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awesome work mate. job well done

Awesome job, so bright ! Seems there is a glitch with the contact form with FF 3 .5. Nice Work !


I fixed this in the update, thanks :)

Thanks mabuc and idowebdesign!

About the firefox glitch, I’m on a Mac using Firefox 3.5 (I would assume basically the same as windows?), but I don’t see a glitch >.< do you mind describing it until I can find a PC to test on?

Great work Creative32!. I see no glitch on the form, the padding in the form fields is a little strange though.

Plans for WORDPRESS ?

Thanks babyboy808! Hmm, the padding seems to be a little different on every browser, I’ll get around to it.

Mediamake, as for Wordpress… frankly, I have no clue how to code for wordpress :S Although I may hire someone else to do it for me, if I see the need for is. I hope that answers your question?

I must say, your use of the “inner shadow”, really is amazing! Great job on the arrows in the slider.

Oh hell, I love that kind of banners, good luck Creative32 :) I just remember my advice in reviewmydesign and look at this :D good sales!

Thank you ipad :D

$10? Wow. Practically stealing it at that price. Very nice work indeed! Will be purchasing soon for an upcoming project!

Anyway to make the slider sequence through the images automatically?


Yes, its through the easyslider settings (done through js) I believe there’s an option with:

auto: ###

Cheers Qiming

Can you add some special characters in sIFR swf file?

I need some latin characters.



Hey. I’m not sure what you mean by “add”. If the font does not support certain characters, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about that.

Creative 32


I installed the font on my computer and it have all characters that I need. I think that the font embedded inside the swf does not have these special characters embedded.



Perhaps you should try using the HTML codes for the special characters, for example, & for “&”. If the font does not support it, it does not, period. The SWF does not add or remove any of the special characters, and cannot be changed to add or remove any.