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Hey Sergio!

First up, wonderful template, great documentation, responsiveness works great and easy possibilities of customization!

Here is my page, www.hirsch-mann.com . I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to reduce the loading time of the page, it really takes some time for all the posts to appear even after the spinner isn’t showing anymore. Also some posts load faster than others so that the grid has “holes”, doesn’t look nice. The demo blog for example loads way faster compared to my page.

I would be really thankful for any advice :)



Hi Timo,

Thanks for your purchase! I appreciate the nice words :)

I inspected a few of your posts —once they loaded, it took a while!— and noticed you’re hosting your thumbnail images using dropbox. Most of these images are much larger than necessary and way too heavy. I’m sure this is the main reason your page load times are so slow.

Take this image for example:


1920 pixels wide and 2.13 MB. Realistically, this image doesn’t need to be more than 700px wide. If you care for retina, then maybe 1200px, but even then, you can apply a much more aggressive image compression to reduce its weight. I downsized the image to 1200px in Photoshop and exported it as a JPG using the “Save for Web” command, then I run it through Optimizilla to squeeze a few extra Kb:


Now the image weighs only 143 Kb, 7% of its original size. I recommend you go through all your images and optimize them. Not only the images on dropbox, but the ones inside the posts too if they are too heavy.

Also, I’ve found dropbox to be too slow sometimes when delivering assets lately. It might be better to host your images using http://imgur.com/ or a similar service.

Regarding the “holes” on the grid, I know what you mean but I think it’s for the best. If we wait until all posts are loaded, a single misbehaving post would slow down the whole site. Once your images are optimized and your site loads fast, you won’t be bothered by them so much.

I hope this helps make your site load fast, please keep me posted.