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Great theme. But is there a way to remove ou decrease the vertical space between the areas? Like the end of ” know the team” and the “services’ for example? I can’t figure out how to do it. Thank you and best regards.

Good morning Im a professional photographer I have a couple questions before I buys this however. Can I add more than the tabs than you have and or r name them, also can I have just a youtube or video page also can I selcet different fonts I sell my work and workshops from my current sit.

Can I add various fonts ?

Hello, How would you add a Anti spam, are you human? filter


Love the theme, everyone has been giving me great feedback.

Few questions:

1) I have my own logo, and it looks great on the site, but it is not scaling with responsive abilities… the logo is cut off on iphone and android.

2) When inputting info into the contact form, everything works once I click “Send Email”, except the form disappears (which I am OK with), but the google map moves over the confirmation message “Thank You ….”

Sorry for the delay guys, but I’m back now!

First of all I want to apologize that I haven’t had time to give enough support for my themes for the past months. But that’s about to change now and i am ready to work again :)

A new awesome template is comming soon :D

At some unknown time, but quite recently, all links to the “work” bookmark ceased functioning. The testimonial section stop rotating, and opened up spread down the page showing all testimonials as a list.

The very curious part of this is that I re-downloaded the full version, and put it in a new subdirectory, and even that untouched version is doing the same thing. I changed nothing in the new downloaded version of the index.html, yet it does not function either.

This is happening not only on my Mac, but also on my hosting server as well. This suggests that my Mac, and my hosting server contain some file telling all or one of the scripts within Bloom to cease functioning.

Can anyone assist me in this problem?

BAgnes Purchased

I have the same problem as Unoque has. I didn’t change anything in the codes and a couple of days ago under the “Portfolio” section, when I try to open any picture or video, the #work-open function stopped working and nothing is opening.

I tried open it on Mac and Windows, in Chrom and Safari as well and neither of them worked.

Can somebody help how to solve this problem?

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The same problem is showing up on my site as well.

BAgnes Purchased

It seems that more people has the same problem. Is there anybody who is supporting this theme? Because the portfolio section is completely useless in this way.

Can somebody solve this issue asap please? Thank you.

To everyone that posted within the past week regarding the #work function under portfolio not working, the same is happening to me as well. I just attempted to do a monthly update to my site and it too is not working, I checked the bloom template currently on this site and it too is not working, I also checked a back up file of my site from February which worked last month but now is not. I suspect that the .js file needs to be updated or is corrupted and unfortunately I’m not a .js pro, so in essence I’m stuck!

Hopefully someone checks these reviews and follow up with each of us soon.

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I have the fix.

In the html a java script is loaded from a website not your server. Look near the bottom line 1133, it looks like this: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cloud.github.com/downloads/malsup/cycle/jquery.cycle.all.latest.js”></script>

That location no longer has the code.

We need to point it to our javascript folder <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery.cycle.all.js”></script>

If you don’t have the cycle script it can be found here. http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/

Cheers, Lucas

Many thanks@lhorrobin. the fix worked great!

Problem fixed guys, please download the template again.

Thanks lhorrobin for the fix.

I’m back now :D

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Thank you Lucas @lhorrobin! This is exactly what was needed.

Hi, I’m facing the same problem described above, and the fix apparently didn’t work.

I tried replacing the missing script with: <script src="js/jquery.cycle.all.js" type="text/javascript"></script> and of course the file is present in my js folder.

Though the issue is still there. Did you change anything other than that?

I downloaded the newer version and there it all works fine. Though since I changed a lot of the template for my site, I can’t easily replace it.


Thanks, Gianluca


Hey, I fixed the problem by the way. It was related to changes I did to the template, but it was a strange one.

It seems though that the scrolling doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 10. This is cumbersome because the portfolio section doesn’t show its content. Anyone noticed this?

I currently use the HTML template for a client and they’d like to switch to Wordpress. Any idea why the Wordpress version is no longer available? Thanks!