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I bought the html version of this template. I was going to have a custom cms built. It looks like it will take some time to complete. Can this WP theme serve as a CMS ? Could you change it to? Looks like front page posting is chronological and not controlled.


You can sure use Wordpress as a CMS with this template. You can change the default home page (blog posts) to any page you want, and use the built-in pages to create static content. There are numerous tutorials on how to do this, you can check this one as a start : http://www.idesignstudios.com/blog/web-design/wordpress-as-cms/

Wordpress is not the best CMS , but it’ll do the job while you build you own CMS !

how can a display the portfolio slideshow but without having portfolio as a visible item in the menu at the top of the page?


thanks that work.

sidenote: are you aware that the porfolio will not accept an existing image but only a new uploaded image?


Wow, I’ve never noticed that. Working on it!


I’ve found why the portfolio can only use an uploaded image, not an existing one: Wordpress only allows an image to be linked to one post (the one it was uploaded in).

Guess we’ll have to deal with this! Anyway, thanks a lot for reporting.

Kekock Purchased


i buy many many themes here at themeforest.net but this wp theme are the best i buy.

very easy to install very easy to configure it out.

many options that i can choose at the admin section.

before i buy this theme i not know what this theme can do for me, i was realy surprised.

congratulations to the developer.

i will hope to see more wp themes from you with.

merci from thailand


Thanks a lot!

Hi i just bought this theme.

I have a problem with this theme.

How can i change comment infos?

For example i want to change “leave a reply” or “your message”word but i couldn’t find this words in admin panel.

How can i do this?



You can not change these texts from the admin panel, but all you need to do is edit one of thoses 2 files : comments.php and admin/comments.php.

For instance, if you want to change the text “Leave a reply”, edit file comments.php and change line 73. And to change “Your message”, edit line 117.

Just tell me if you need more informations!

I did it with your help. Thank you for information. I have one more problem.

I want to change gallery and portfolio links that located top of page. How can i do this?

i’m still needing help for this problem.

plus i couldn’t change the order of slideshow. when i added a new title i saw it end of slideshow but i want to see it from first slide.

please help me abot this subjects




Sorry I’m really busy these days… To change the text of the links for gallery and portfolio, just go in the pages section of the Wordpress admin, and change the title of the corresponding pages. You may also go in Portfolio or Gallery section of the template admin, and click the edit page button.

To change the order of the slides, go in the Portfolio section of the template admin, and choose desired order at the bottom of the page. You can combine date added and page order to sort slides the way you want.

To change page order, edit page and enter desired position in the right column. If you do not want to edit page order manually, you may want to use a plugin such as this one : My Page order

Hope this helps !


I solved first of my problems with your help. Thank you very much.

But order of slides doesn’t change. I choosed order from bottom of the portfolio page but i didn’t see any effect in my main page.

Still older messages appearing on first slide. (It must be at the end)

How can i solve this problem?



I found a little bug in the template functions, which is why you couldn’t change slides order. To solve this, just edit file admin/lib.php and change lines 700 & 701 to:

'orderby'         => blue_earth_get_option('blue_earth_portfolio_orderby'),
'order'         => blue_earth_get_option('blue_earth_portfolio_order'),

I’ll submit the fixed template for monday. Thanks for reporting !

ragman Purchased

I just got this theme today. Thank you so much. It is awesome! I have a quick question for you, is it possible to control the order of the categories and also the drop down navigation in the portfolio?

I noticed it is alphabetized currently. Thanks!



The template uses Wordpress default ordering: pages are sorted by their order number, then by alphabetical order.

If you want to easily manage pages order, you can use a plugin such as My Page Order.

ragman Purchased

I found the easiest way to handle the default ordering of wordpress is to bust your numbers into increments or 5 or 10. Make it a lot easier to change your pages around. Simple but effective.

Does the plugin you suggest help with organizing categories? Thanks again for a great template.

I sollved another problem with your help. Thank you very much.

I want to ask a question .

How can i remove rss link from menu that located top of page?


Go in the Special blocks section of the template admin, and locate the Navigation section : you can choose here weither to show the RSS feed link in the header or not.

Just set it to No to remove the link. It’s that easy!

You are my hero :)

The last question ( i hope :) )

I don’t want to see portfolio entries when i search a subject. For example i have a portfolio page and an entry page. When user clicks over slideshow they are seeing my entry page. (I don’t use portfolio page for entries) But if they search a subject portfolio entry and normal entry appearing at the same time. I want to hide portfolio entries in search results.

How can i do this?

and your theme using “Days” font. This font doesn’t support Turkish characters. I modified this font a program and i added Turkish characters but when i open my site with Internet ExplorerTurkish characters doesn’t appear. (There is no problem in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.)

How can i fix this?

P.S: my url http://www.boraakson.com


For the search results, I must admit I don’t know how to do this… The search is performed by Wordpress core, you should look for a way to tweak this, I suppose.

About your font issue, Internet Explorer requires a special font format (.eot) which is rather hard to create correctly: I suggest you can use the font-face generator available at http://www.fontsquirrel.com/. I got the Days font-face kit from here, it works perfectly on every browser.

I solved my font problem with your help. Thank you very much.

I hope i can solve my search results problem.

ragman Purchased

Currently I am unable to organize my slideshow or the order of the portfolio. You have a fix posted earlier to replace line 700 and 701 but I was unable to edit the lib.php file.

I just don’t have an editor to tell me what the line numbers are so I can replace them. =( I am just not savvy enough.

Is it possible to email me the file or can you let me know when you update the theme.



Sure, no problem.

Just send me a private mail on my profile, and I’ll send you back the file.



Another question :)

How can i change prev and next link that located gallery page?



Just edit the file gallery.php, and change lines 26 – 27 to what you want.


I don’t want to use logo title and baseline that located bottom of site logo. So i deleted letters from customization menu. Now i can’t see it on my home page but there are a space between logo and my widgets.

How can i remove this space?

My site : http://www.boraakson.com


The best way to do this is to edit file sidebar.php, and remove lines 28 & 29.

If you really want no space, also remove the br at end of line 27.

I deleted lines 28, 29 and br tag that located end of line 27 but there are still some space between logo and search bar :(

you can see



Wow, you really want absolutly no space ! Then just edit file style.css, and change line 424 from margin: -121px 0 38px 0; to margin: -121px 0 0 0;.

Thank you for information. I did it with your help :)

Hello there nice template but how do I display the news banner rotator? i cant figure it out :(

your help would be nice please :)



The slideshow requires the portfolio section to be active and filled with entries to activate. Have you done this yet ? Please refer to the documentation for more details on how to do this.


If your slideshow does not display, follow the FAQ entry about this bug : http://themeforest.net/item/blue-earth-wordpress-theme/faq/83359

I am having the same problem as Darkwoods. I have activated the portfolio section and have 4 items being displayed. They show up in the portfolio section but not in the slideshow on the home/blog page.

I have uploaded some jpegs of my settings, as the site is just in design mode.

http://www.rytechmachine.ca/wp-content/uploads/help/frontpage-preview.jpg http://www.rytechmachine.ca/wp-content/uploads/help/portfolio-page.jpg http://www.rytechmachine.ca/wp-content/uploads/help/portfolio-settings.jpg http://www.rytechmachine.ca/wp-content/uploads/help/slideshow-settings.jpg

Please let me know what the issue would be.


Everything seems to be ok… It’s hard to tell from just screenshots. Can you send me a dump of your WP database at : contact (at) display-inline.fr

I’ll have a closer look and tell you how to fix this.

i want to modify my main page. So i need your help displayinline.

Firstly i want to change “read more” button’s location. i want to see this button at the right. (now it’s appearing on the left)

secondly i want to use grey block and 3 columns style on my main page. (look index.html) How can i do this?