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Great theme, two questions:

1. How to you get the posts on the homepage to use the excerpts? I see it says “continue” on mine it displays the entire post content.

2. I tried using the show menu feature so its not hidden, but it then stays open on top of the image content when responsive changing resolutions.


1. the theme uses the more tag to define the break point of an article, there’s a quick video here on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJJ5ABPyS1w in case you’ve never come across it before.

2. Thanks for letting me know, that sounds like a bug. I’ve added it to the list of bugs to fix for v1.2 which should be out in the next few days.

Cheers, Simon

Ah great more tag works. Thanks. Yes if you could look into the bug.

One last question, is it possible to set the homepage to be the portfolio page?

Yes, just a case of changing some settings in WordPress. Best thing to do is to take a look at this documentation for another of my themes: http://simnorlabs.com/support/documentation/scrollin-wordpress-version/ If you scroll to the “Setting up the base home page and blog page.” section (third section down) that will explain how to set it. The “Home” page will be your “Portfolio” page in this case.

For that menu bug, if you go to the Appearance -> Theme Options page, click the “Styling” tab and in the “Custom CSS” box add this:

@media (max-width: 980px) and (min-width: 0px) { #site-header #site-nav.show-menu-on-load .menu { display: none; } }

that will hide the menu for you on tablets and phones until I get the update out.

Cheers, Simon

This theme looks awesome, any thought into adding swipe jesters for ipad on the slide shows?

A number of people have asked about that so I’ve added it to the v1.2 which will be coming out today/tomorrow.

Cheers, Simon

Hello I would like to buy your theme, but first I need to know if it works with BuddyPress. I am a developer, but did not want to have too much trouble with this installation. Thank you ;)

Hi, I’m not massively clued up on BuddyPress, however when I installed it on my localhost these are some of the screenshots: http://d.pr/i/ZlBB http://d.pr/i/BuNT looks like you may need to fix up the unordered lists which just requires you to remove the background and padding from the appropriate li’s. There didn’t seem to be any issues with the installation part though.

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon

ok, thanks for the reply. I just bought the theme, make the installation of BuddyPress and after I finish I’ll show you how it was. Thank you!

Can we get the option to NOT assign one of the included embedded fonts? I have my own font I want to use, and it took some time to replace all the references to fonts in the template files. Time that will have to be repeated every time there’s a template update >_<

Hi, in the theme options (http://0.s3.envato.com/files/61768363/04_styling_theme_options.jpg), you can set the fonts to use a non web font (eg, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana or Georgia), that will stop it from loading any Google Web Fonts files.

Cheers, Simon

Hi Simnor, thanks for the response. Starting on line 162 of the theme_functions.php file, there are two functions that set the font face for headings and paragraphs. This runs even if you choose a web safe font family. If we could just get a checkbox to disable that, that would be great. Thank you :)

OK will add an option to choose “No Font” in the select field when I do the next update.

Cheers, Simon

I love the way the individual posts display on this theme (especially videos) and design is great. However, is it possible to create a masonary layout for home/category pages? This would seem to reduce scrolling time on these pages and make content quicker to find on blogs with lots of content.

Thanks j

Thanks for quick response. The rest of your design suits my purposes. Would it be a difficult task for a developer to take your theme and create a grid or masonry version of your home/category pages?

Honestly, I’d say yes, it’s really not designed to be multi-column, so you’d be better off starting with a theme that already has that structure and hiring a developer to add in the bits of the design you like.

Cheers, Simon

Great. Thanks for help.

Awesome theme. Has worked flawlessly so far. Two features I would love to see added…

1) social share…i know you can add a plugin to do this (which I have), but those plugins only display on individual post page. Many of my posts are short, so i display full post on homepage. No one ever clicks through. It would be nice to be able to like or share it directly from the snippet or home page view.

2) shortcode within shortcode. for example…i would love to put a form in a toggle.

Super nice work. Great design.

1) Normally they have an option to display on archive views as well, so first thing to do is check that there isn’t an option already, most of them disable it by default. I know that the Jetpack social plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/ does work on the archive pages on Bloggin because another customer is using that one, so maybe try that.

2) This should already be possible, however you wont be able to do it in the plugin window, you’d need to create the two shortcodes separately and then copy and paste the form shortcode inside the toggle. Off the top of my head I’m sure that I set shortcodes to work inside shortcodes but if I’m wrong then let me know and I’ll add it to the list of tweaks for the next version of the plugin, there’s a chance I overlooked it.

Cheers, Simon

awesome. I will check out that plugin. I did copy paste the shortcode and had no luck. I will throw it on the support page…really not a huge deal to me. The theme is great.

I also have one question. On the live preview, the icons that open the search bar and menu are a magnifying glass and a menu icon…I am getting just white squares. Is there any way to use the icons on the live preview for this?

will do man. thanks

trying to find my purchase code. My account does not have any license certificate links on the downloads page. Any other way to get those? I have purchased the theme.

Hi, if you go to your downloads page, click on the Downloads button and you should see a link which says something like “Licence certificate & purchase code”, the purchase code is in the text file that gets downloaded. ThemeForest moved everything around a while ago and now it’s hidden for some reason.

Cheers, Simon

I bought this theme one week ago and I love it so much! Thanks for this great work! Maybe one thing: I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, but on App.net. Is it possible to get a social-icon für this service? It would be so great! Thanks!

Greets, Sascha

Hi, because I’ve used an icon font there doesn’t seem to be an app.net one in the set so you cant use it I’m afraid. However, if you know of an app.net icon that would fit then jump onto the support forum: http://simnorlabs.com/support and open up a thread about this, there may be a way I can assist you because there is a hidden field for the icon selector that will allow us to set a different class, then we could add some custom css to bring in the icon, if the icon is the right size etc. I cant really do that in the comments here so jump onto the forum if you really really want this on your site as I may need wp-admin details.


How can i to post a normal image gallery at a standard post in the bottom of the post, i really need to do that, i have a videogame’s blog and some posts need text, gallery and video on the same post and i can’t do that

Is there any way? beacuse when i do it the gallery doesn’t apear :(

Hi, the gallery is still there, it’s just hidden via CSS, so all you need to do is on the theme options page click the styling tab and add this to the custom css field:

.entry .gallery { display: block; }

And it should show again :)

Cheers, Simon

Thanks that solves it all :)

Love this theme! Thank you! Started my blog today and it’s a fantastic theme to use!!!

I love how the videos work with a featured image and then it expands and was wondering if there was any way of doing that for photos…

For example, most of my photos are 16:9 format, but I believe the blog looks best with more of a “letterbox” look so that the photo doesn’t take up the whole screen.

I would basically like to set part of the image as viewable, and then click “See Full Image” like how “Play Video” works, and maybe if there are multiple images, “Play Slideshow” or something.

...just a thought :-)

Great work!


Hi Rylan, thanks for your comments, glad you like it. It’s a nice idea, I’m not sure whether I’d add it as a feature though as I think it would only be used by 1 or 2 users so it’s more of a custom thing you may want to look at hiring a developer to implement.

Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon,

We are loving the Bloggin theme but there is just one problem for us. Our blog is very photography focused and the only way we can find to add a gallery slider is through the gallery post style which by default has the black fade that extends around 1/3 of the image. While we could probably figure out how to remove the fade, that makes the text unreadable so what we are hoping to do is insert a slider, almost exactly the same as the gallery one in the body of the post, and ideally have the flexibility to place more than one slider per post and choose the placement.

Is there a shortcode or something that would enable this? Cheers, Tina

Hi, I’m afraid not, not out of the box anyway. There’s plenty of plugins for WordPress that may work though: http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=slideshow however they wont look like the design of mine. You may need to hire a developer to make this change if you want that level of flexibility but still keep the design.

Cheers, Simon

Hi, I love your theme.

I’m experiencing some problems with videos on ipad. They didn’t play… Is it a bug? Or did I do something wrong?

If you wanna take a look, this is my blog: http://blog.luxurypropertypuglia.com/

Hi, the videos are just an iframe to the video on Vimeo/YouTube so if they’re not playing but the image fades out as if it should play then it’s an issue with the iPad not been able to play the video and not the theme. If you add the link to the video instead of the embed code it may work better, you can check out the documentation for details on that.

Cheers, Simon

Hello Simnor! Now I have an other question about this theme. I use the plugin “Podlove Publisher”, because, I use my Blog for podcasting. The problem is, this plugin need some Wordpress-standards which this theme not supports.

When I create a new episode, the article-link’s not working, and the comment-funktion is completely off.

I know, this is a difficult situation, but is it possible, to look to this plugin and why doesn’t it work with “Bloggin”? I’m so appreciate!

Thanks! Sascha


Hi, can you please post in the support forum: http://simnorlabs.com/support/ along with a link to your site (use the private information field if you don’t want it public) so I cant take a look further. No guarantee I can help though as it may be more of a plugin issue than a theme issue.

Cheers, Simon

Hi Simnor,

is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.7.1?


Yes it is, just updated the demo to 3.7.1 so you can check it out.

Cheers, Simon

Hello, Any updates for WP 3.8?

Hi, I’m not aware of any bugs with the theme on WordPress 3.8, have you found any? If so then please do let me know.

Cheers, Simon

I have a issue when embeding youtube videos with the URL Embed function.

If i embed a youtube video by pasting the URL on the content, the video doesn’t have space at the bottom so the text or any other object that is down of the embed is too close not a single pixel of space…

How can i solve this?

Thanks :asleep:

Hi, that’s really an issue with the plugin you’re using rather than my theme, but if you go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling, you should find a field called “Custom CSS”, in that field, add this code and it should fix that for you:

.video-container { margin-bottom: 20px; } .video-container iframe { max-width: 100%; }

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon

Well the shortcode i use is the Jetpack shortcode it’s not really a plugin but ”.video-container { margin-bottom: 20px; }” work just fine :)

".video-container iframe { max-width: 100%; }" is not neccesary cause embeding videos by shortocode is responsive by it self and using  "max-width: 100%" crashes the High responsive feature.

If i have the same issue with a SoundCloud embeding, is there a CSS code for fix it?

Thanks for the help, you rule :)

Hi, yeah Jetpack is still a plugin, but I think it comes with a lot of WordPress installs by default nowadays.

Yes there probably will be but I don’t know the class is yet until you use it :)


Hi again… Do you know if there is safe to upgrade to WordPress 3.9 on these theme?

Thanks :D

I already update and everything seems to be okay, thanks :D

Hi Simnor, i have a problem with the image resising, it doesn’t work, if i put an image in the post it always shows at 100% of the original size, if i choose to rescale the image with the new features of wordpress or with the percentage choosing it doesnt work. So the only size options that works are Full Size, Medium and Small.

How can i solve this?

Hi, sorry I’m not really sure what you mean, do you have a link to the blog article where you’re having the issue? If you don’t want to post your site on the public comments then you can email me via the contact form on my profile page.


Just purchased. A little frustrated with the header – as long as you use the text based logo (or a very small graphical logo) it works on mobile devices. But if you use a larger logo (wide) the menu overlaps the logo. Current workaround is to add 20px or so of blank space below my logo in the actual graphic. Not preferrable.

Also – the width of the posts and pages on the iPhone 6+ are way too skinny. There is no need for the large gutters on the left and right. Any way to make this width different so it looks right on the 6+ (I think it was probably designed for the iPhone 6 width as it looks ok on that device). Maybe design with percentages rather than hard widths? Just wondering – thanks!

Love the theme!

Awesome! – Logo issue is perfect. iPhone 6+ landscape looks great. It’s the iPhone 6+ portrait that looks a bit strange. Screengrab: http://blog.gccwired.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IMG_3928.png


Hi, you’ve added the css with the <pre> tags in it (guessing you may have copied directly from the email) it just needs to be the css you add to the field http://pastie.org/10235697


Sorry! Rookie mistake… Everything looks good – thanks again!