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and this themp not working in mobile android and you see this page and see this photo

and this style very best img : i or you can? thanks

Please send me a message at Contact Us form, I will give you a link to new and updated Package. Theme Forest might be checking its time to analyse.

i send you message in your portfolio

Sent. Please see and reply on email.


I like your theme and want to buy it. Is it possible to have a quick play button on the “boxes” on hover. For example, when you go to “Albums V2-Filter” it shows the play button.

Thank you.

Current settings allow you to click on play button, it displays album tracks at album detail page. For the desired function, customization is needed.

Pre-Sale question… Is the theme compatible with the current version of Wordpress? If it is I am ready to purchase.

Yes, it is fully compatible with latest version of word press. :)

Hi, What about with the update to all users improving all of the errors found by users? For example, again I have a problem with displaying album art on ARTIST details page, back to the poor quality. Regards, Boguslaw

Update has been forwarded to Theme Forest and will be available today/ tomorrow in any case. In case of urgent issue, please refer to the support ticket if you already have one.

hi i change domin to i know tjis them is for single websit and i just put it on the new one so now is my them active? i mean for active one them should i do any thing or it’s active? for mobile device the problem is that it’s not moving.i mean i cant scroll left and right and it is immobile i check your live preview them on my device it works fine but on my website it’s like this

It is active. Nothing more is needed. We have given a fix for menu issue of theme. Please update the package and it will work fine.

your bolster.wordpress.2013-12-04.xml no update and edite this file have this link and this live have problem for import

this adress working

You have been replied on other comments you made.

support is 0 pls dont delet my comment

Can you please see in the support description where it is written that the ticket is replied in office hours on week days and any ticket sent of week ends will be replied on next working day? see the end of the page. You send the reply on Friday after office hours. And now you are kind enough to make screen shots and post on the wall. Knowing the use of technology does not mean it should always be used for destructive purpose. Client is always right does not give you rights of manipulation.

I have gone through the investigation of your ticket number 846090. It was received after office hours on Friday, and now it has been replied well on time. Also, all your previous questions were answered well on time.

Hi there,

I just bought the bolster theme. Though I’ve got a question. Is it possible to put the comments ( leave a reply message) under the text that is written on the pages instead of putting it on the right side of the text. I’ve got a picture on the right sight of my website and now the comments post overlaying the picture.

Is it also possible to change the tickets in the “gig menu” to the left sight of the page? In our demo view I can see that it is possible, but i can’t find the setting for it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I am sorry for delayed reply as it was weekend, you cannot put your comments under the text as the site is designed for Left to Right direction. Gigs menu can be placed to the left by making some changes in the code in the event file. If you can do it, it is great, otherwise please create a ticket at and provide your word press login details there, support team will do it for you.

Great theme. Just wondering if WooCommerce or any other eCommerce plugins work with it?

Also is there a way to be able to put a video in place of the images on the background home slider?

For your both queries, the answer is unfortunately No. WooCommerce is nit compatible and video cannot be set in the background.


I would like to purchase the theme, just not sure if there is an option to sell the mp3 files and albums with paypal?


Full album will be displayed.

I am asking if from the full album playlist display there is an option to but single tracks, not just the full album?

I am afraid it is not possible right now. However, it can be added via custom work.

The theme does not work with IE11 or Firefox24. It seems an issue with the Jquery?? It just continually loads.

Is there a fix for it??

Is there a way I can message the site and wp login so you can have a look please?

Also is there any way to stop the images being distorted without hacking the css?

Please create a ticket at and provide your login there. Support team will look into it and will resolve the issues for you.

How do you change the formatting of a page? I need to be able to add the contact form under the contact heading, and also I don’t see where i can change the layouts of the pages.

Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details and url where support team will see this issue and sort it for you.


A pre-sales question; do you guarantee fully responsive and incl. 100% functional for Chrome, IE 9 -11, Firefox?

Thanking you in advance.

Yes, it is fully responsive and functional.

Thank you!

:) You welcome

just purchased this one trying to get support but it does need the purchase code which as explained is on the certificate license whatever… how ever there s not any link to get this even of your screenshot show me how

You can find purchase code in downloaded package of theme which you got from theme forest after purchase.

cant open a ticket.. so I m writing here sliders arent working any help ?

Please explain your question a little more for me, as things seem okay to me.

I meant, those releases pictures are supposed to be bigger… seeing them ones on your demo. also, where do I change the releases note ? thanks a lot

please create a ticket at,uk/support and provide your login details there. Support team will resolve the issue.

Hey, i really like your theme and want to buy it. My only question is, because i already bought one other theme last week and it´s impossible to set up the site for me and i dont know why… – is your theme easy to use?

thank you in advance for your answer! :)

You can link a gallery images with video. When you add an image, there is option to link it with a video, please do that and it will work.

Yey, it works perfect! thank you so much! but there might be one thing missing… i dont have the responsive button, like you have it in your help file :( how do i get this button? because right now, it looks terrible on mobile and some windows pcs :( ... i made a screenshot of my backend screen:

It must it. There might something wrong has gone with it. Please create a ticket at, provide your login details & url and ask the support team to do that for you.

Hi, great theme! Question: when I set the background color to anything other than white, the page bodies remain white; what’s more, it becomes evident that they haven’t any margins right or left. To that end, how do I (a) change the background color of the page bodies and (b) increase their right/left margins? Thank you.

I need to place other content on the lower portion of the homepage, instead of the ‘review’ and various albums. I want to keep the slider on the upper area [of the homepage], but use various shortcodes to add text, a video and a few images to the lower quadrant. How do I do this?

You cannot add anything under slider on home page other than what is shown in demo as it will conflict the design. You have to make change in style.css to change background color and increase margins. If you feel it difficult to do, please create a ticket at and provide your login details. Support team will look into it and will sort it for you.

some images are distorted. Any upgrades coming for the theme to address that?

None is distorting at my end, just given a many re-checks.

has this been tested in WP multi-site?

No, it has not been tested there.

Can slider be replaced with Revolution Slider?

No, it cannot be as we have not given this function by default. You can do it by customization, but that will be effected when you will install update.