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ethkg Purchased

Cool theme and very good/fast support, I recommend ;-)

Cheers :)

I have a question, the boy image can be changed?


If you mean the logo image (face) on the top left, it could be changed in the theme options.

The other graphics tho can be only changed via modifying the theme’s CSS and/or editing the graphic files.

Hope that helps,

Yes, thank you!, If i need more help could give me a hand?.

Sure, if you have any questions, please let me know.


Two questions, 1. Can the videos be added in the posts? 2. Can the boy’s face be changed to someone’s photo?

It wold be great to let me know.

Cheers, Fred

Hi there,

1. There are few shortcodes for different type of videos (self-hosted, youtube etc) in WP post editor by default. Therefore yes, videos can be posted inside of the post content;

2. If you mean the logo image (top-left corner), then yes – it can be easily changed via theme options.

Hope that helps.


I just emailed you about the style.css error. I should have searched the comments first because I found the answer. Thanks!

No problem at all :)

Hello, I love this theme so far but I have a question. There are two sidebars but it will only let me customize one and therefore there are repeated items. Any insight on how to fix this?


Once again, found the answer myself….

Hi, thanks for the nice theme. How can we remove or customize the information boxes next to each blog post at the left side, like author, comments etc..?


When I tried to remove them by the editor, the blog post pages are disappearing and I am getting sad..! :)

anyone to answer?..


In order to tweak this you may need to edit the archive.php and single.php files and look for the code wrapped between

<div class="meta">


Hope that helps,

On the home page the little girl standing and pointing at the squiggly box, can she be removed or changed to something else?


There are only two options, depending of the skin chosen: it could be either the boy image or the girl one.

Removing it completely or changing it with someone else would require editing theme’s graphic files and probably some CSS code as well.

Hope that helps,

When I upgraded the theme, on single post, it is not showing featured posts >>

Featured image is missing in top


Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear it doesn’t work the way you expect. I’ll make sure we take those into account for the next update.


When I share post on Facebook / Twitter, featured image are not coming. It was fine in earlier version , but in new version its not appearing, when I searched in google, found that some code might be missing in theme. If you can help on priority on this ?


I just tested sharing a post from our live preview and it worked fine.

My guess is that you probably use plugins which are somehow blocking fb from getting the featured image.

Hope that helps,

In blogo theme, what should be dimensions of Mobile logo.

I am using at , in mobile version logo not coming proper.


jfergt Purchased


I have a bug in my site, in slider the image is not displayed.

My site is:

I have selected two options (Promote to Slider and Show featured image)

Can you help me please?


Could you please send me login details privately so I can take a look? You can do that by sending e-mail via our profile page.


I bought the WP version. Can I have the PSD files of the theme? So I can change the colors of the template? Thank

Hello :) I’ve bought Blogo, for my WordPress blog. I would like to change the colors of the differents elements, to make them more feminine. Could you please send me the psd for the differents pages? Thank you very much,


Hi Raphaƫlle,

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on a vacation during the last days. Could you please e-mail me (via our profile page) and let me know which colour scheme are you using, so I can send you the files needed.



webmojo Purchased


We purchased the theme and would like to know how we can set the speed of the slider on the homepage. We need it to be a little bit slower.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi Patrick,

You can change the speed of the autoslide by tweaking the blogo/js/slider.js file (lines 11 and 23).


Have Bookmarked it a long time ago ! Just Purchased it ! Now a Proud owner of Blogo !!! GLWS :-)

Cheers :)

Can i get the PSD files mailed to

Replied mate :-)

Mail received ! Thanks Mate :-)

You are welcome. Happy holidays!

Hello , i want the front page “Short Excerpt” text to align justify . How to do that please ?

My post content has style p style=”text-align: justify” it only reflects inside post but not in “Short Excerpt”

Hi there,

Front page’s excerpt is escaping html tags and styles, therefore you have to add this to the main CSS file. Please add the following rule:

.home #content .posts .post .content p {
    text-align: justify;


Worked like charm . Thanks a lot Niki .


Comment / Reply box is missing in my posts . I enabled in admin dashboard . still missing

Update : Now enabled by clicking screen options on post then select discussion then click show comments . But now if you look at the above link on comment section i see a error called “Invalid request signature.”

My mistake actually, sorry about that. It is indeed a theme issue, we are going to fix it as soon as possible and release an update.

Sure mate. Just update me when done .

Will do. Cheers