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Hi. Your support site is not working well. I can’t open my second ticket so I’m typing here.

Hi. I build a page and add artists from page builder. I need to add so many artists so how can I limit those? Because theme tries to load all at once. Could it be like ajax or something when I scroll end of the page load more artists??

You do not get into codes for this. First create the category of your desired artist and then go to Page > Artist > Select category which you want to show on home page. You can add limited artist in the category.

You told me the path but there is no option for that. I’m adding artist category from page builder. It asks only “Artist Title, View, Filterables and Select Category”.

Please be in contact with support team. Your ticket number is 689023 and it has been replied. Provide the information they require to solve your issue.

hi bro i buy this themp but i wana bolster.wordpress.2013-12-04.xml full importer

It’s the same file I reckon. Can you please re-check it for me.

hello again i bought our template today but i will appreciate if u can help me for one thing i need a page like albums page but for single tracks also i want to be show this new page instead of albums in home page (i mean tracks be shown instead of albums ) thanks in advance

Hai @zoheirjeni. I understand your concern, but I am afraid that you can put your tracks only on album page. You cannot add or show only tracks on home page.

Thank you very much for your immediate and super professional custom support service. Your theme is the most original that I have found, it’s elegant and professional and really cool. I think that it has a lot of possibilities, for example for magazines too, my website is a kind of magazine. Alfonso.

Thank you for the nice words. :) Always looking forward to worth people’s time.

I have a question/comment similar to @zoheirjeni: Album v2Filters or Artist v2 are more practical (utility-driven) for home pages than the home page, version 1 and/or 2.

Want to re-verify that you can’t make Artist v2 or Album v2filters a home page (or at least the layout)?

hmmm. then we might have a deal… ;-)

WP 3.8 compatible/ok?

Yes, it is fully compatible with WP 3.8.

please check your email. I sent you a message before buying

You can add videos in it but I am afraid you cannot perfectly make it video site.

Ok. Can one have different instances of the carousel on the homepage?

It can be done through customization, but by default it does not come with this option.

I purchased the theme and have already developed a site with it. My only issues is that when I select the a track within albums to not be downloadable.. it shows as downloadable on the live site evenm though it says NO on the backend. Please let me know what changes I should make.

We need to look into your wordpress back end. Please create a ticket at and provide your login details there. Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you for sure.

Hi, thanks for a fantastic template. I found a few errors. Can you fix them? Edit Album: Make Playable on/off and Make Downloadable on/off isn’t work correctly – always on front is ON. Buy URL isn’t displayed (only Amazon and other that have icon). Could you make a icon to custom link Buy URL for example uploaded by user. Best regards, Bogus

Thank you for the nice words. Please create a ticket at Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you for sure.

Template is great but there are so many bugs that it’s impossible to get a working site. Whatever I setup there’s some problem to face and honestly I’ve never faced so many problems.

You have the list of bugs I faced in the support ticket. Probably those are related to WP 3.8 because I cannot imagine that I’m the only one in this situation, or probably I’m the only one that is massively using it.

However, you cannot release something so buggy. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you can fix all them, but honestly I would prefer for a refund and to buy it back when all of those issues will be addressed.

As it is now it’s useless.

I understand all your concerns, allow me 24 hours, all your issues will be resolved for sure, but that will require word press back end login details to be provided to the support agent. I hope you will not mind sending that. I have checked that with support team, and they have been replying each and every comment well within 24 hours but you have not provided them with login details so far.

Thanks for your reply. I created a new website with a clean WP 3.8 installation and your dummy data. I was able to reproduce all of the bugs metioned in the ticket. I sent you the credentials! Kind regards

Hope things work for you the way you want them to.

I’m having trouble adding more than 1 album to my home page…how do you do that (so it look like the template?) Link:

@prestc74 all the videos which you want to add in home page should be linked with one category and from theme-options that category you need to select for home page .if you still not able to do that please open a ticket one of my staff will be there to help you out

Hi, I bought the template but there is a bug when viewed on ipad. On the albums page, you cannot actually click on any of the albums to get to the tracks.

Try on ipad to see.

I have made several rechecks on ipad and also have gone through the whole codes once again, everything is working fine at my end but that does not mean I am denying or negating your words. Please contact the support team if problem persists.

Hi there! This looks like a great theme for one of my clients. I have a few questions though. On the artist pages. Is it possible to add a music player directly on the page (one for each artist). The ideal case would bee to be able to have all info on each artist (it´s for a management, so they have several artists, wich will have their own pages) in one scroll – Is it possible to add pages this way, or any other solutions to be able to make this work? I have not put up sidescrolling wp pages before and am trying to gasp the logick;).

On advance – thank´s.

Thank you for nice words. You cannot add Music player for each Artist separately. You can add for each album. Info of artist comes on Artist page but Music Player cannot be added for each artist.


I have the Bolster Music Theme. I have not been able to upload my logo in the General Settings of the Chimp Studio Appearance tab. Original size requirements for the original logo was 140×43.

Attempt 1: Browsed for logo in media library. It was too big. Using Edit Image I reduced the dimensions to 136×43 px added Title, alt text, caption, description Selected “insert into post” Page refreshed to General Settings page without my image

Attempt 2: I adjusted General settings to fit my logo (from 140×44 to 136×43) Browsed for same file, selected adjusted “Full Size” (now indicating 136×43) Selected Insert into Post Still no logo

Other attempts: Various px settings, different logo scaling, alignment, etc No logo appears when I select “Insert into Post”



Question 2: Same issue with the FAV Icon

PS. This theme is kicking my butt, but I love it. PPS. Do you have instructions for installing the sliders on a page. I can’t seem to get them to work. (Thank you!)

Your ticket with number 282820 has been received and I have put support on it. They will get back to you shortly. Method 2 means the method you described in your comment above.

Thank you for your help. This issue was resolved! Hooray!

I am glade to see things working fine for you. But I still can see “text of first menu” thing there. It will be responded in a while too. Cheers :)

Would there be a way to add text to the Gallery photos? We’d like to have them labeled.

You can add description but cannot label them.

Thank you. Where can the description go if it is not a label?

When you open light box, it shows up there.

Is the an option to make the menu horizontal instead of vertical. And if not, are there menu plug-in I can use (that you know of) that will not conflict with your template.

You cannot use Buddypress with this theme.

I’ve been toying with your demo. And I noticed the artists and albums are not connected. Meaning if I click on an album, I can’t go artist profile threw a link. And the artist profile does not list their albums. Plus the albums just show the name of the album and not the artist name. I’m wondering if that’s just a demo thing or if the theme is purposely like this.

Artist links with album, when you add artist you will get an option to select albums for an artist, they will link each other.


I Bought the bolster theme. It works great. But sometimes after I updating my page something won’t show up, like the Maps in the Agenda page. (I can see the events but no maps on the right). Do you know why this is? I just add the “events page element” to the page.

Hope you can help me.

Best Regards,


Hello @ Terry. We have not seen any such kind of issue so far. Please create a ticket at and provide login details where we can see what is going wrong there.

this themp have big problem and i dont see categories alboms in menu and home page and not have menu a to z for archive alboms.

There is a screen option on the top of your word press Menu Page. Select Album, menu, any custom post type that you want to show. You will have to set it according to your need. If you are not able to do that, contact support at


how do you stream from soundcloud for tracks on an album?

thanks, willis

There is no option for sound cloud streaming so far. Planning to add in future in upcoming projects.

hmm i thought that was the whole point.. with the ‘hearts’ for soundcloud tracks and to embed into albums. will it be implemented into this theme ever?

Added to future list of addition. But I cannot give you words if it will be added. However, there are other products in our portfolio having this option.

I have no idea where your support is…. so ill ask here.

I cant use any of the blocks on pages, when i click on a page element to add, it doesnt do ANYTHING…. very confused :(

help plz! :)

You can find support at Please create a ticket and provide your log in details and url where support team will see this issue and sort it for you.

thanks but i have .500gb music .70000 mp3 .8 lang mp3 .+1000 singer. mp3 and big archive i wana to nice archive name ajax to menu

so you see this archive or up menu

you see!archive/genres

You can upload all this data, it will perfectly show up.