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gaugers Purchased

Hello, everyone.

It’s possible add pages instead of categories in this area?



Sure, but you’ll need to write a little bit of code.

To do so, edit file header.php and replace the content of the DIV with the class smallCol (@ line 240) with your own code.

You can use wp_list_pages() or wp_nav_menu() depending on what you need.

Hope this helps!

rbalden Purchased

Hey, I changed the front page to be a normal page and not a posts page like you said. This worked, but it breaks the homepage. I have only text content in the page that is being used for the homepage, but it extends the full width of the theme, and pushes the sidebar down. Anyone had this problem?

rbalden Purchased

Nvm fixed issue.


No problem! ;)

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I want to see the plugin WP-post 1:50 views among the categories and on the single.php pages. which files must I change?

WP-PostViews 1.50 http://lesterchan.net/wordpress/readme/wp-postviews.html

Sample Categorien – Look the Views http://www.metal-shock.de/category/news/

Sample Site – Look the Views http://www.metal-shock.de/news/bands/dream-theater-mike-portnoy-verlasst-die-band/

can you help?

cheerz! puky


You can use the code provided by the Usage section of the plugin website: juste paste the following code

if(function_exists('the_views')) { echo '- '; the_views(); }

At the given lines:

  • single.php: line 43
  • archive.php: line 86
  • search.php: line 45
  • index.php: line 53

Hope this helps! ;)

puky2015 Purchased

thank you for support!

Hi can I preview the colors before purchase?



You can preview them in the template screenshots.

omzen Purchased

I created a new page and made it my HOME page.

Now, trying to put a simple 2X3 table on home page with “TinyMCE advanced” plugin

It doesn’t work no matter which table width, height, border width i choose.

In the code view everything looks perfect, but it doesn’t render in the front end except couple of lines. :(

Kindly advise. TIA !


The template does not interfere with tables, there should be no issues with TinyMCE…

Can you send me an example of the final page markup? You can send me a mail on my profile, I’ll have a look at it.

omzen Purchased

Thanks buddy, I’ve just emailed you the wp credentials so that you can see the issue first hand.

Thanks for your quick reply.

omzen Purchased

i changed the widths & border-collapse to auto, Still the cell spacing & cell padding specified in tinymce table doesn’t take effect.

looking to have table like that on http://mediatemple.net/webhosting/ ( found it on http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/inspiration/fantastic-pricing-tables-inspiration/ )

is there any readymade addon for the same? TIA


It looks great, if you like it I suggest you take a look a their CSS code and try to build your own.

If you don’t feel comfortable with CSS code, you can find several ready to use pricing tables on CodeCanyon, for only $3!

omzen Purchased

Those are some great pricing tables, but My need is NOT pricing table per se.

My need is to have just a simple table which renders with correct cell padding & cell spacing.

I want to put couple of plain text paragraphs in each table cell unlike the pricing tables which typically hold list of features in the table cells. ( that occupies usually just single line per feature.)

Willing to pay extra to get this issue sorted out since my plans are stuck due to the same.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

( p.s: i tried playing with css, but couldn’t get it to work )


Just sent you an mail!

omzen Purchased

Thanks for your excellent support !

The code you sent works perfectly well :)

(There are minor changes to how exactly I’d like the text to appear, but i’ll tweak the CSS properties to get the desired effect.)

Great designer, great support. Highly recommended vendor !




omzen Purchased

Any reason why the text doesn’t wrap around the inserted images ?

No matter the alignment i choose, the text doesn’t wrap around the image.

Kindly advise. TIA


I did not include Wordpress alignment classes in the template, but it is rather simple:

  • Go to Appearance / Editor
  • Paste this at the end of the CSS content:
    .alignright {
        float: right;
        margin-left: 20px;
    .alignleft {
        float: left;
        margin-right: 20px;
  • Hit Update file

That’s all! :)

omzen Purchased

Thanks for the support. ( My CSS skills are pretty basic like most non-designers)

Q: How can I hyperlink certain words using a different style than the one defined in CSS ?

I wish to hyperlink certain words with #000000 instead of the #0098ca

I tried adding the following in CSS , but didn’t work. :( How to achieve the desired effect? TIA !

.sp-links a { color: #000000; text-decoration: none; }


With the selector you use, you need to apply the class sp-links to the link ancestor.

If you want to apply it directly to the links, use this selector:

a.sp-links { color: #000000; text-decoration: none; }

Does this help you?

omzen Purchased

Thanks for the support! Worked like a charm :)

I wish you could improve this already excellent theme even further by reducing the page load speed ( which is now officially a ranking factor )

Simply conducting a test through webpagetest.org should give you all the necessary info to reduce the load time in half


Thanks for the tip! ;)

Slideshow does not works in wordpress 3.0 ! No button display on the admin

Can u check ?


Everything works fine here with 3.0.3…

Can you give me more details? Also make sure you followed all instructions in the theme documentation.

I have 1.0 version, I must update to 1.11 to fix it ?

I send you email with info to check the admin.


Is it possible to convert the colour scheme to Gold?

Many thanks




The template does not include a gold color version, you need to change colors yourself – you can use tools such as a CSS gradient generator to make it easily.


Thanks for the reply! Excellent theme and support

I am a complete novice with changing colours. I understand how your css gradient generator works but don’t know where to enter the info.

Could you give me a very quick 1,2,3, step guide how to change it using your clever tool?

Many thanks in advance.

phil5929 Purchased


Thanks for the great file, however I am having some issue with comments posting on pages. I don’t want to have people being able to post comments? How can I remove this. The check on the discussions is off, and I tried to remove the comments.php on the page.php but no luck! Please help!!

Thanks, Phil



If you do not want to allow comments at all, removing the Wordpress function call is the best solution. Make sure to remove any line containing comments_template() from page.php, fullwidth.php and single.php – this should work fine.

Tell me if you need more details!

phil5929 Purchased


Fixed the above issue! Much easier than I first thought.

I have another issue. On my page that I created looks great! However when I search something that same page has messed up CSS script issues:


Search Page Issue:

Do you know why this happening? I used an

to get the headers for Organic and Downloads. Please help, as this is my last issue to resolve.

Thanks, Phil


Sorry, but your message got messed up a little… Can you post it again?

Use code if you want to display code. :)