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Great work as always guys!

Looks nice! Good luck with sales :)

Great job, love the theme! :)

Really very nice theme! Good luck! :)

Really nice theme! Any way of creating a simple gallery page? Or will that come with time :)


Hi, there’s no gallery template included as yet, if there is enough call for it them possibly something which could be added.

Do you provide the sample content in the download package. It would be nice to have some of your homepage shortcode directly in a file ready to import :) . I will probably buy it, since it seem that i can put a big video display on the frontpage, jut like in your “Parallel Parking (Vimeo)” post. Perfect for my next projet, a video artist portefolio.

And sorry but, Y U NO ADD RETINA SUPPORT ? It would be something interesting, i would be ready to pay 2-5$ more for the theme.



1. Yep, sample content can be garabbed from our support forums http://www.themezilla.com/support/

2. Retina represents a tiny section of users right now with only one device from a single manufacturer being Retina enabled. At a guess, more people use IE6 than have a retina MBP , which is also not supported. When the technology grows into more devices then we’ll of course look to support it.

clean work as always.. good luck!

Good luck with sales , congrats :)

Super! Why where is no project section or project details?


Hi, the entire front page is your portfolio. Each block can show the project details either alongside the media or below it depending on the layout you select.

Hi Orman, is it possible to click into the Video/Audio/Quote posts to enter the full post and allow posting comments and such, much like the “Continue Reading” option on the Standard post example?

Thanks in advance! :)


Oh I see, I almost missed the # symbol since I don’t usually associate it with hyperlinks. Is it possible to change the hashtag to a standard button or another string of words like “Continue Reading”? I was just curious, why was the hashtag used on the Quote and Link posts. Is it supposed to be kind of like Twitter and the way they use hashtags for links?

Thanks for the more tag tip! :)


Sure, you could jump into the code and change it to any word you’d like.


Thanks, Orman! :) Btw the video player looks amazing, I love the fade in fade out controls. Keep up the superb creations!

Nice theme

Is it possible to see the features of framework?


Hi, the framework is the code base the theme is built upon, something we’ve refined over the past 2 years. If you’re referring to the theme options, then a basic set is included – http://s.zilla.cc/JsBp

Incredibly great Orman ! hats off, someday I’ll make great things like you :)


Thanks buddy! Do it, do it now.

Great work!

One important question, please let me know:

How difficult it would be to change so logo and menu would always would be on top when user scroll the page like here http://goldenway.cmsmasters.net/ ?


Hi, it wouldn’t be a huge change, you would just need to fix the header into position and give it a background colour with CSS . A fairly small change in theory.

A killer theme – but kinda worthless without a general portfolio list. It’s not an option to show all cases on one (very long) page. Otherwise great theme – but can’t you do a portfolio option?


Sure, and we have many other portfolio themes to suit those needs :)


I’ll take that as a “no”.


We’re not going to be able to suit everyone’s needs with every theme, each theme will naturally appeal to different users. There is no portfolio index option within this particular theme no, but there are in others.

Splendid ! Another great Orman production!

Really nice!! Is it possible to put your own html or some widgets on the portfolio posts to show at the front page?


Hi, the homepage does not have any widget areas but you can place raw HTML right into each portfolio block without any issue.

Wonderful, really loved it!

Great theme, and I’ve bought it, how do i change the background image on each of the different posts on the homepage? Cant find anything in the support document,

Many thanks,



Thanks Matt. Portfolios > Add New > Custom Background Settings….

If you need any more help with the theme feel free to jump into the support forums – http://www.themezilla.com/support/