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Great theme ! And the support for this theme is really good – fast and efficient ;)

Hi, Tweeter feed doesn’t work, there is an upgrade? (I have the 2013’s version)

Hi Can you set it to load the posts on thehomepage rather than having to hit the “show more posts” link?

Hi rooon,

Until the next update this feature is not available inside the admin area (new update should be done in 3/4 weeks since I’m changing a ton of things with this theme)

However, it is a matter of changing one line of code so I wouldn’t mind helping you achieve this if you want it done asap to your theme. Just shoot me a message through my profile page and I can send you the file change and instructions or even just do it for you. I don’t mind.

Hope that helps!

I purchased this theme a while ago and only recently required support.

I have to congratulate this developer for the level of support they give!

Hghly recommended to anybody thinking of purchasing this or any theme from this developer.

Just one question….can i share my videos from youtube like the way you got the videos on the demo?

Hi spitwars!

You bet! Any embed code you can grab a video of can be used. Same for audio clips :)

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


I’m having 2 problems with Blogphix where I post to wordpress and all I get are 404 errors. Also, when I delete posts on wordpress, it still shows up on the internet. My internet works fine. I am currently using wordpress 4.1 – do I have to reinstall 3.9?

Thanks, Chris

Your demo doesn’t work right now.