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Looks very nice. Good luck with sales!

Looking good very clean, have more sales ;)

Good luck with sales , looks great :)

Top work. What I love here is how you could so easily use this for any subject matter on any type of blog and it’d still work.

nice work, GLWS :)

Looks nice Bebel. Good luck with sales!

Thank you guys!

Nice work, clean blog ;)


Thanks :)

MarkH45 Purchased

Purchased… looks awesome…. but my changes don’t seem to be saving in the settings menu…


Hey Thanks for purchase!

can you send us a mail through our profile and explain exactly what happened? I am sure we are able to help quickly!

Cheers Bebel

Nice concept, good work!

MarkH45 Purchased

Thanks for the quick response… made a very quick 20 second video. The issue is the changes aren’t being saved… sent you an email via the form on your profile. Hope this is a quick fix… or better yet, user error on my part :)



thats a very odd bug. Would you mind giving me an URL and some login data to the theme?

I just tried to replicate the bug on a local test server and a new online wordpress installation, without success. If I could get access, it might help me getting hold of the problem


Nice theme,good lucks with sales.

I just purchased, but I am unable to upload. It keeps saying style.ccs is missing! I unzipped the folder and extracted the wp theme folder zipped it back again as recommended, but still didn’t work. Could you help me please. Thanx Leyla


Hi there!

Thanks for buying. The problem can be easily resolved by following these steps:

1. Extract the Downloaded File

2. Navigate to All Files / Wordpress Theme

3. You will find a folder blogga and a zip file blogga.zip
If you want to install the theme with the wordpress theme installer (from your wordpress backend), simply upload the blogga.zip there.
If you want to install the theme via ftp, upload the blogga folder to your wp-content/themes folder.

Hope that helps!

Wow, thank you so much for the quick reply. I followed your directions and it worked perfectly.


MarkH45 Purchased

Bebel, sent you an email via your profile contact form… added you as an admin to the site…

Thank You!

- Mark

Very nice idea and execution, team blogging, love it :)


thanks! :-)

MarkH45 Purchased

Ran into some issues with my server and some user error on my part… Bebel’s support was awesome and went above and beyond to help me out.

This theme and seller got 5 stars from me. Don’t hesitate to buy anything Bebel sells, it’s nice to see a vendor support their products the way he does.

- Mark

Excellent theme. Clean, easy to navigate, fast loading.

1. Responsive? If not, will it be?

2. Is this done with wordpress user roles in terms of authoring posts? Or is this a buddypress scenario?

3. On the home page, it looks like you can fit six authors, maybe 7 if their names are short. What happens if you have more than that…like 10 authors. Do the tabs wrap around? Does it just display the tabs of the latest authors (with “All” displaying posts from all 10)?


Hey – thanks for your interest in our theme!

1. No, it’s not because it wouldn’t make sense for this theme. It looks great on tablets and phones just the way it is!

2. When creating a user you can add a custom image and biogarphy as well as an emal adress (for the follow function) The theme does the rest. No BuddyPress required

3. If you have more users, arrows pop up on the side so you can scroll through the list of users :)

The “All” tab is showing all the last posts by date. The “Author” Tabs only show the last posts of that specific author

If you have more questions just let us know!

Cheers Bebel

Iam really interested in this theme, Is there any way to bring the comments at the bottom of the page than as a separate tab ? to make it more engaging.

Unfortunately, if it isnt responsive, I cant use it. On iPhone/Samsung Galaxy S III :

1. You have to zoom in to see the text, otherwise, text is too small

2. The right column doesn’t reposition like other responsive themes

3. Images do not scale. Thats major.

All of this is inconvenient for smartphones and I need the 100% mobile compatibility that responsive design provides.

Thats too bad because otherwise, I would have ought this theme right now. I really like it…but it would alienate 25,000 of my readers. :)

Best of luck to you!



I am sorry :-( We weren’t sure about making it responsive as we persoanlly prefer to see the original on our phones as well. But we probably won’t make that mistake again with our next theme :)