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I have a question regarding the header slideshow in the bloq theme (amazing job by the way!).

I’d like to eliminate the parallax effect and have an ordinary slideshow, it keeps jumping on both Mac and Windows and any browsers. How can I do that?

Second question, you allow 5 slides from the WP admin interface, how to add a 6th one?

Hope to hear from you soon Thank you


Hi togadastudio,

thanks for your purchase :)

to add one more slide, please, take a look to /admin/theme-settings.php, here you can find the right sintax from line 137 to line 141. Then you’ve to edit the function glg_header_slider (funtions.php line 511) to add the new slide in the frontend.

Removing the parallax is quite difficult because it is embed into the theme :(



I’ve upgraded our site from a previous version of your theme, and have the shortcodes plugin installed—how do I carry over prior shortcodes to the new setup? Thanks!

Hi schell-lilith, please, could you explain us your issue?

Thanks :)

I’ve got an existing site that was built for us in WP a couple years ago, and I’m a coder but barely know WP (I volunteer for a non-profit). Some of the theme files were hacked by a spammer and rather than restoring, I figured it was a good time to update to the newest theme version. However the site now has unrendered tags displayed, all prefixed “glg_” I don’t know if these were done custom by the original developer, or are from a legacy version of the theme. Either way I need to carry them over to the updated version :)

Hi schell-lilith,

we updated Bloq with a new set of shortcodes :( Unfortunately you’ve to insert the another time.




Great theme. Quick question. Is there a way i can control the speed of the slider on the home page. I need to speed it up if at all possible. Many thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

sure, you could edit it using the code :)



That’s great thanks. Where would i find that specific bit of code? Cheers

Hi NowAdvertising,

sure, you’ve to edit index.php, page.php, thmlv-page-archive.php, thmlv-page-blog.php, thmlv-page-home.php, thmlv-page-portfolio.php, thmlv-page-team.php and add the “slideshowSpeed: VALUE” to all flexbox javascript.

For example to speed up to 1 second:

<script type="text/javascript"> jQuery('.flexslider').flexslider({ animation: "slide", controlNav: false, directionNav: false, slideshowSpeed: 1000 }); </script>



Hello, I really love your theme! I recently updated from free to purchased and have been having some small issues. Could you help me fix those please! 1. all the icons have changed (same in different browsers chrome, firefox and safari) and look horrible, they are also much bigger than before. 2. I don’t have a logo in the menu header and would love to center the menu items! I tried it with a fix that you posted for someone else a while ago (style.css change at line 459, header#primary-header nav ul.primary-menu text-align: center; and change at line 514, ul.primary-menu li float: none;) but that somehow gave me an off centred menu to the right. 3. my blog entries have a centred heading in the blogroll – can you point me to the spot where can i change those to align left?

thank you so much! Kat

oh, and viewed on a mobile, all the portfolio post pics are blurry now!

Hi Kat,

we changed the icon set from Entypo to Font Awesome to achieve a better compatibility with browsers. Please download the latest version of Bloq (1.4.2).

Regards, Themelovin