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Hello, i have just bought your template. I use it in a phonegap app and the ui is really stunning so far. Now I face the problem that I have to add some form elements like input fields etc… These elements look really poor and are not responsive at all. Do you have a tip for me how to improve the l&f and the usability? Is adding Jquery Mobile an option? Thanks in advance, Klaus

P.S. please send me some docs to kig_de (at) web.de


Email sent :)

Hi, I just purchased the template, I couldn’t find the documentation in the download, I’d be glad if you can send it to me. Here is my email jcarroyos at gmail.com

Thanks, Juan Carlos.


Sent. Thanks for buying it!

Hi, your template is really amazing but i can’t figure out where is the documentation. There is a link in the readme but it doesn’‘t work.

Can you send me a doc to cburonfosse at cg-consulting.fr ?

One more thing. Have you some psd files about this template ?

Thanks !

swoda Purchased

Hi there would you please send me the documentation? Thank you so much!


Hi, send me an email: matiastucci [at] gmail.com ;)

nice work good luck;


Thanks :)

rgranot Purchased

Hi just purchased the theme, looks amazing, could you please send me the documentation to design@interactiveoption.com, Thanks ;)

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I have purchased your theme. It works very well on almost browers, but I can get it work on Chrome :( I got a blank page, it seems that this code doesn’t work with Chrome : document.getElementById(“wrapper”).innerHTML=xhReq.responseText;

Could you help me please ?


Hi, you have to use something like WAMP, MAMP server or upload it to your server. Chrome for security reasons block cross domain requests.

If you still have this problem, email me: matiastucci [at] gmail.com

Thanks for buying it!

Hi, your layout looks great!

Is there a way using your layout, to load the content while it shows a loader, and then hide the menu and show the content?


Hey can you send me the documentation :) sebelfiore -at- yahoo.com


Hi, Please could you email me the documentation?

Cheers, Ely


Of course! Can you send me an email: matiastucci AT gmail DOT com

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Could you please send me documentation ? kaan [at] topal.biz

Hey hey, bought this a little while ago now and it looks and works really great. I just have one question though – how can I get a button to link to a specific div id within one of the pages? I tried putting #jmpPoint after the href = "javascript:menu('optionNumber') part but that doesn’t seem to work so if you could lend some guidance, that’d be much appreciated!

You have to jump into that div using Javascript: window.location.hash="jmpPoint"

Thanks for buying it!


Sorry for being a complete pleb but could you show me in a code sample how I would do this? I’m only really competent in HTML and CSS and haven’t got the first idea with Javascript… :(

Say I have a button on one page (option1.html) and I want it to jump to a specific div id on another page (option2.html), what would I need to put? Let’s say the div’s id is jmpPoint again.

Very nice work :)

Hi – just a quick question with probably a fairly straight forward fix:

1. I have some images that I want to display in the app and they show up fine in the preview in Chrome but when I build it in phonegap, they’re nowhere to be found. Any tips…?

2. How do I jump to a specific point on a page if the link is on a different page? Say I have a button on page1 and I want to jump to a div with the id of jumpHere on page2. How would I code that?

Thanks and really REALLY good job with the template – it’s awesome!

Can you sent doc for me. My email imkits@gmail.com

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Hi, I just purchased the template,can I have the documentation ?

Mail: alexandre.vallet at viskali.fr

Thanks !

Please send documentation to branden@ebranden.org. Thanks!

Can you send me the documentation? Thanks