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Simple and Awesome theme. Good luck “simnor” :)

Wow awesome work! Good luck :)

very light and cool blog theme… congrl!

Best Blog theme i have ever seen.


Get the ball rollin :)

Cheers, hope you like it :)

I’m impressed at how quick I was able to get it up and running. Many thanks.

translation support?

Hi, it comes with .mo/.po files:

.mo: http://pastie.org/8113356 .po: http://pastie.org/8113355

Cheers, Simon

LOve it. QUite a few things to still add and do but awesome. However videos will not display. I select video for the post type and then put the vimeo or youtube link but nothing displays?

Still 5 star blogging theme

Hi, you’ll need to add a featured image, the reason for that is because it would ruin the design if we just had the embedded video behind the title (because of the controls like the play button etc.) plus the image they use for the preview on YouTube/Vimeo isn’t HD so it would look pixelated on the theme. So I set it so that you need to upload an image, that way you can upload a nice big HD image and it would look great.

Hope that helps :)

Cheers, Simon

Thanks Simon Appreciate it!

Love this theme! Great job!

Before I purchase, I did notice one issue or concern. When you view the theme on mobile/tablet screens, it appears that the post titles disappear once you click to view the full post.

Is this a bug or the desired display? Thanks

Yes that is a bug, nice spot. I will issue an update to the theme asap, for now you can add this to the Custom CSS field in the “Styling” tab of the theme options:

@media (max-width: 640px) and (min-width: 0px) { .post-top .post-header h1, .post-top .post-header h2 { color: #4f70b3; } }

Cheers, Simon

@ timtimtim I think you need to add a “Featured Image” (a still image from the video) and then it should work.

Cheers :)

One problem I noticed.

I specify the format as “Gallery” then add media as per normal to create a Gallery.

But if I reorder the images in the gallery, or even the IDs in the gallery short code, the order isn’t reflected on the site after publishing the update.

It seems to be placing them in the order of which the images were uploaded.

Hi, thanks for letting me know, added it to the list of things to fix on the next update which should be out in the next day or so.


Looks great!

Do the featured images have to be as cropped as in your demo, or can they be more typical ratio dimensions of a photo?


Hi, they wont get cropped when you upload, it will create a version of the image that is 1200 pixels width x XXXX pixels height, the XXXX will be the correct height to keep the initial ratio of the image. So if you upload an image of 2000×1500 (4:3), then the created image would be 1200×900 (4:3).

Cheers, Simon

looks really really good!

Amazing theme! Thanks for this! :)

One question; How can I change the favicon?

Hi, you could use a plugin such as this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-favicon/

Cheers, Simon

This theme looks amazing !

Some things to add : - let user define portfolio pics order - simple homepage slider showing featured posts - favicon and logo (standard + retina) customisation - retina pics for PrettyPhoto lightbox ;)

Great theme – thanks! Do you plan to support Featured Images on Pages? I’d like to add one, but they don’t show up on the page.

Thanks again – this is the first Wordpress theme I have been motivated to spend money on.

Hi, that’s a good point, I’m going to be uploading an update today to fix a few minor bugs so will add in the capability of featured images on pages.

If you haven’t already, you can go to your downloads page: http://themeforest.net/downloads and tick the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” checkbox then you should get a notification when the update has been added.

Cheers, Simon


Works great after the 1.1 update – thank you!

very interested in buying it, but I feel the weakest point of this theme is the footer… looks bulky and not to my taste at all… the rest of the design and layout is perfect… is it easy to change the layout/design of the footer?

i would give the layout and design of the blog a 8.5 rating, but the footer… possibly 3-4…

1) You’d need to hire a developer to add that functionality as it’s a customisation and that’s not provided under support.

2) It brings the videos directly from Vimeo, so that will be a Vimeo issue not a theme issue.

Cheers, Simon

I have decided against buying it for now then as the mobile experience is important for me, best of luck on sales.

item is bookmarked, maybe in the future.

OK cool, hope you find an item perfect for your site :)

Cheers, Simon

Pondering purchasing this however my complaints about it are as follows.

1. The slideshow for the featured images of the posts are not very usable. They contain small dots to change the images and their hit states are very small. This also doesn’t convey to the user very well that there are other images to look through because of how small those dots are. I would rather see arrows on the sides or as the user “pleiadene” suggested above the ability to drag/touche/swipe the images to change them. Even on a desktop it’s hard to hit those small circles with a mouse.

2. For the gallery posts it’s nice that you can change through the images in the featured header image for the posts. However, I would also like to see the ability to add that gallery to the actual post and not the header area. Can we do this or is it only conformed to the featured image area?

Those are the only two things keeping me from purchasing this.

Hi, was the plugin working prior to the update, it’s working ok on my version which is 3.6, there is however an issue with the PHP wrapper for the Dribbble API and certain versions of PHP as detailed here in the support forum: http://simnorlabs.com/ticket/cant-activate-simnor-widgets/ there’s also a link to an alternative plugin you could try.

So with the media queries issue, the css in responsive.css will overwrite the code I gave you previously for the portfolio section, so all you need to do is make that code like this:

.entry .portfolio-items li a.item-permalink { display: block !important; bottom: 0px !important; left: 0px!important; height: 400px!important; width: 100%!important; z-index: 1000!important; text-indent: -9999px!important; position: absolute !important; background: none transparent!important; }

.entry .portfolio-items li a.item-preview span.item-zoom { z-index: 1001!important; }

and that should overwrite the media query styling (through the use of the !important text), let me know if it doesn’t.

Cheers, Simon

Thanks for the CSS. It worked. Not sure why the previous CSS you gave me wasn’t working. Maybe I left something out – not sure?

The plugin worked on my local then when I went to prod with the site it was bad. In fact i spent hours trying to get the site working, and thought I was doing something wrong in transferring my local to prod even though I’ve done it numerous times. However, it turns out when I checked my server error logs it was returning an error from that plugin. Once I deleted the plugin folder everything worked. I reinstalled it from the WP marketplace, and then went to try and activate it again to see what would happen if I installed it fresh. That’s when wordpress was giving me the same syntax error I saw in my logs.

I tried editing what you discussed in the support thread and received another error.

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_VARIABLE in [removed]/wp-content/plugins/simnor-widgets/widgets/widget-dribbble.php on line 45”

I actually would like to use the dribble plugin if you can figure this out, and update me when you get it that’d be awesome. In the meantime I’ll comment it out and see what I can do with the other one.

Hi, regarding the CSS, you would have put it in correctly before, but the original responsive css would have overwritten it once you went below 980px width on a browser, so by adding !important to all of the styles it made it so that it couldn’t be overwritten.

On the plugin, once I’ve worked out a fix (I either have to find another API wrapper or fix the API wrapper that I’m currently using which isn’t my code) then you will see it in your plugin updates as normal as the plugin is hosted on the main repository, will try and remember to update you though.

Cheers, Simon

Hi, congrats for your theme! It’s awesome. Just a couple of questions before purchase.

I’m a blogger so for me it’s very important to have social sharing buttons. Are you planning to integrate them in your next update?

Also I’d prefer to have the menu always visible. Can I set up that through admin panel?

I hope you can help me out

Thanks in advance

Hi, it doesn’t come with social sharing, however I know one user of the theme is using the Jetpack plugin http://jetpack.me/ with the sharing addon and it looks good with the theme, looks like there’s a video here explaining how to set it up here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBcsaaCfr3Y alternatively there is AddThis: http://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis/ which I’ve used in the past and it’s really good. It’s best not to include social sharing within the theme code just in case twitter, facebook etc. change something and then the social sharing will break, if you use a plugin it can be updated easily and quickly.

Regarding the menu visibility, someone has already asked about that on the support forum, so this is how you’d do it: http://simnorlabs.com/ticket/menu-hard-to-find/

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon