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Hi Sergio, I was wondering if it was possible to remove the wording “Showing x posts tagged x” – Is it possible for the text to just show the name of the tagged category? i.e. Just ‘Photography’ instead of “Showing 34 posts tagged Photography” Thanks.

Yes, do a search for this line somewhere in your code {lang:Showing TagResultCount posts tagged Tag 2} and replace it with {Tag}. Hope that helps!

Thanks Sergio! Also – over the past day the pages in the main navigation bar have randomly re-arranged against the order they were placed in in the edit theme area. They are completely random and I’ve tried to re-arrange them, even create new pages in the correct order, but they’re still not changing . Any suggestions?

I can confirm that custom page ordering seems to be broken on the customizer at the moment. Reordering the pages and saving does nothing, they seem stuck in alphabetical order. This has nothing to do with the theme itself, it’s a glitch on the customizer, and I hope they fix it soon.


It won’t look exactly like that, because the header with the logo and nav needs to be at the very top, but you could move the homepage slider outside of the container with the class inner to make it fullwidth.

You should cut the block of code beginning with {block:IfEnableHomepageSlider} and ending with {/block:IfEnableHomepageSlider} (from lines 774 to 823 on a clean theme install) and paste it a few lines above, right between the lines

Then add a bit of Custom CSS to remove the extra margin around the slider:

banner-slider {

margin: 0 auto !important; } Hope that helps!” -pixelmoxie

Hey Sergio, I used the code above you gave to another user to make the slider full width, but it caused the slider to appear on the top of all pages too, for example www.theartofyoga.org/whoweare. Its there a fix for that? Thank you for the amazing support.

Yes, place the slider code between the tags


That way it won’t be rendered on permalink pages.

Let me know if that helps.


Alexrb Purchased

Hey, Sergio! I was thinking about change my Bloq theme for the Simple, but I’ve changed my mind. So, I was trying to place a Mailchimp signup form on the footer, between the copyright info and the social icons, but the form is only aligning to the left, as you can see here: http://i.imgur.com/IroI10Z.png So, please, could you tell where in the footer can I paste the form code snippet? Thanks!

Sounds like you need an extra third column on the footer, which is configured as a two-column layout. You will need to fiddle a bit with the markup. Please send me a message using the form on my profile page. Don’t forget to include the Mailchimp code snippet.


Hi Sergio, I’m wondering why my video postings aren’t showing on my home grid anymore (box isn’t even clickable)... any ideas? www.evolutionpie.com Thanks! (ps – I believe I am running the latest updated version, unless I’m wrong?)

Thanks very much Sergio for taking the time,

I’ll dive in to fix those and hopefully new postings will work fine… I’d been putting off video posting because of the growing complications ;)

Have a great weekend!

Oh yay, I’ve figured how to make the fake titles work again! (just bold regular, not title font, which didn’t work prior :) and switched to a Youtube version instead of private Vimeo. Now everything works, phew!

I guess the lack of a cover image as you say and/or privacy factor was blocking the ‘clickable box’ link and category colour entirely.

Anyway, glad it works now ;))

No problem, I’m glad you got it sorted out.

Enjoy your weekend :)


Yo Sergio I would like to see a featured section randomize option maybe in a future update.