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Replace, but the problem still remains :-( Worked for you?


I checked your Wordpress source-code, but it looks like the old files are always here: did you replace them?

That’s easy to check: this file should be the same as this one. As long as it is not the case, the fix won’t work – same for template.js.

Can you double-check where you uploaded your files?

Yes! Now worked!! :-) I think it was the cache. Thank you very much!


You are welcome! ;)

Hello! Need to translate the fields “name”, “mail”, “Your message”, “send message” and “close contact for” the contact form. Where is located the file for me to perform the translation? Thanks for now



You’ll find everything in the file footer.php. You can also translate the error messages in file contact.php.

Tell me if you need more details!

Hello there,

Do you have a link to the amdin demo itself?



I can not give you a link here, but you will find some screenshots of the various theme admin panels in the item’s screenshots gallery.

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Hello displayinline,

Bought the theme last night and it does look impressive. Installation was a breeze by copying the theme and everything worked right. I am using wordpress 3.3 and believe there should be no bugs ?:-) There are options to enable and activate pieces of functionality on the demo which is good as one can choose which aspects of the interface to keep or hide. I wanted to move the navigation vertical menu on the right hand side of the home page to the left and saw inthe admin section that it was quite easy to position the categories on the left hand-side and have begun working on the theme.

I have 2 questions for now:

1) How can I disable and later renable 2 of the 3 special blocks on the home?

2)I am trying to add a dropdown in the top right that can switch between 3 languages-Russian, English and Bulgarian? Later more languages can be added to the dropdown. Pointers on how to set this up?

3) I also enabled the slider but it doesnt show up on the website. There must be something I am missing to do.

4) Also, to change the text below the main logo that says :” this is just another wordpress blog” and have text like you have in the demo , where do I need to make these edits? Thanks


Hello, and thanks for buying :)

Here are my answers:

1) This is not possible in the admin panel, sorry, you need to edit the file header.php and remove/comment those 2 lines at the end:

<?php blue_earth_top_button('center'); ?>
<?php blue_earth_top_button('right'); ?>

Comment them like this:

<?php // blue_earth_top_button('center'); ?>
<?php // blue_earth_top_button('right'); ?>

You’ll just have to un-comment them later when you need those two blocks back.

2) Just saw your answer below, thanks for sharing!

3) To enable the slideshow, you’ll need to have published elements in your portfolio. Follow the documentation to be sure to have everything set.

4) This is a Wordpress setting, you can edit it in Settings/general

Hope this helps! ;)

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Hello again,

Here’s what I found for any one wnating to add multilanguages to their wordpress blog interface: On point 2,

-Quote- “I am trying to add a dropdown in the top right that can switch between 3 languages-Russian, English and Bulgarian? Later more languages can be added to the dropdown. Pointers on how to set this up?”

-End of quote-

You will need to find and download a plugin that is compatible with your wordpress version and you can check out comments on the plugin online to be sure. You then upload the plugin into your wordpress theme and start configuring. Most popular and stable seems to be wpml from wpml.org. Next to that in ranking is qtranslate and teher are a good dealof others for various wp versions. WPML seems to be preferred becasue of seo-frienldy urls etc. Now back to work for me.

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Happy New Year DisplayInline and all blue earth fans and fans-to-be!

Wanted to say how satisfied I am with this theme overall and I wasn’t asked to write this either;-) You can see the theme in action here: http://airexpress.bg and I’m adding finishing touches to it.

I learnt a few important things while working with Posts and Categories and items showing up in the vertical menu that may help smeone save time figuring it out. The steps apply to ordinary English sites but as this one was done in multiple languages, here goes:

1) Create a Post and publish

2)Create a category with the same name and publish it >It’s parent category should be none

3)Go back to created post from 1) that has same name as 2) and set it’s parent to be category 2)

4) Refresh the website page by pressing F5 and hey presto!!!


Thanks for the tip! ;)

It will be useful to many people

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Hello Displayinline,

Got an issue I wanted to ask for help with and the styles.


Got your mail, I’ll respond as soon as possible! ;)

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Thanks Displayinline. Sorted out the styles.

Hi displayinline, I want to use the WP3 .0 menu. What should I do? Here I have some infos http://wordpress.org/support/topic/adding-wp-30-menu-to-old-theme?replies=2 but I don`t want to make something wrong and the code looks very complicated. Could you please help me?


Hi! Sure, I can help you: where do you want to locate the WP menu? At the top or in the sidebar?

Hi, at the top is my priory.


Hi, I have a modified version of the template which allows using WP3 menus straight from the theme configuration pages. Just send me a message on my profile and I will send you the files ;)


Just wondering, is ‘Blue Earth WP-Theme’ compatible with the latest version of WordPress? It could be WordPress 3.3 or higher. Thank you



Sure, the demo website is currently on version 3.4, and everything works fine ;)


Thanks for responding :)

Great theme…I will buy it, but first of all I need to know

How can I hide the date that appears to the left of blog entry title?



Hi, and thanks! :)

You have an option in the template admin panel to hide the dates, on listings and/or on single post pages. Just a click and you are done!

Tell me if you need more details! ;)

Do you have a way to stop SPAM for using the contact form?



There are many ways to prevent spam on a contact form, you can browse Google to choose the best solution, according to your setup and your needs.

My favorite solution is using an hidden input, but there are several other that work quite well! ;)

Hi, I recently bought this theme and I am having a few problems.

1. The hover effect on the Special Blocks in the header doesn’t work.

2. I can’t add Social Links for some reason. I tried updating the blocks.js as you said recently to another poster but that hasn’t worked for me.

3. Whenever I try upload an image and insert it into page the uploading dialog box just goes blank. I have to save the image and copy and paste the URL manually. Not a big deal for me but would be nice to have this fixed so the client can do this themselves for their own posting in future.

Are there any fixes available for these? I am using Wordpress version 3.4.2

Thanks in advance

I fixed the Social Links straight after posting … always the way :P

Still have the other 2 problems though.



Here are my answers:

1) I just tested the hover effect on all 5 major browsers, and they all seem to work fine… Can you tell me which one you use? Also, do you also have the same issue on the demo website? If not, you may check your browser’s console to see if there are any javascript errors – this may be a conflict with another plugin, it happens sometimes.

2) Glad to hear it works ;)

3) Thanks for notifying me, I did not see that bug before! It is caused by the new way jQuery handles attributes and properties. To fix this, just download this file and upload it to wp-content/themes/blue-earth/admin/js/, everything should work fine then.

Tell me if you have any other issue :)

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Do you have plans to make this theme responsive in very near future? If yes, any ETA?

(It has become absolutely critical to have responsive theme.)

Thanks for the great theme and outstanding support !



Well, I don’t plan to make this template responsive anytime soon, sorry. But maybe some time later, because you are right about responsiveness becoming a requirement ;)

I like the theme, how can i edit the menu?



The current release does not have support for custom menus (it was release before they were added to Wordpress). However, I wrote a modified version once for a buyer with support for custom menus, I am going to send it to you ;)

can you help me with these problem,, i’ve tried to follow all of the instructions in the pdf wordpress mannual, but i only get this in my dashboard http://speitbsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Capture.jpg i’ve tried to downgrade my wordpress version from 3.51>>3.4>>2.7>>2.8>>2.9>>3.0 and the lastest version is 3.03 thanks



The theme seems to work fine on your website, do you mean you can’t find the theme’s options? If so, look at the bottom of the navigation sidebar, you should see this:

You will find all the theme’s features in here ;)


oh my good, i’ve just wasted my time to reinstall wordpress.. thank you very much displayinline :)


Glad I could help, feel free to ask if you have any other question!

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its a great theme first i bought html version an then i saw you made wp version (my luck :()

cant you arrange to make footer and header menu controls?



Hi, and thanks! :)

Actually, I wrote some time ago an “unofficial” version with support for WP menus: just send me a message through my profile and I will send you the modified version ;)