Bloq - A Blocky Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

Bloq - A Blocky Portfolio Theme for Tumblr - Portfolio Tumblr

Bloq 1.3 was just released, and it’s a recommended update! These are some of the highlights:

  • Custom grid layouts for photosets: check out this post.
  • Endless scrolling. Visit the Light Demo to see it in action.
  • Featured projects, with a Swiper powered slider and custom cover images.
  • jQuery Zoom for really large images (single photos and photoset stacked layouts only).
  • History implementation with Sammy.js.
  • Code syntax highlighting with over forty style themes.
  • Facebook comments.

Read the complete changelog here:

BLOQ is an stylish, blocky portfolio theme for designers and creatives. It features two different layout modes, a filterable portfolio grid, a touch optimized image slider, dark and light preset skins to get you started, and much more!

To learn more about the theme, please check the Online Documentation.

  • Responsive layout—your portfolio looks great on phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Retina ready—BLOQ uses a combination of HTML5 canvas drawings and webfont icons, looking great on any device and specially on high density displays.
  • Custom image logo—optionally with hover state and high resolution variations.
  • Touch optimized homepage slider—BLOQ uses swipe.js, the most accurate touch slider. You can upload up to five images with their own caption and URL.
  • Unique portfolio grid with two different layout modes: Masonry and Segmented Rows. The last one is similar to the way Tumblr displays photosets natively
  • Dynamically load the next set of portfolio projects on the homepage with Ajax.
  • Ajaxified portfolio filter.
  • Ajaxified permalinks—load your project’s description without leaving the homepage.
  • Homepage Hero and Call-to-Action, to display a welcome message for your visitors and grab your users attention.
  • Collapsible widget area: the widget area on top can be toggled and re-positions to the right side on smaller screens.
  • Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble and Instagram feeds.
  • Support for the following Tumblr post types: text, photo, photoset, quote, link, chat, audio, and video.
  • Google Web Fonts for site-wide headings.
  • Social icons: Behance, deviantArt, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LastFM, LinkedIn, MySpace, Picasa, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube.
  • Support for Disqus commenting system.
  • Easy Google Analytics implementation.
  • Support for user created pages.
  • Ask and Submit enabled.
  • Chock-full of options—all colors can be changed from the customization sidebar
  • Comprehensive documentation.

v1.3.6 June 17, 2014

  • New: Support for “Answer” post type.
  • New: Hidden Tags. Hide posts with certain tags on the homepage, but show them on tag pages.
  • New: Option to disable URL hash parameters when using Ajax.
  • New: Option to hide extra content (slider, etc.) on index pages other than the first one.
  • New: Option to limit the thumbnail titles to a maximum number of characters.
  • New: Drop Caps for post details.
  • New: Support for Font Awesome icons.
  • New: 500px social icon.
  • Changed: Behavior for photosets with custom thumbnail images.
  • Fixed: Changed the class name of the social icons wrapper to prevent Ad blocking extensions from hiding them.
  • Fixed: First image on pages was hidden when custom cover images for text posts was enabled globally.
  • Fixed: Error when opening the actual link on a “Link” post on the grid when custom cover images for text posts was enabled globally.
  • Fixed: Error when retrieving the default thumbnail image for Vimeo videos.
  • Fixed: Rendering issues in Chrome.

v1.3.5 March 25, 2014

  • Fix: Fixed gaps between thumbnails in Masonry layout. Improved thumbnail sizing.
  • Fix: Thumbnail image opacity is applied correctly now.
  • Fix: Prevent slider from firing when only one slide is present.

v1.3.4 March 20, 2014

  • Fix: Social icons SoundCloud URL.

v1.3.3 March 18, 2014

  • New: Option for thumbnails to use headings font family (“Thumbnails Use Headings Font Family”).
  • Fix: Resolved a conflict with jQuery Zoom and photosets.
  • CSS: Removed “backface-visibility” from asides CSS rules.
  • Minor JavaScript fixes.

v1.3.2 March 08, 2014

  • Fix: Fill unsightly gaps between thumbs when using the “Rows” layout on the grid.
  • Fix: Endless scrolling re-triggered itself after posts were loaded sometimes.

v1.3.1 February 27, 2014

  • Fix: Loading posts with Ajax would throw an error when the portfolio filter was disabled.
  • Fix: Scrolling improvements when opening/closing the Ajax expander.
  • Fix: Clean up utility tags from project descriptions.

v1.3.0 February 26, 2014

  • Complete rewrite of the underlying code and very minor restyling.
  • New: Optional infinite/endless scrolling.
  • New: History implementation with Sammy.js – App state recall using the URL hash (#).
  • New: Optional cover images for Text, Quote and Link posts.
  • New: Featured projects and Featured Projects Swiper.
  • New: Optional custom grid layouts for photosets.
  • New: Custom photoset image lightbox.
  • New: Optional featured image for photosets (display first image on the set only on the grid).
  • New: jQuery Zoom for really large images (single photos and photosets stacked layout only).
  • New: Option for equal column widths on project details.
  • New: Options to set header heights (normal and compact).
  • New: Optional text based logo.
  • New: Code syntax highlighting with over forty style themes.
  • New: Scroll to top button.
  • New: Added Email social icon.
  • New: Option to hide the “permalink” button on the Ajax expander.
  • New: Disqus comments are now available on the Ajax expander.
  • New: Optionally display Facebook comments.
  • New: Collapsible panels for comments and notes.
  • Fix: Retina logo on Chrome for iOS.
  • Misc: Bloq now uses SVG for icons instead of HTML canvas and webfonts.
  • Misc: Use CSS3 transforms and transition whenever possible.

v1.2.0 September 12, 2013

  • New: Option to set layout for permalink pages (project details) globally (left, right, or fullwidth media).
  • New: Built-in Google Fonts options for main body text.
  • New: Ability to visually hide individual posts from the portfolio grid.

v1.1.1 September 10, 2013

  • Fix: Fixed loading more post with Ajax on ‘tagged’ pages.
  • Fix: Better behaviour of portfolio filter on ‘tagged’ pages.
  • New: Google Web Font option for ‘Call-to-Action’ and ‘Homepage Hero’ blocks.
  • New: Options to specify Google Web Font script subset (like Cyrillic and Greek, for example).
  • New: Options to hide the Slider, ‘Call-to-Action’ and ‘Homepage Hero’ blocks on ‘tagged’ pages.
  • Fix: fixes Twitter Widget timestamp on Internet Explorer.

v1.1.0 July 09, 2013

  • New: “Previous” and “Next” arrows to navigate between projects.
  • New: “Previous post” and “Next post” buttons on project permalinks.
  • New: “Like” button on project details Share box.
  • New: Option to show text based toggle for searchform instead of icon.
  • New: Typography helper classes (“align-left”, “align-right”, etc.)
  • Minor CSS improvements.

v1.0.4 June 21, 2013

  • Added “Use Wide Thumbnails On Mobile” option.
  • Fixes for a rendering bug in webkit browsers.
  • Fix for off-canvas sidebar not showing when changing orientation on the iPad.
  • Major and minor JavaScript and CSS fixes.

v1.0.3 May 11, 2013

  • Fixes some glitches when scrolling the site on Mobile Safari (iPhone/iPad).
  • Improved smooth scrolling when opening/closing project details.
  • Better handling of “retina” logo images. CSS rewrite to fix some logo display glitches on Mobile Safari.
  • Fixes an issue when embedding videos from certain sources, such as CNN.

v1.0.2 May 06, 2013

  • Fixes and improvements for the Ajax portfolio filter.
  • Correct color coding of thumbnails overlays when using categories containing more than a single word.
  • Add optional jQuery fallback for the filter for blogs displayed in non-western languages.

v1.0.1 April 18, 2013

  • Fix a JavaScript error when embedding videos from Vimeo using non-standard embed code.
  • Fix an issue when the Ajax portfolio filter wouldn’t work when using a custom domain name for the tumblog.
  • Add option to hide the top widget area entirely.
  • Add missing sections to the documentation.

v1.0 April 16, 2013

  • Initial release

Click here for a list of the resources used in the making of this theme.