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Great Theme, but I am having a few issues.

1) I cannot recreate the Home V1 where the slider is above the copy and album section. Do I add code like I would with Visual composer? Please guide me in the right direction

2) I used journal V1 layout to display videos by selecting only a certain category (videos). That part works fine, but when I display youtube videos, it reduces the height of the video and looks more like a slim horizontal rectangle. When I load a video on the server, the size is ok.

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

I tried to but since I created a ticket a few year ago, it won’t let me do this ticket. I have no idea what the ticket # . i followed the instructions if I didn’t have the ticket and sent the letter, but still no response. Please help.

Please contact via contact us form on my profile page of Themeforest. Mean while I am going to look into the issue of ticket.

I want to buy this theme like crazy but I noticed that it is not supported for 4.1 yet. Can you please tell me when you are going to release the next update?

There are no known issues, but yet I am not comfortable to put you in a thing that may disappoint you later. Do not want to lose you in longer run.

I already paid to support your theme. Hope you could make it fully compatible with 4.1 soon.

Hai @ hoangtri. Thank you for your purchase, but we have stated it clearly on item detail page about the compatible version of theme. However, we have a plan to update it, but there is no tentative date for that.

HI will this theme become responsive soon?

It is not in plan thus far.

Hi Guys, since the WP update 4.2.1. the sliders of the theme are missing. Please update! Tnx.

Sure, why not. :) Have good day ahead.

Hi, did you had an update?

Yes, update has been sent already. You can download update and make your theme compatible with latest wordpress version.

Hello! Just so you know, I am testing the demo website on the latest Chrome for Android and I have a problem scrolling horizontally like the desktop site works.. Maybe you didn’t update the demo site?

It is behaving normal at my end. I will test it again to see if there is anything wrong. Thank you for your input.

Hi ! This template is very beautiful ;) Good job ! I just bought this theme and I have already some issues.. I don’t have all functionalities (Layout, Fonts sittings…) in the Cs Theme option, and it’s the same on the pages. This is normal or not ? Because in the Bolster documents, this functionalities are explained. Moreover, sliders do not work (the page displays 404 error found..)

I have Wordpress 4.2.2 version, I’m french and I’m a beginner in WordPress. Can you help me please ? Thanks !

Bonjour @ cmrahaha. Merci pour vos commentaires. Il ya un differnce dans la documentation et Options du thème, mais il est normal car il est très légère différence. Pour des raisons de curseur, s’il vous plaît mettre à jour votre thème en obtenant derniers fichiers du ThemeForest compte> section Téléchargements. Question sera résolue.

Yes but how can I change fonts if it’s not in the theme option ?

You would need to modify the code for that.


Ramylof Purchased

Hello, I have pre-sale question .. the demo is not responsive at all .. there are many issues with the responsive ,, you should test it on the mobile not just minimize the browser .. I CANT EVER SCROLL ON THE MOBILE .. is it the same when i buy the theme? Thank you

It is left to right site that has different responsive style and parameters. It would not behave on responsive as other normal sites behave.


Ramylof Purchased

it means this not fully responsive website .. example_1 the Artist V1 page: I cant touch to scroll to right to see the rest of the text example_2 the Artist V2: I cant touch to scroll to right to see the rest of the bands I can tell you many examples .. there is no right scrolling on the website [ on mobiles and tabs ] .. i can’t scroll on the mobile

It is responsive, if there are issues, please send the screen shot via email address on my profile page. I will see accordingly.


Ramylof Purchased

Does this theme support RTL direction> Thank you

Yes, it does support RTL direction.

The theme is not responsive. Our guests mainly use mobile for blogging. And they cannot slide or scroll to read further. I created a support ticket since 2 months. No fixes so far.

For example, enter your official demo post via my mobile:

- Sony Expedia Z3

- Android version 5.0.2

- Chrome

Please do not delete this message again.

The version you are using is even latest than the theme. It came after the launch of theme. I have noted it for future update and would match the compatibilities in coming update. Thank you for your follow up and input.

Hi There! Nice Theme ! I’m a noob in all this and im just wondering why it doesnt look like the preview when installed and activated? Where did all the images and the structure go ? Thanks a lot,


Thank you for your appreciation, please create a ticket to our support system with your website URL and WP-admin credentials. Your issue will be traced and fixed there.


Ramylof Purchased

Hi, Please i have two questions: [1]Im trying to put a carousel as it is in the page HOME V1 which placed in the demo beside the paragraph of Release Notes but I don’t know how?

[2] I want to know how to find the license code .. i didn’t find it in the Licensing folder .. Thank u

(1) Please create a ticket to our support system and Home V1 will be created for you by the support.

(2) You can find purchase code here at

Love this theme!

Thank you for your interest and nice words. :)

Hello, Gallery won’t load images on Artist page, same as demo page

......functions.js?ver=4.2.2:979 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined

Please help

Hi @digi7ron. It looks like there is issue with back end of your site. Please create a ticket to our support system and provide your WP-admin credentials, your issue will be traced and resolved.

Hi there, I am thinking about buying the theme for our record label and wondered if it will integrate well with Easy Digital Downloads? We will be selling digital tracks and I have found Woocommerce doesn’t handle it very well.

HI@shaynelocke :Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Our theme only offered with Woocommerce plugin.Thank you

I understand that is the case however will the Easy Downloads still work with the theme?

Compatibility check with Easy Digital Downloads isn’t given,so you may need to contact to plugin support for further queries.Thank you

Is there a way to add also “Past Events” under “Upcoming events”? Or as another listing.

Hi@zacharow_info : Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, To show “Past Events” under “Upcoming events” will need code customization. Thank you

Is there a way to add also “Past Events”?

Hi@zacharow_info : off course you can add Past events in theme . Thank you

How do I purchase additional support? I’m having some challenges with the theme, and am interested in both opening a new ticket and also potentially hiring you to make some adjustments.

Hi @ mmwebster. Thank you for your purchase and feedback. You may contact us via item support and write all what you need. Support team will get back to you on this.

How do you add art work to each album. There is no option on the albums that allows you to upload artwork. Do you just add it through the word press media?

Then I must be doing something wrong because have a look

And how do I get rid of that comments box to the right on every page. I disabled all comments in word press but I can’t seem to get rid of that spam box.

Please create a ticket to our support system , write in detail about your issue with screen shot. Along your WP-admin site and FTP credentials. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved. Thank you

Good day.

I’m implementing the theme but the respossiviness is not working well. I have tested on several different smartphones and we already using the last version from the theme.

Could you please help us out with a fix ?

We’ll be looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards, Igor Souza

I apologize for the trouble, however, the layout of this theme is fixed. We are not offering this theme as a responsive theme. Thank you for your input though.

Hi, pre-sales Q’s: 1. Can artists upload .zip files or other file types for download? Is it possible to make it so? 2. Can users rate tracks? 3. Is it possible to show listen/view counts on tracks? 4. Is this theme responsive on mobile? 5. Can we insert AdSense? 6. Is it compatible with Woocommerce and Buddypress? 7. Can we use other comment plugins, like Disqus? Thanks.

Hi @ TrollerCoaster. Thank you for your interest in one of our theme.

1- As it is a music band theme, so music file types are allowed, but you can code customize it to your needs.

2- Site admin can show album rating from backend.

3- This will require customization in the code.

4- No, as per the design, its not responsive,

5- You can add Google Analytics tracking code.

6- No its not.

7- Not tested with theme , not sure if that works. We do not grantee third party plugin compatibility.