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It looks good. But i want to use other memu navigation.

Which? :)

I buy koev theme before 6 month. now I want to use your theme

Ok. If you have any questions, please feel free to email via my user page contact form. Please don’t forget vote my work.

Thanks so much!

I have buy your theme, I must to chang something because my county not use english language.

Okey, please use my contact form from my profile page. I would like to help you.


thanks, I have no problem now. I upgrade opencart to v_1.5.2.1 frist.

Hi, i wonder if this theme is entirely created based on stylesheet.css file in opencart and that it follows the coding recommendations proposed by opencart support?

Hi, this theme is not created based on default stylesheet.css file. But it follows the coding recommendations proposed by opencart.

If you have any another questions, please feel free to email via my user page contact form.


Is this theme interfere with other themes if using it with multistore?

Many thanks


No, you can use different theme for each stores :) It will work great.


ok thanks. And how about multilanguage? Can i set up everything in two languages?

Yes, you can.

hi, i’m from malaysia. Is it compatible with payment gateway? Based on information here they claim that they have plugin for opencart. Can i install the plugin into this theme?

Thanks so much for interested my theme. If they have a module for opencart, yes of course you can install the plugin in to my theme.

GREAT theme! OC needs more themes like this.

For a long time, OC themes have been rather similar/mainstream whereas other eCommerce platforms have had more modern/fun designs for a while – so it’s good to see OC theme developers catching up and thinking outside the box, it is definitely long overdue.

I have bookmarked this theme for my next project! Well done.

Thanks so much! :)

Also, does this theme support multi-level menus?

Currently no doesnn’t support, but i can help you for make multi-level menus.


Hi hsynorg,

We should be purchasing this theme within the next few days and will let you know once we require assitance with the menu.


Hi SamuelNabz,

Okey, i will help you.


Lovely theme – thanks!

Thanks so much! Please don’t forget vote my theme.

Hi hsynorg,

We have purchased and installed this theme, and so far everything is going great!

I have a small issue which I’d like you to help me out with please – the h3 styling on most pages is appearing except for the information & cart pages?.. Instead of having the custom font with the background image (4 stripes), only the standard font is appearing.

To show you what I mean, please click on the link below (your demo link), you’ll notice that the page heading is in a standard font:

Any ideas how I can fix this quickly?

Hi SamuelNabz,

You must change something on .tpl files. Please contact with me via my contact form from my profile page. I will help you.

Thank you for puchasing my item!

Hey, I contacted you via your profile.

Please respond as soon as you can.

Thank you.

Hi SamuelNabz,

Your email replied.

Thanks so much!


Can I use this template for Opencart 1.5.3?

Is it possible to edit the color scheme of this theme?

Thank you.



Sorry, i checked opencart official site right now and i saw OpenCart 1.5.3 :) it was released 2 days ago, I will work for 1.5.3.

Thanks so much!

Hi :)

Thank you for the reply.

My host is using softaculous and it auto-install opencart 1.5.3. Would you let me know when you worked it out? I browsed all available opencart template and love your design.

This is the first time I am using both opencart and theme template. Would you provide manual on how to deploy the theme to the hosting site?

Thank you.

Hi lyyyn,

All my work have documentation about how to install etc. If you need more help i would like to help you.

Regards, Huseyin

Is multi level navigation possible in this theme ? Like i add product categories and then can view them in nav bar with multiple levels ?

Thank you for insteresting my theme.

No doesn’t support, but i can help you.

How can it be done ? Would the various plugins avail. for menu work in this theme ?

I can help you without plugins. By the way i will add multi-level function in the next release of this theme :)

Hello, nice theme. But my site is in Russian and fonts terminaldosis and telegrafico don’t work on it. What i have to do? Do this fonts work with Russian language?:)

Hi, thank you for purchasing my theme.

You change fonts from css file because this fonts doesnt support cyrillic alphabet. If you need help please contact with me via contact form from my profile page.


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Hey hsynorg,

How can I get the sub-categories to display on the categories page? By default all OC themes usually have a title “Refine Search” which displays a list of sub-categories..

Please send me email via contact form from my profile page. I will send you some file.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the quick reply hsynorg.

Please read my latest email reply.


Thanks so much!