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Wordpress Theme?!

Any Information on this ?

@websiteking @alluis @westernkings

it’s a psd template, if you code, it works on everything ps: are you king of what??ahah :D

This is a PSD file, coming soon will be making a wordpress theme

Beautiful design! Looking forward to seeing this in Wordpress theme form

Ermm ,

Just one thing. Why is it branded with “Woothemes” ?

@ blueray Because this theme was created for the woocontest! but no win

Great colors and textures …

then i noticed the WooThemes logo … are you the one who does that?? If so, I feel like you’d be cheating coming over here!!! cheating yourself in price that is.

like this theme ^^

Thanks sharingan!

Coming soon I’ll finishing the wordpress theme and will be free, only the theme, not PSD file

i really like the theme but i wish you organized the file better .. it’s kind of frustrating sorting through the 100s of unnamed layers ..

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Hi, Is the wordpress theme available yet? I am reeeeeallly looking forward to it :)


Very pretty theme and I will partially base a website off it.

When you design themes to be used for web design, please make sure to better organize the layers. Use folders and name each layer. As another user said, it is extremely frustrating and difficult to use this psd file.


I’ll make a better PSD the next time! I promise!

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Really like your theme.



Thank to you!

Gosh, I really misunderstood what this is. I thought it would be like a theme for a Wordpress blog. I’m not sure what to do it now, but it’s awfully pretty.

geeze, when are u gonna turn this into a site already? its a unique design, at least capitilize on all your work…. disapointing