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Is it possible do fix it

436.4KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering.

http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.8.3 (84.4KiB) http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.1/jquery.min.js (83.5KiB) http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js?ver=20111117 (63.6KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/royalslider.js?ver=9.2.0 (39.7KiB) http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/follow_button.1358874195.html (34.3KiB of inline JavaScript) http://a.vimeocdn.com/p/1.4.28/js/player.core.opt.js (33.3KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/fancybox.js?ver=2.1.3 (18.4KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/bxslider.js?ver=4.0 (14.7KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/flexslider.js?ver=2.1 (14.6KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/js/jquery.form.min.js?ver=3.25.0-2013.01.18 (12.5KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/uniform.js?ver=1.7.5 (9.7KiB) http://s0.wp.com/wp-content/js/devicepx-jetpack.js?ver=201304 (9.4KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/js/scripts.js?ver=3.3.3 (4.2KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/easing.js?ver=1.3 (3.5KiB) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/superfish.js?ver=1.4.8 (2.5KiB) http://player.vimeo.com/video/41165213 (2.3KiB of inline JavaScript) http://themeforest.net/item/bloggit-responsive-wordpress-blogmagazinenews/full_screen_preview/3866432 (1.4KiB of inline JavaScript) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/fitvids.js?ver=1 (928B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/ajax-load.js?ver=1 (843B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/responsive.js?ver=3.5 (818B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/global.js?ver=1.0 (612B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/royalslider-home-init.js?ver=1.0 (555B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/plugins/bloggit-color-switcher/includes/js/bg_switcher.js?ver=3.5 (443B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/flexslider-home-init.js?ver=1.0 (159B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/js/footer-carousel-init.js?ver=1.0 (138B) http://www.flickr.com/badge_code_v2.gne?count=8&display=latest&size=s&layout=x&source=user&user=52617155@N08 (125B) http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bloggit/ (80B of inline JavaScript)

I’m assuming you are talking about Google Page speed, correct?

This isn’t really an “issue” per-se I just don’t have a caching plugin on my live demos for several reasons.

If you notice it says “436.4KiB” that wouldn’t even make a half a second difference in loading speed.

Also…a lot of these files you see are being added by my demo switcher (not included in the theme) as well as JetPack (a plugin, not part of the theme), vimeo (not part of the theme), twitter widget ( a plugin, not part of the theme).

If you were to test the theme itself without all the added plugins and such for the demo purposes, it would get a much higher score ;)

Also, i forgot to “smush” my demo images prior to upload. Doing that would also increase the score.

In general I do code my themes with speed in mind…loading jQuery only when needed, resizing featured images, loading jQuery in the footer and not the header…etc.

Congrats, nice one, have a many,many sales ;)


Thanks girl!

Great theme from one of the best theme developers i know, good luck with sales. I’ll definitely get one of this.

Thanks for making it available.


Thanks for the kind words!

Hi, I run a magazine website, I want to know if you plan to include microdata or Google Rich Snippets?


Hi there,

These should honestly be added via a plugin. The reason NO ONE should add these functions to a theme is if you ever decide to switch themes, you will lose all your valuable SEO efforts.

I have just purchased this theme and am having problem with uploading, which of the file do i upload.



I’d have to take a look to see how you are doing it. Are you using HTML for an image ad like the default or using adsense?

if you want to open a ticket at WPthemehelp.com (so its private) I can take a closer look for you!


Adsense and some HTML code was getting stripped, I just made a quick update to the options.php file, to make it work. If you email me or open a ticket I will send it to you ;)

TF version will be updated shortly.


am using adsense and addynamo. I will open a ticket so you could take a look. Thanks.

You are by far one of the best WP theme creators on this site! Two thumbs up man :-) Great job


Thanks bud, I appreciate that ;)

tbuza Purchased

Hello, the theme is excellent, however I have a problem when installing Google Adsense under Theme options/Ads. After saving the javascript code disappears (it’s stript out from code) and the banner is not displayed.

Is there any advice?


Sorry about this issue,

I made an update yesterday to fix that problem. The update is now live and ready to download. If you re-download the file you can replace the options.php and the includes/slider-one.php file to get the update.

Adding the changelog to the page right now!

tbuza Purchased

A+ for support. It works now :)


Glad you got it fixed up! Sorry for any troubles

Hello, It’s a very nice Theme ! But how can I choose to display articles of several categories in the slider ? Thank you


Hi there,

Create 1 parent category and then make those other categories sub-categories.

Of what I do, create 1 category called “featured” and then put your posts in there. This way you have much greater control.


hey, I did one category with sub categories but when I click on any sub-category of my menu it appears an error 404. How can I solve these problem ?


Sounds like a permalink issue. Try re-saving your permalinks and make sure you don’t have any any conflicting slugs on your site. Could be due to the slug category base format.

This theme is really nice! 2 Pre buy questions:

1. Is it possible to include videos in the top main slider? 2. Do you provide a demo xml file. If so, does the theme look the same after importing the xml file?


1. Most definately. I added one for an example. See the one labeled “Epic Car Show…”

2. Yes it includes a sample data file. But I can’t give you the images from my demo due to PhotoDune licensing terms, so all images have been replaced with a dummy image.

Is possible hide the top slider? Available in spanish languaje?


1. Yes, if you don’t select a category for the slider it won’t show ;)

2. There are .po and .mo files available but I haven’t made any translations, you’ll have to do that, sorry.

cilene Purchased

I just bought this theme I got this error .

Warning: require_once(/home/c21431/public_html/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/functions/widgets/widget-areas.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/c21431/public_html/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/functions.php on line 52

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/c21431/public_html/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/functions/widgets/widget-areas.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/c21431/public_html/wp-content/themes/Bloggit/functions.php on line 52

I uploaded just bloggit from upload file. What I missed? and I do not understand why people complicate the installation template. If WordPress allows you to install with just a few clicks.


ThemeForest requires us to setup the download files in this manner. This way people are forced to extract the zip and look at the documentation/licensing (i think thats the reason).

According to the error, it looks like that file “widget-areas.php” isn’t on your server or your server permissions are set to strictly.

The file is definitely included with the theme, you can double check though if you’d like.

If you’d like to open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com I can assist you with the install.

Would there be any reason why the latest posts wouldn’t be showing up on the homepage under ‘Latest Posts’? I cannot figure out why they are not populating underneath. I even uploaded your sample content to see if that would trigger them to show up…nope. I disabled all plugins, etc etc…still won’t show up. Also, the main slider, not advancing on its’ own? Just sits on the first frame.


I didn’t set the main slider to auto-transition as you can see in the demo. It should be possible to change that though if you wish. You could open a ticket at wpthemehelp.com so I can assist with that modification.

Regarding the latest posts…Make sure under Settings->Reading you have the homepage set to Front Page Displays “Your latest posts”. That’s the only thing I can think of without actually looking at your site’s back-end.

Any chance of this being done in a “Dark” theme for more of a “charcoal look” or around colors #151515


Do you have any recommendations on a gallery plug in, I prefer lightbox, is it compatible? and inside the CSS, I noticed that it’s written pretty tight, Is this how it comes as seen in the source or is it clearer in sections. I know you guys like to smush stuff like this up since it is the CSS.


The theme comes with fancybox plugin built-in – you can add the class “fancybox” to any link to open in lightbox.

The theme also has custom styling built-in for the WordPress media gallery – see here: (optional of course)


My server has a caching system and CDN running which minifies the code for faster loading for the demos.

The actual theme is very clean and commented. Ask any of my customers and they will vouch for my clean code ;)


Thank you, I knew you guys do something with the code. And now I see the gallery part. Again Awesome work !!


first: I love the theme, the only theme in 2 or 3 weeks with JUST a blogstyle. No magazine, no gallery, no portfolio.. JUST BLOG! thx ;)

A question:

I would like to change on a single seite the words “Related Posts”. <section id=”related-posts”>

Related Posts


Where is this located.

thx 4 your help


Have a look at the file content-related-posts.php line 28.

Thanks for the purchase, I’m glad you like it!


I have a question before I buy. I see in the demo that you have different variations of patters for the background for this theme. My only problem is that they are pretty much all the same color from light to dark, is there any way to add an image background to this theme? Or change colors for background plates? Please advise. Theme looks amazing I just need more color for my eyes, lol.



Hi JH,

Of course. WordPress has it’s own background editor located at Appearance->background. Here you can change the background color and/or upload your own custom background 8-)

Not all themes activate this function…but I definitely do!

bmac123 Purchased

Absolutely awesome theme! Thank you so much. I just wasted more than a month trying to get a Kolakube MD3 skin to work on Thesis 2. What a nightmare!! Your theme is light years ahead!

One question. Would it be possible to insert an option (aweber for instance) into the Homepage Tagline space?

Thanks again and best of luck with many sales!


Should work…why not try?

bmac123 Purchased

i did and it did not display…


I can’t really help without looking. This is outside the scope of support, but if you open a ticket at my support site – wpthemehelp.com – i should have a moment to take a look for u. Please make a temp admin account and submit the logins with the ticket and a description of the issue.

cilene Purchased

How to configure this template. In my not have options. u have a tutorial?


See your second message, I responded there.


When you activate the theme it should automatically install the Options Framework plugin. If for some reason your server did not, you can find it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/options-framework/ – once active you will find the theme options.

Also when you unzip the download from ThemeForest there will be a folder called Documentation, this is where the guide is ;)

Thanks for the purchase, let me know if you can’t get it working!

Hi , First of all, thank you for this wonderdul theme, i love it.

I want to buy it, but i have few questions about the theme. I have a blog about real estate ( it’s a french blog) http://www.actu-agences-immo.fr/ So i want to change all that blog with bloggit theme.

-Is it possible to hide the top slider?

-I only have few pictures so i am wondering, Can i put only text article in the slider ?

- the theme is only available in english, can i do something to have my dashboard in French?

Thank you


1. The top slider is 100% option. As long as you don’t select a category for the slider it won’t show up.

2. This slider is image based so It’s not going to work with just text. But maybe you can use an external plugin for that?

3. The theme includes .mo and .po files it should be translatable via those. Are you familiar with doing that in WordPress?


Ok thank you for all your informations. Yes, i know couple of things about wordpress :) , but i still want to learn more, especially concerning sliders, plugins…

2) What external plugin could i use for please ? 3) ok i just readed an article on internet talking about .mo and .po, so i understand that and thank you to have include it in your worpress theme, so know he would be easier for me ^^


2. Not quite sure there are TONS of slider plugins out there you’ll have to look and see which you like best. Then to add to the theme you would use the do_shortcode() function in your front-page.php template (i could write up a small knowledgebase article for how to include an external slider if you open a ticket at my site wpthemhelp.com – since it’s quick and easy)


Very nice theme, thinking of buying it. I have few questions:

1. About the featered image. It is 16:9 on page and in the slider, but in the post overview it is a rectangle. Does the theme slice the image that way? And does it just crop to centre? Or do you need the slice two images, one for slider and one for overview?

2. The top menu and breaking news can be disabled I think?

3. On the homepage, the latest post are displayed. Can you also display post by category, so you could have more latest post of different categorys under each other?

Thank you for your time.


1. The theme auto crops the featured images. You just have to set one featured image and it will crop them. People normally set large images. Also you can disable the use of the rectangle featured image on the post via the admin.

2. Yes they can ;)

3. This feature isn’t built-in. I wanted to showcase just the latest posts with a the ajax feature. But maybe a good idea for a future update.


Thanks, The ajax feature is also very good, but can be insert in every catecory on the homepage offcourse, goog luck with that :)