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enivei Purchased

Great template. Could you please send doc? e-mail: joosep.lall@gmail.com

4z4z3l Purchased

Could you please send the doc? email: hola@javimarcos.com


alexpb Purchased

I wanted to test it’s performance, so I installed the app exactly as downloaded (the template) on my phone.

It is soooo laggy! There is a massive delay opening pages. What is the problem!?

Kindly email the documentation to apisgogo@gmail.com


This template looks awesome. I want to build an app with it that will have html5 audio files on it. I plan on will doing this with cordova.

Before I buy is this something that would be possible?


Hello there !

I have just purchased, I like it but Is it possible to have the Default content ?


can you please send the document to developer@appsdapps.com

hi good day, I buy the template, everything works great, I wanted to add form fields to this but I happen to not take the focus any component, such as if I add a text field in any place on your page this does notIt shows me the phone keypad when you click on the component.

Might bearings me if this is due to some js css file or affecting the operation of the components form

thanks for your help