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takeo1 Purchased

Hey Sergio!

First up, wonderful template, great documentation, responsiveness works great and easy possibilities of customization!

Here is my page, www.hirsch-mann.com . I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to reduce the loading time of the page, it really takes some time for all the posts to appear even after the spinner isn’t showing anymore. Also some posts load faster than others so that the grid has “holes”, doesn’t look nice. The demo blog for example loads way faster compared to my page.

I would be really thankful for any advice :)



Hi Timo,

Your site loads significantly faster now. Looking at some of your thumbnail images I think they could be optimized even more, if/when you have the time. I noticed you have exported most of them as PNG, but you would benefit from saving them as optimized JPEGs. That will make the images significantly smaller.

JPEGs are for photographs and realistic images. PNGs are for line art, text-heavy images, and images with few colors.

Now to your questions:

I’m afraid you can’t change the way the URL looks. Even if you remove everything after the post ID (the numeric portion of the URL), Tumblr will automatically add it when loading the post permalink.

Instead of using hidden posts you could create pages, at the bottom of the customizer (Add a page).

How to use pages

Pages use the same layout as text posts though, so your About page won’t look the same that way, but you could use some CSS to float the image to the left and have the text wrap around it.

I’m not sure I understand what’s wrong with your email address—it displays fine on your About page. If the issue is that the email address isn’t visible on posts you load with Ajax on the homepage, that’s because any inline JavaScript is discarded when loading content with Ajax, so the code isn’t executed. There’s no way around that.



takeo1 Purchased

Hi Sergio,

those PNG thumbnails were still to be changed, which I did by now.

Your hint about changing the post ID already helped a lot. It was just disturbing that the about permalink url consisted of “half” the text written on this page.

And you understood the thing about the email just perfectly right, the fact that Ajax won’t execute the java code answers the question.

Thank you very much for your awesome support!

Best, Timo


You’re very welcome, Timo!

The “About Me” URL looks a lot better now. Let me know if you need help with anything else.



I’ve entered my Google Analytics property ID but Google tells me the site is not receiving hits. Where can I put the actual tracking code?


The only difference I see on the snippet is the

ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X', 'tumblr.com');


ga('create', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X', 'auto');

As you’re using a custom domain name, that might be the problem. Please let me know if your snippet works!



Crap, I forgot to tell you the above snippet works! Thank you!


No worries! Thank you for letting me know ;)

fhdf Purchased

Sergio, thank you very much for this amazing theme. I purchased it, and I love it.

I have a question related to the grid-overlay: how can I get rid of the border around the thumbnail?

(To explain a bit better: when I go over a thumbnail with the mouse, I want to mantain the overlay color and info, but I would like to get rid of the border)

Thank you, Flavio


Oh, I know what’s going on… If the permalink buttons are hidden by the option “Hide Permalink Button”, the script is sending Disqus the wrong URL when posting or retrieving comments — my bad!

Shouldn’t be too hard to fix though. Please send me an email using the form on my profile page so I can send you a patched file as soon as it’s ready.

Off topic, I really like what you did to the thumbnail overlays :)



fhdf Purchased

I’ve sent it. Thank you so much!

(Just so you know, before coming across your theme I was about to switch to wordpress. Your theme is the main reason I’m still on tumblr right now. Thanks for your great work!)


I’ve just replied to your email. Thanks for the kind words, and for pointing out this issue—I would probably have never found it myself.


Hi -

I love your theme! I bought it as part of Themeforest’s Blogger Bundle last year. I just tried to install it and saw that it didn’t look the way it looks on screen.

My guess is that I probably need an update from the version of your theme that came with the bundle last year. I wanted to see if I can get the update to the theme for free or some kind of discount. I would really appreciate it if this is possible.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks and have a lovely day!


Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words :)

The theme has got some minor visual refreshes over the year, but it should virtually the same when installed. Maybe you’re having installation issues?

It’s my understanding that items in bundles are sold “as-is”, and they are not entitled to updates or support. I would help you with any issues you may have but unless the theme shows up on your “downloads” tab, you won’t be able to update it.

Better to open a ticket with Support and see what they have to say:


It can take a few days before they get back to you, especially this time of the year.



Hello Sergio,

I was wondering if it’s possible to turn a background image or the slider image at the top of the page into a full-size responsive header, just like this site’s header: http://stuffandnonsense.co.uk/.

Something that fully covers the width of the site.



No, it’s not that. They changed the post editor on the dashboard recently. Now when you make the text bold it gets wrapped with <b></b> tags instead of <strong></strong> tags, like it used to. It seems like a regression to me, the old way was the ‘correct’ way.

I’ll update the script to account for both tags, but in the meantime, you can switch the editor to HTML mode and replace the <b></b> tags with <strong></strong> tags, and it should work. See image below:


Once again you’re right, Sergio. And they didn’t tell me about that change in the post editor (too bad…) I’ll keep on editing the html then. Thank you!!!


Hi Sol,

The latest update will work with both <strong> and <b> tags. Since you have made some customizations to the theme, updating it will mean you will lose them and have to reapply them again. I suggest you only swap the main scripts instead.

Search for the following code near the end of the theme HTML:

<script src="http://static.tumblr.com/ganu3wf/Q6Cng48vi/main.min.js"></script>

and replace it with:

<script src="http://static.tumblr.com/ganu3wf/LgWnjh96i/main.min.js"></script>

Let me know if that works!


Hi There – A couple of things on this theme we’re using on theturf.com.au

1. Is it possible to change the loading circle to a gif of a brand specific icon of our choosing? How would we go about this?

2. In text posts, the first image is taken to be the preview image on the grid and doesn’t display in the article. Is it possible to change restrictions so that the photo can feature on the grid and in the post?

3. How can I add a standard description to come up in a google search i.e. The TURF is…. and where should I add this.

Cheers mate.


I have also tried to add with Hidden Tags, but it doesn’t seem to be working. As you can see I’ve tagged 7 posts as ‘feed’ and 5 with the additional tag ‘hideme’ – however, there are only 2 articles that are without the ‘hideme’ tag that are appearing. – http://theturf.com.au/tagged/feed


The hideme tag will hide the posts from the grid both on the index page and tag pages. Use it when you want a post to be accessed via the permalink only.

If you want to hide all posts tagged feed from the homepage, just enter the word feed as the value for the Hidden Tags option.

Regarding the banner images for tags, it may be possible with some workarounds. Email me using the form on my profile page so I can explain how.


Mailing you now, cheers

Hi I harve several questions here. Firstly, does it support different languages? Secondly, can I add muliti level dropsdown? Thirdly, can I change the color of the grid border? Lastly, can I change the social and button icons?


Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase :)

1) Does it support different languages

You can change the language for your blog on its settings page (www.tumblr.com/settings). some strings are translatable and will change accordingly. For the rest, you can search for the words “Label” on the customizer to find the relevant options.

2) Can I add multi-level dropdown?

That isn’t possible, sorry.

3) Can I change the color of the grid border?

All colors are editable. If you mean to change the color of the thumbnails overlay border, is the same as the thumbnails text and the option is named Grid Overlay Text

All the color options are listed on the docs: http://bit.ly/1BnSeVx

4) The social icons are SVG shapes, that means they are vectors. To change them you will need to be familiar with the way SVG works probably some editing software. The code for the social icons begins around line 1694, and the SVG paths for each icon are contained on the <svg viewBox="0 0 20 20"></svg> tags. Unfortunately this type of customizations are out of the scope of the item’s support and you would need to make this changes yourself or hire someone to help you.


Hi How can I update without losing my customization?


Hey there,

To update simply repeat the installation steps but pasting the up-to-date code instead. Settings on the customizer and Custom CSS should be preserved.

If you made changes to the theme HTML (the code you paste on the HTML Editor) those will be lost, so make a backup of your current theme so you can apply them again later.

If anything goes awfully wrong, you can always recover an older version of your theme using the Theme Recovery page: http://bit.ly/1BGQNCn

Hope that helps!

soriekim Purchased

hello I purchased this theme a few month ago, and this is wonderful theme! I haven’t log in my tumblr account for a while, and then today, I try to posted a picture, and name it.. but there is no more ‘html’ mode when I try to post something. I used to use


((p)(strong)title(/strong)(/p)) for the title for the thumbnails, but I guess tumblr recently limits ‘html mode’? is there other way to show a title on the thumbnail? thanks!

Hi there,

Yes, Tumblr changed the post editor recently and now bold text is output using <b></b> tags instead.

With the latest theme updates, you don’t need to access HTML mode, simply make the first paragraph bold on the visual editor. Both <b></b> and <strong></strong> tags can be used to make the “fake” titles. You should update to the latest version of the theme if you haven’t done so already.

HTML mode is now hidden on the menu at the top of the editor (click on the ‘cog’ icon).


tyuriev Purchased

Hi PixelMoxie!

Need to set page narrower from 1024 to 900. How would one go about it?


I see. If your theme is up to date, you should have an option called Ajax Permalink JS Callback. You can enter

$( '.tmblr-embed' ).fitVids();

in there and save your changes. That function will be called after the post is loaded and will make the video embed responsive.

Or you could try adding this to your Custom CSS, but this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution:

.tmblr-embed {
    position: relative;
    height: 0;
    padding-bottom: 75%;

.tmblr-embed iframe {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

Hope that helps!

tyuriev Purchased

PixelMoxie – you are seriously impressive pro! :) Thanks!


You’re welcome :)

Hi again Sergio!

Quick question – How can I change photosets to appearing the full length of the page as opposed to just the left side – http://tmblr.co/ZTSN7q1ekk-kk

I’ve looked through the docs & options and can’t seem to find a solution. Thanks!


Hi Jacob!

Look for the option Permalink Layout to change it globally for all posts. Additionally, that can be set on a per-post basis using tags. If you have the tags _left-media or _left_media on a particular post, just remove it.

More info here: http://bit.ly/1zJ6uSd

scenico Purchased

Hi Sergio! Can we have a third layout in this theme in one column for just a blog? I know already we have the hidden tags who not appear in index page for posts like news, journal etc. I want to set up a separate blog for my other thoughts with the same theme and function but with a blog layout. I guess for this is not necessary the ajax portfolio menu. Thank you


Hi there!

Due to the way Tumblr works that would involve creating a separate theme with an alternate layout. That would be quite time consuming and it’s not something I’m planning to do at the moment.

I think the best solution would be finding a blogging theme with a clean and simple layout and match it to your portfolio site in terms of colors and typography.



scenico Purchased

Ok Sergio thanks for the reply.

Google has a big SEO update specifically for mobile page rankings this April. Bloq theme does not come up as mobile friendly, which will impact mobile rankings. Can this be fixed in the next update?

Keep up the awesome work!

Here is google’s tool to test the theme. www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


I’ve used the tool before. Both the demo and your website seem to pass the mobile-friendly test:


your right it passes now. Not sure why the first couple times I tried it didn’t. Cheers!

leabilt Purchased

Hi i’ve tried the tag and to make the title and it dosn’t work even with the last version, what did i do wrong.


Tx, and brilliant theme !


Thanks for the kind words :)

To make titles for all posts you just have to select the first paragraph and make it bold on the dashboard’s post editor.

Is that what you were referring to?