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I apologize: I should have put all questions into 1 comment:

Admin navigation images do not resolve. Is this a known issue? (e.g. Gigs, Sliders, Galleries, Artist, Album)

I resolved: I created a child theme for this (like: bolster-theme-child) with css and image folder, so that any customization will not be impacted by update of theme. The theme now references child theme, so this fixed the admin navigation images. Thank you.

in the theme you used get_template_directory_uri(), which will always assume no child theme. Maybe get_template_directory() is better, so if someone creates a child theme the theme will look for images directory. Otherwise I have to create images directory twice: 1 for child theme & 1 for parent theme.

Not bad, just more efficient. I still give the theme 5 stars. I submitted ticket for responsiveness though.

:) Thank you for the nice input. The ticket will be responded asp.

Whenever i try to make a link open in a new tab it ignores it and opens in the current one. how can i turn this off?

This issue seems to have nothing with theme. I would be glade if I could help by any means. There must be some issue other than theme files like some technical problem with the system you are working etc.


I tend to find it very difficult, even with the xml and your documentation, to get the same look as what is in your demo :( could you give admin demo access or the same xml as the one from the demo ?

thank you very much for your help !

Hi @MGK, if there is bug/errors, we defiantly fix that in 24 hours :) . do create ticket with complete List and send me here your ticket # But i am sure List will be not that much long.. Regards

Hello :) I submitted a ticket (663514) with some questions. I will submit another one soon with some small bugs I saw (not long no, I think u did a nice work !). Thank you very much for your support guys !

It will be responded with in due course of time. Thank you for acknowledging.

pre order question: the mobile version doesn’t work properly on android phones. You can’t swipe through releases or blog posts for example. only thing that works is the artists v1. Is this a known bug or only an issue because of the limited demo version?


Updated version does not have these issues. All responsive issues have been resolved.

I have the same issue as audiokult on my android. Also want to know if there is a code/snippet that will tell the content when to go to the next column over before I buy. For example, I may want to put some text on one column and then a music widget in the next so how does it decide when to push to the next column?

Use clear short code to next column.

help me please

tell me how to make main home v2

i don’t know what adjust a slider to ‘home’ Page….....

i can’t speak english..

do you understand?

Please create a ticket at and provide the details there. Support team will set the things according to your demand.


is there a way to sort the order of the albums below the slider on the homepage?



Those albums already sorted according to the date, there is no other sorting option available for that.

According to wich date? It’s obviously not the release date. Anyway, a way to sort the Albums would be a nice thing to have in future releases.


Sure, I will consider that. Thank you for the nice input.

Is there a need to create an empty new page for use it as front page?

No, you can use any created page as front page.

We’re trying to use it as a sort of bussiness listing, list bussiness/places instead of artists or albums, we love the layout of the theme. would you help if there’s a need of any customization?

astralinsomnia we will try our best to help you out but its totally depands which kind of customization it will be required please create ticket at our support section and list all detail we will get back you on this.

Hi, I have problem with adding of pictures in any gallery and slider forms. There is no button or other ways of selection. Is it bug or I ‘ve got a compatibility problems? (WP3.8.3, Win764, Chrome)

if you please create ticket at and give us backend detail we will look into it for you .. regards

Hi, I want to make sure on your layout for download MP3. For download it doesn’t download it link redirect to that file to play on browser. So how can you tell us the code for download when click icon download? Many thanks,

The download button opens the mp3 audio in new tab where user can download it.

Hi, The download button open the mp3 audio in new tab, So can we make it when click button download it download the file mp3 not open the new tab or not?

I am afraid this is nor doable as it will cause issues for the site administrator, and ultimately for us.

Are you fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress? (the theme description is not showing the latest).

Thank you….

Yes, it is fully compatible with latest version.

Can you add an ecommerce solution to albums and events?

No, it has not added to this theme. However, you can consider Spkies theme from our portfolio for this reason.

Hi I do like this template a lot, but i have a few pre purchase questions.

1. Is there a way to make the main and artist gallery a slideshow once you click to enlarger and image(so you don’t to close and reopen for each image)?

2. Is it possible to add event/booking plugin on the artist portal?

3. Is the “Like” button linked(or can it be) to FB?

Thank you for your consideration.

1. Yes there is option for slide show, but you have to play it once, and then it keeps on moving.

2. No, the booking system is not possible.

3. Like is not connected to facebook, but to theme only,

I have had ticket #483450 open for quite some time. Still not resolved. The page will not load more posts when you scroll to the end.

Your ticket has been responded. Please follow that. I am looking into it myself to make sure that the issues does not remain unresolved from now.

I purchased this theme yesterday and I have a few issues to report. Not sure if I should list them here, or create separate tickets for each of them. For the moment I will list them here, please let me know what works best.

1) IE does not have a horizontal scroll bar. I see the “Dance Superstar” dummy album differently in Chrome and IE. Chrome has a neat horizontal scroll, while in IE the whole text is shown in one column, with the added issue that no vertical scroll bar is available – the only way to see the whole text is by selecting it. This happens both in your Live Preview and in my local installation.

2) There is an issue in long texts with paragraphs. When you have a long text with several paragraphs, the last line in each column becomes unreadable. Example: Your “Electro Burn” dummy album is one long paragraph, and it looks fine in two columns. If you insert three or four paragraphs in the text, the last line on the column becomes unreadable. Your “Dance Superstar” dummy album is fine too, probably because the quote section and the tab might have “fixed” this. I can send a screen shot if necessary.

3) A question: Is there a way to merge the player and the text columns and have the text to start right below the player? I plan to have just one sample song in the player, it would be nice if the text could start right below it to fill the empty space.

4) One further question regarding the player: Can we use Bandcamp or Soundcloud embeded players instead of yours? I believe that if I could hide your player and embed a Bandcamp player in the text might help me in items #3 and #4.

5) A minor issue: The whole documentation needs updating. There are several sections and screen shots that are different from the installation.

6) Another minor issue: The dummy data import process took just a couple of seconds, and no image data were downloaded. The whole layout apparently looks fine though.

It’s a great theme for sure, but it does require some added work to make it look perfect.

Cheers and congrats for the good work.

Issue noted and are being fixed. Update will be released in couple of questions. You can use sound cloud i-fram code to add it. However, adding text is not possible.

Hi. In the artist page, the categories filter includes all the categories and subcategories together, without any difference between them. How can I make that difference visible, or exclude the subcategories in the filter ??? Please help

I came across a few themes that dont advertise it as able to utilize woocommerce but in fact can. Does theme them have the ability to use the woocommerce plugin?

Yes, you can use plugin of woocommernce but it may arise some styling issue for you later.

Hi, nice theme! I would set my album page with complete track list without click on “load more” button. And then i would resize the big pic that appears in this page. Is there any way for this two issues?

Thank you, Pit

:) It has given me awesome feel. Thank you once again.

sorry, but if it’s possible i need again the txt file whit this tip… thank you

Can you please elaborate a little which text file you looking for? I will send you immediately.

Hi, nice work. 1. Is it multi-language? 2. It would be good to have an opportunity to put mp3 player, tour dates and contact form by every single artist description. Is it possible? Thx, Kasia

1. Yes, it is multi-lingual. 2. MP3 player and tour dates are possible but contact form for each artist will require customization.

Thank you! Greetings! :)

Greetings well received and sent back to you with additional wrapped in. :)

Hello there, I have purchased the theme and it seems very nice, thanks!

One problem I’ve encountered is, I cannot set the theme to a custom white background. The Menu titles are stuck as white, so everything becomes white.

Is there a setting to have a white background with black text throughout?

Seems odd to not have white as a preset?

Thanks in advance, Jeremy

You need to change font colour of menu on line # 222 and line # 328 in style.css

This is according to default package of the theme. If you have already made some customization, the line number may vary. In that case, please find following classes nav.navigation > ul > li > a , .navigation ul ul a , nav.navigation ul li em and change their font colour according tou your choice.