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Ottimo servizio di assistenza!

She means to say Great service. :)

Grazie per riconoscere il nostro sforzo. Sono sicuro che ci votato pure.

Hello I’ve purchased this theme and finding it great so far! Good work!

One question – How can I remove the media player from album release pages? I embed straight from bandcamp, so I don’t want this player there taking up all the space. Any help would be appreciated!

Example of media player is here:

Many thanks Jay

I am unable to reckon where you want to remove this media player. Can you send a screen shot for that or page link to that page to give exact direction where I can guide you.

Cheers here is the link to the player I want to remove, it appears in the “album” page where you listen to audio snippets. Link below:

It can be removed from source code, but you need to have developer for it. It’s a custom work and I am afraid we cannot help you in this matter. I hope you will understand my point.

Hi :) is there any way to set a music player plugin in homepage? Thank you

You can set up music player plugin in homepage but you need some developer skills for that. It is a custom work and requires some work to do on it.

Hi, i have a php echo do_shortcode for a mp3 player and I would insert it in left menu bar, i prefer in bottom position. In what kind of file could I insert my code? I would suggest you an homepage mp3 player for any update!

You can do it in cs_custom_header_styles () in functions-theme.php

Quick pre-purchase question. My site will be used for 60+ minute Dj mixes free for download. When I click on the tracks to download in the demo the link opens a new browser to play the mp3 file. This makes it very difficult for the average user to download the mp3 file. Is there a way for your theme to trigger a download of a music file as opposed to opening a new browser tab to play the file? thanks for the help.

It is defalut behaviour of browsers to detect mp3 content in default player. Please compress your files in zip format or other while uploading if you want to change them to download option,

Thank you!

You are welcome

Hey mate quick question. In your documentation there are layout options on the pages…those don’t seem to be showing up atm…is that a WP 3.9 issue? Also the shortcode editor is not available atm.

Go to CS Theme Options > Home page settings > Select Album Category > No. of Albums and page will look same like demo. Documentation may need a little update. I will look into it and if found something, will make corrections for sure.

thank you for the reply but that actually doesn’t work as I’ve tried it multiple times. Your support gave me a css update to fix the issue and now the album covers are the right size :)

I am glade to see things good at your end. I am sure you will not hold back yourself to rate us. ;)

Thanks for this great theme and very good support :D

I am glade to see things good for you. I will make sure things move on the same pace. Also, please find a moment to rate us as well. That will add real value to our work. :)

Quick question. What is the best album cover size dimensions to upload that look the best? Currently my images are getting scaled up and cropped.

thank you

Album images actual size is 800×800.

Perfect thank you!

Glade to see it fine.

Hello,I was curious as to what hosting provider it is you use for the demo site, or if you are using plugin or whatever it is that is boosting the speed of your site. I have it installed on my site and it takes forever to load, even if the page loading is a blank one.

But what is the issue you are facing for which you are updating it?

The problem is the new theme isn’t actually being updated. There are no new settings like the documentation shows. So there is no option to make the site responsive.

If you already have a ticket, write your issue there and it will be resolved OR please create a ticket at and explain your issue with login details and password. The issue will be investigated and resolved if found.

Is it possible to have another logo of mobile view. The logo on my site the way i currently have it does resize properly for the responsive design of the site.

I am afraid you cannot add another logo for mobile. However, we are planning to add this feature in future update. But I cannot give you exact date line for that.

Thank You

You welcome

I’ve HONESTLY been considering this theme for a few weeks now but it lacks a few things that I may need such as a floating Ajax music player. I’m wondering if its possible to hire you guys for custom work after purchase.

It depends what kind of custom work you need. A light work can be done free of cost if it is less than 1 hour task. More than it may cost you a bit.

Hi! i’m working on your template for only an artist. When i go on artist page, on right of text area, normally i have artists pics. Is there a way to set album gallery that replace artists gallery?

Thank you

Solved :) it was enough set page builder with album item… :D


I am glade things are good at your end. cheers :)

I purchased theme and installed it. 2 questions - 1 when will it be updated to 3.9. 2 It hasn’t asked to install plugins – please advise which plugins are necessary for the site to run like the demo. Thank you

Update is being worked on and will be released soon. Also, ignore that part of plugin installation. All you need to do is to import dummy data and it will work like demo.


I’d like to update to WP 3.9. Is the theme tested and ready for 3.9?



No, it has not been ready yet for WP 3.9. You need to wait for the update to have it work on it.

hey the shows section of our theme give us some sort of error all the time any way to fix it ?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /web/htdocs/ on line 170

Please create a ticket at and provide your url and login details. Support team will look into the issue and will sort it for you.

I’ve deployed the Bolster theme on my website ( but I’m having trouble with the responsive design. When I try to view the website on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S3) or if I shrink the browser window on my computer to simulate a smaller screen, the small navigation icon on the left of the page doesn’t appear – leaving mobile users unable to navigate my site.

I want to post a support ticket about this but your support page requires a purchase code and I don’t know where I would have gotten such a code since I bought the theme through Themeforest.

How do I fix the problem with the responsive design?

Thank you!

This is a horizontal design and it’s responsive works the way of left to right. You have to scroll from left to right. Further you can find purchase code by following this;


A few questions please:

1) I have created a homepage slider and activated it but it is not appearing on the homepage. Can you help?

2) How do I change the alignment (right, centre, left) of the menu links on the homepage?

3) How do I change the colour of the fonts on pages?

Many thanks for you help.

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and url. Support team will look into the issue and will help you resolve all of these.

Is it possible to have a video background with this theme? I’m thinking about purchasing this theme, but I need to have this feature.

The video background is not possible to attain in this theme. However, you can consider Snapture theme in my portfolio for this functionality.


your template is great.

now i cant save in the theme option. it just stop there while saving.

any way to fix that?

i’ve try to create a new ticket in your support page but ask me to use back the old ticket, i use back to old ticket link but fail to load. i’ve try to direct contact but im not sure is the email go thru or not.

need urgent help.

thanks, manjii

Your old ticket number is 778254 and the email you used was manjii.** Please check in detail at Also, a message has been sent to you from the same old ticket. Please reply that message.

thanks, i’ve already contacted your support team, try out few things to solve the issue but seems like the issue still haven’t been fix and its already 2 days i didn’t receives any reply form the support team.

thanks, manjii

You will get reply very soon. The delay is because the support do not work on week end. It only works in week days.

Hi, could you tell me where I can change the loading animation, the four bullets that appears during loading page transitions?


Please ask this question at by creating a ticket. Support team will look into the back end of theme and will reply you back.

Can you tell me where in the CSS file I can change the alignment of the homepage menu tabs, and font colours of the headings on each page?

Also, my social network buttons click through to my domain url first and then the social site and therefore are not arriving at an error page. How do I change this?

Please create a ticket at and provide your url and login details. Support team will look into the back end of theme and will reply you back.

For Social Icons, please add links with http like and it will work fine.