is a “manual advance” option on the slider, which is not related to the slider controls. They always show.

Text is not supposed to show anywhere on the portfolio slider. What you see on the live preview is what you get.

That “cut off” text is called an excerpt, and it is the way it works. You can set a “more” tag to specify where you want the text to cut off.

Any other issues please refer to the support forums, as I only answer pre-sales questions here. Thanks a lot for understanding.


Hi Does the jquery for the slider come unminified because I would like to purchase the theme to resuse the slider Thanks Giles

Howdy Giles,

Yes, I’ve created that slider from scratch. If you’re willing to integrate, you should have some knowledge of how JavaScript & PHP Works.

You can find the default slider JS code in the core/js directory. Then, you can find the default slider php code on includes/shortcodes.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to integrate, since the slider has been coded to be somewhat independent.

You could hire a developer to make the slider standalone. When doing this, make sure you don’t violate any of the ThemeForest usage licenses to stay out of trouble…

Best Regards,

ok thanks for the info

No problem. Any questions you may have regarding implementation, I’ll be happy to answer these on the support forums ;)

First of all: great theme!!! Thank You :)

I have 2 Panorama pics. One is flash (.swf), the other in html5. I tried to integrate them. Flash worked fine, but html5 is not working.

Do you have any advice to integrate html5 in this theme? Or is it not possible?

Regards debux

Hello debux,

You can use the Content component to add your HTML content. Have in mind that it will take the width based on the columns of the slot you’re inserting in.

Also, you need to have in mind that the theme is responsive, and the content you add needs to adapt to the width as the layout resizes.

The theme itself is built using HTML5 , so adding new markup wouldn’t be a problem. Make sure the markup you’re adding doesn’t break.

if possible, validate it before inserting into the theme, it should work.

If you still can’t get it to work after validating, then post a discussion on the support forums and I’ll have a look when I get the chance.


Instead of the page-wide slider, I’d like to have one image… that also is page wide. Can I do that with the layout editor? e.g.

Yes, you’ve got the markup, that’s fine, but here’s the thing: The section.block-full-width needs to be by its own. All elements added by the layout editor are placed inside a section.block, this is why they are constrained to 960 pixels.

If there was an easy way to do this, I would be the first to let you know ;)

Now that I think of it, I might add a full width section component which would be exactly what you need. I will include it in the list of things for the next update.

I can’t provide an exact date for it, but for sure this will come on the next update. You can keep an eye on the changelog to see when this feature is added.

That sounds great. I’ll be buying the theme to get started on the rest of the site, but from your previous change logs, it seems you update the theme once a week or so, so this is good. Thank you for your work and responsiveness.

hi, i tried to move a site with your theme on it to a new hosting on a server and now all the featured images are gone, been trying to fix it for hours please help this is the site :

urgent , thank you

Hi. I have checked your site and there seems to be a configuration issue with your server which is preventing the theme from working. If there was something wrong with the theme, I would have provided you with a solution.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do in this situation. You should contact your server administrator and let them know the issues you are currently experiencing.

Additionally, make sure you download the latest version of the theme, it has several fixes & improvements. You can do so from your ThemeForest downloads page.

Any other issues you may have, please post them on the support forums, as I only answer pre-sales questions here. Thanks for understanding.


hi, i did contact the server support and they told to contact you because something about moving the blog from a shared server to a dedicated server changed the path of the featured images… and it needs to be updated in a plugin… hats more or less what they told me .

please help, i have been at this 2 days and im getting fed up of this problem.

I wish I could be of more help, but this is not an issue related to the theme, it has to do with the way you exported the content. You purchased the theme and I provide help with the theme. I can’t get the site running for you, apologies.

ok , but since you do seem to know what the problem is , could you at-least point me in the right direction how to fix it?

SO glad you have brought this theme back, was one of my favourite themes before the break, hope that you are feeling better and look forward to this theme growing and improving!


I followed all of your directions and inserted the theme demo per your instruction. My only issue is that the Slideshow doesn’t work at all. Can you please help me with this? Here is my website link:

Thank you. I appreciate your help. Bruno

Hi! Please post your issue on the Support Forums. I’‘ll help you there :)

Ok, just posted the issue on the Support Forums. Thanks! :)

Is there a way to translate specific text defined in a section in the “layout editor”, for instance the “quote” component?

Ah, I see. Strange the sidebar thing… I think it’s an issue with the plugin, since it works after the page has been served. Seems there is some sort of page cache that is showing the contact sidebar everywhere…

Something completely different I got a problem with too. Is it in any way possible to use the “post content” component to show on the homepage layout? I need the homepage to load the post content from the page “home” but I can’t choose this page as the homepage content in wp settings > READING. I reckon this is done on purpose to get the layout working?

I can correctly see this same page on /home but as you can guess this is not what I’m going for :) If I go to / it shows the same except with no page content. Any idea how I can get this to work? Adding a “content” component is not quite an option as I need this piece to be translatable


I think this would be better answered in the Support Forums. Post an issue there and I’ll follow up! Comments are better for pre-sales questions and simple answers ;)


I will like to adjust the width of the slideshow. I will like to make it 1040px but would like the rest of the website to maintain its 960px. I tried editing the js script…but I still didn’t achieve the desire effect. The controls should be outside the 960px grid.

Thanks in advance.

Hello friend! I’ve replied on the Support Forums :)

Hey I bought the HTML version and I really like it. Ive edited all sites with my content right now but Im considering buying the Wordpress version. Will I have to rewrite my content or can I copy paste them (HTML to Wordpress) ? Can I use the Wordpress theme for 1 Website and the HTML theme for a different one? Sometimes if I use container (third) and use an infobox or alert message in it, It will only align 2 containers on one line and the third under the first one. Is that a problem with using alertboxes/infoboxes in container?

Sorry for my bad english.

Kevin H.

Hi Kevin, as per your questions:

1) The WordPress version doesn’t require you to paste the content. You could get the same results without having to write a line of code, just by using Shortcodes and the Layout Editor.

2) Yes, each regular license allows you to use the theme on one site.

3) You need to add the .omega class to the last .container of a row, so the last margin is removed. Also, use the .alpha class on the first container of a row to remove the left margin.

Cheers! :)

Thank you very much for the answers. And thank you for the fix with the containers, worked perfectly. Im waiting for paypal to register my payment but I am sure that I will buy the wordpress theme :)

Thanks again, have a nice week.

This is a very confusing theme, and I have used many.

In layouts, what is the Page Content component? What page does it pull in?

Why does each component need to have a divider after it. For instance, I want to have four columns of content and directly following that a a headline that is four columns wide – without the divider separating the two rows.

There are 487 happy users that can prove you wrong.

You have a thoroughly detailed manual and a full video showing you how to use the theme. I do respect your opinion. After all, an opinion is just that, not necessarily a fact.

The page component shows you the page contents of the page being accessed. Useful when setting up the Pages layout (Theme options > Layouts)

The divider is there as part of the design, and it’s pretty easy to remove with basic CSS knowledge using the theme’s admin.

Any issues or questions feel free to post them on the Support Forums.


Thanks. I’ve learned a bit more. Working with forms and I used the exact form code you supply on form-builder.html in your support docs, but the form does not submit. I did change the recipient to my gmail address. Any ideas?

Please post this issue on the Support Forums, and include the URL to your form/site. I’ll have a look later on ;)


u r back???

cool tell me, if i update the theme, can something happen to all my layouts??

Nope, everything should be fine if you update. If you have any problems please post them on the Support Forums.


Can you please advise if there are options to display related posts and tags related to the post at the bottom of the post content?


Hi! Related Posts: no, Tags: yes.

Good to see you back!

Thanks! :)


glad to see you back too!

I have problem with the translator editor, if I give permission 777 to the .po file, I can fix first 3 errors, but not the last 2 errors

Warning: fopen(/var/www/vhosts/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 27

Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 28

Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 29

Warning: file_put_contents(/var/www/vhosts/ [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 237

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 51

Please post this type of errors on the Forums, as it may confuse users making them think the theme is broken out of the box, which is not the case :)

I have installed the theme by the WP installer, using the ZIP file, and wp-content/uploads is 777.

I have a good experience installing WP theme. I will try to reinstall from scratch and let you know.

Yup, no problem! Let’s continue this thread on the Support Forums, Copy/Paste the original comment and create a new discussion, I’ll follow up there :)

And yes, I just noticed that when you used the “chmod” term :P

...and how can I set Twitter like you have? I can’t find it in the shortcodes or layout builder.


Go to Theme Options ? Footer. Set the “Twitter Username” ;)